Where Are They Now: Terry Crosby
Terry Crosby
Sept. 3, 2014

UTsports.com recently caught up with former Vol Terry Crosby, who suited up for Tennessee from 1976-79.

Q: Rumor has it you were a sought-after recruit in both basketball and football as a high school prospect in Toledo, Ohio. Tell us about that.
A: "Yes, my high school won back-to-back state championships in football. I played tailback, believe it or not, even at my size (6-4, 195 pounds). I was actually first-team all-state in basketball my junior year. And then I was first-team all-state in both basketball and football my senior year. I had scholarship offers in football from Michigan, Ohio State - Woody Hayes was at my door almost every day or every other day. He was also recruiting one of my teammates, who was Ohio lineman of the year, so Woody Hayes was in our neighborhood a few days a week. At Tennessee, Johnny Majors wanted me to play football instead of basketball, so he was after me every day. I was really recruited by most of the Big Ten schools, a few of the SEC schools and a lot of MAC schools."

Q: What made you decide to focus on basketball in college?
A: "Well, it was kind of difficult. I tell people the same story today... when you're an All-American in two sports, you're eventually going to choose the one you enjoy most. And basketball was a little more natural, I was a little more skillful. I just always kind of leaned toward basketball. And I also understood that high school football and college football--there's a big difference."

Q: Tell us about how you came to live in England for much of your life.
A: "I was drafted by the Kansas City Kings (in 1979) and played four regular-season games for the Kings. I was later recruited to play for a pro team in England. I ended up living there for 30 years, and I played 20 seasons (of pro ball). I played in Great Britain, Italy, France and Geneva, Switzerland. But I spent most of my time in Great Britain. I have two kids there. I have a son who's 24 years old and a daughter who's 14 years old."

Q: What brought you back to the U.S.?
A: "I probably would have never come back, but I am an only child, and my mom had been sick. So I finally decided I needed to come back home, where it all started, and make sure my mom was going to be OK. So I came back in 2011. It was so hard to leave my kids and their mother. But I came back to spend some quality time with my mom, and I managed to spend 20 months with her before she unfortunately died in November 2012. I have a great job here in Toledo now. My kids came here last summer and spent the whole summer with me."

Q: Do you still keep in touch with any of your former Tennessee teammates?
A: "I was back in Knoxville for the first time in March (when Dale Ellis' jersey was retired). Gary Carter called me the other day; I still stay in contact with him. Johnny Darden and I still talk. I talk to Kevin Nash and James Meriweather. Hey, my heart bleeds orange! it's always going to bleed orange. In fact, I've got a Tennessee shirt on today!"

Q: What were your impressions of UT's basketball facilities when you came back in March?
A: "I was just amazed. I was so amazed. The level of the facilities - the practice gyms, Thompson-Boling Arena, the court named for Pat Summitt, the expansion to the football field - UT has just grown so much over the years. That was the first time I'd been back in 40 years, and my mouth was just wide open. I couldn't believe it. When I was there, we had to play on a Tartan floor at Stokely! But we enjoyed it while we were there because we knew we had a homecourt advantage there."





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