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Vols in the First Round of the NFL Draft
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All-Time Vols in the First Round
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Year Name Pick Position Team
2010 Eric Berry 5 Safety Kansas City Chiefs
2010 Dan Williams 26 Defensive Tackle Arizona Cardinals
2009 Robert Ayers 18 Defensive End Denver Broncos
2008 Jerod Mayo 10 Linebacker New England Patriots
2007 Justin Harrell 16 Defensive Tackle Green Bay Packers
2007 Robert Meachem 27 Wide Receiver New Orleans Saints
2006 Jason Allen 16 Defensive Back Miami Dolphins
2002 John Henderson 9 Defensive Tackle Jacksonville Jaguars
2002 Donte' Stallworth 13 Wide Receiver New Orleans Saints
2002 Albert Haynesworth 15 Defensive Tackle Tennessee Titans
2000 Jamal Lewis 5 Running Back Baltimore Ravens
2000 Shaun Ellis 12 Defensive End New York Jets
1999 Al Wilson 31st Linebacker Denver Broncos
1998 Peyton Manning 1st Quarterback Indianapolis Colts
1998 Terry Fair 20 Defensive Back Detroit Lions
1998 Marcus Nash 30 Wide Receiver Denver Broncos
1995 James Stewart 19 Running Back Jacksonville Jaguars
1994 Heath Shuler 3rd Quarterback Washington Redskins
1993 Todd Kelly 27 Defensive End San Francisco 49ers
1992 Dale Carter 20 Defensive Back Kansas City Chiefs
1992 Chris Mims 23rd Defensive End San Diego Chargers
1991 Charles McRae 7 Offensive Tackle Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1991 Antone Davis 8 Offensive Tackle Philadelphia Eagles
1991 Alvin Harper 12 Wide Receiver Dallas Cowboys
1989 Keith DeLong 28 Linebacker San Francisco 49ers
1988 Terry McDaniel 9 Defensive Back Los Angeles Raiders
1988 Anthony Miller 15 Wide Receiver San Diego Chargers
1986 Tim McGee 21st Wide Receiver Cincinnati Bengals
1985 Alvin Toles 24 Linebacker New Orleans Saints
1984 Reggie White 4 Defensive Tackle Philadelphia Eagles (Suppl.)
1984 Clyde Duncan 11 Wide Receiver St. Louis Cardinals
1983 Willie Gault 18 Wide Receiver Chicago Bears
1982 Anthony Hancock 11 Wide Receiver Kansas City Chiefs
1980 Roland James 14 Defensive Back New England Patriots
1979 Robert Shaw 27 Center Dallas Cowboys
1977 Stanley Morgan 25 Wide Receiver New England Patriots
1970 Jack Reynolds 22nd Linebacker Los Angeles Rams
1968 Bob Johnson 2nd Center Cincinnati Bengals
1965 Steve DeLong 6 Guard San Diego Chargers
1964 Dick Evey 14 Defensive Tackle Chicago Bears
1953 Doug Atkins 11 Defensive Tackle Cleveland Browns
1952 Bert Rechichar 10 Defensive Back Cleveland Browns
1940 George Cafego 1st Tailback Chicago Cardinals
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