Tennessee-NC State Post Game Quotes

Sept. 1, 2012

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HEAD COACH Derek Dooley

(Opening Statement)
"Proud of the players...I want to give NC State a lot of credit...We made a lot of mistakes in the first half...I'm proud of how we played in the second half...The two indicators of winning and losing are turnovers and big plays...We had driven down in the red zone, and couldn't convert...We're going to have to learn how to grit through four quarters...There's a lot of adversity in a football game. We didn't handle it very well in the first half, but did better in the second half...I'm proud of the way we finished."

(On Cordarrelle Patterson)
"He had a couple of huge plays. He's big and fast and can catch the ball."

(On Tyler Bray)
"Tyler did a good job with the ball, especially in the red area. Really proud of Tyler's management in the throwing game. He took care of the football."

(On Winning the First Game)
"It's one game...All that matters is that we are 1-0 and we have to clean up a ton of mistakes. We're not going to pat ourselves on the back because we won one game. They're times you're going to be winded you have to get over it and keep playing. Our guys have to understand that our tempo is going to wear them down."

(On Playing at Neutral Site)
"We're going to have a lot of tough environments and good football teams and this good test."

JUNIOR LB Dontavis Sapp

(On using the right technique)
"If you can use the right technique you can overcome a lot of things. That's what I try to do. I am faster than a lot of linebackers so I try to use that to my advantage. When you play great technique, it can be hard to stop."

(On Cordarrelle Patterson)
"He played a great game. Its hard to ask for any more from him. I'm just glad he stepped up and he got an opportunity and took advantage of it."

(On the receiving corps)
"Our whole receiving corp, the backs, and our offensive line, our offense is good. I think that really prepped us for this game tonight."

(On the team's intensity)
"I think we are playing harder. We know what we have to do and we know how we have to do it. I think knowing that helps us do a lot of things faster."

(On the defense)
"You have got to give credit to everybody; from the DB's, to the linebackers, to the defensive line pressuring the quarterback, it is a whole defensive (mentality). I think we opened a lot of people's eyes."

JUNIOR WR Justin Hunter

(On Cordarrelle Patterson)
"He's got a great chance to be one of the best in the league. As you saw tonight, he played a great game. Hopefully, this will lead to me not being double-teamed."

(On Tennessee's mental toughness)
"We finally played a full 60 minutes. To me, that's as tough as we need to be, to be successful in this league. In the past, that has definitely been a problem. Yet again, it feels good to get the first one out of the way."

(On playing in the Georgia Dome)
"We played in a great environment, in front of a great crowd, and we were able to come out on top."

(On Tyler Bray)
"I think he made a lot of good decisions out there and did what he had to do to help us win."

(On starting the season with a win)
"It's always important to get the first one out of the way, so now we can focus on getting another one next week."

SOPHOMORE DB Brian Randolph

(On the defense's performance)
"It feels good, we put in a lot of work this summer putting in this defense so getting in the win feels good but there is still a lot of work to do."

(On affecting the quarterback)
"We got a lot more comfortable as the game went on. We affected the quarterback as the game went on. It gives us a lot of confidence going forward."

(On making defensive adjustments)
"I think (making adjustments) helps our offense a lot because our offense gets a big boost from us making plays and sudden changes. I think that does wonders for our team." (On the team's mentality)
"I think our mentality was good in this game. We knew we had to pick the offense up. We just went out there and did our job till the last play."

(On Coach Sal Sunseri)
"He is very intense and he is very helpful. He talks to you and he tells you what he sees so he can help us." (On the team's next goal)
"We have to focus on Georgia State first and take care of that (game) and then we have to game plan for Florida. We have got to keep a level head."

JUNIOR QB Tyler Bray

(On the offensive line)
"Offensive line was blocking great. On both of the big plays we had the offensive line held up and on the play action (NC State) bit and we went deep."

(On Cordarrelle Patterson)
"When I saw (CP's) highlight film I knew he would be a special player. He is a JUCO kid, so he's been playing for a while, so he learned our system, got it down, and now he is doing what he is doing."

(On the 2012 team compared to 2011)
"It shows this team's maturity. Last year we might have caved in and given up a few points but the defense came out and stopped them. Coach just said the defense is playing great so we answered back and scored a touchdown."

(On the passing game)
"We just tried to `dink-and-donk' the whole night. We were getting short passes, six yard passes, and when they started creeping up trying to get aggressive we knew then to go deep."

(On Justin Hunter)
"Sometimes he tries to do too much. There is a lot going on around him and CP had a great game so you know he was going to go out there and try to make plays. He just needed to calm down, so I talked to him on the sidelines and he came out and caught a few more."

(On the 2011 season)
"We have forgotten about last year and moved on since then. We just knew we could come out here and we knew we could exploit some things they did on defense and come up with some big plays."

JUNIOR DB Byron Moore

(On establishing the season against NC State)
"We wanted to come out and establish our trademark, our standard for how Tennessee is going to play this year. It felt good to play four quarters."



(Opening Statement)
"You have to give Tennessee a lot of credit. They' re a good football team. It just came down to too many big plays we gave up on defense. We turned the ball over too many times. What it boils down to is too many long plays and long drives."

(On rebounding after the loss)
"We have to find a way to get ourselves back together, get our minds right and win a football game. We had our opportunity and didn't make the most of it. We have to find the courage and conviction of this team to win next Saturday."

(Positives from game)
"We played a lot of guys. A lot of guys got experience. This can still be a good football team. We have a tough road to go. We have to get ourselves together and go play the next football game."

(On missing tackles)
We missed a lot of tackles, whether it is fatigue, those are things that be corrected. Obviously those are things that need to get corrected if we are going to have a good season. "


(On the team goals)
"This is not going to break our season. We'll go back to the drawing board and get it together. "


(On the big plays)
"The big plays really hurt us tonight and put us in a hole."


(On giving up big plays)
"I guess you can say so. Just didn't play well. On the 72 yd I thought I had help. Just got to go back to the basics continue to work and get better."


(On freshman cornerback Juston Burris)
"He showed a lot of confidence and played well against an SEC opponent."

(On the team's improvement)
"We know we can play better. Tennessee is a great team, but we made some critical mistakes."


(On the game)
"We were excited going into the game. As a team, we are down at the moment, we just need to give more effort in the upcoming weeks."

(On the offensive line)
"The line did exceptionally well. I got what I got because of the line. I should have cut back more to gain more yards."

(On the team)
"We always try to back each other up. You need to have a short memory to play this game."





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