Post Game Quotes: Tennessee 51, Georgia State 13

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Tennessee Head Coach Derek Dooley

(Opening statement)
"I have to give Georgia State a lot of credit. They came out and played really well. They gave us a lot of problems, and We obviously have a lot deeper and more talented team, and that showed up over the course of four quarters. It was a good win, but as in any game, there were a lot of mistakes and a lot of concerns so we've got to work on that next week. That's what we'll do."

(On growing team maturity)
"We came out and we didn't have the spunk I was hoping to have. We put together a really good first drive and scored. That was a good drive. They had seven fumbles and we recovered one, so that's kind of a sign of the tenacity. We did a good job, and in the third quarter we came out and imposed our will a little bit, which was good."

(On QB Tyler Bray's performance)
"He had a great stat line, a pretty impressive stat line. He's doing good. He's had two good games. He's just got to go week to week."

(On Bray's confidence in the pocket)
"I don't think think it's any different from the last game. He has it. He's earned it, and he's playing well. Each week is going to be another test.

(On the rushing game in short yardage)
"It's the same old deal. You know, sometimes we look good running the ball and sometimes we don't look good at all. It's third and one and fourth and one at two. Short yardages is an issue. It's shown up twice now in two games. We're going to have to keep searching on what we do. Maybe we should just spread it out and throw it."

(On WR Justin Hunter, on his performance following his return)
"He's had two good games and I think he's got a lot of improving to do and a lot of developing to do to really play to his potential. He looked good out there today. They were giving him free access, so it's not going to be like that next week when they put their hands on him."

(On PK Derrick Brodus replacing Michael Palardy in the second half)
"He (Palardy) missed an PAT and missed a field goal. We need to make those. I've got to see what the issues were. ... He made his next kick, but obviously that's a concern going forward. We'll go see what the issue was."

(On the energy starting out, if that was a concern)
"It's not a concern. We came out pretty well last week, and we came out pretty well this week. You know, we got a good stop and we went out and scored. What was the third quarter? Thirteen to nothing and two touchdowns? The defense played good."

(On settling into the game)
"We settled into the second quarter, but they were doing a lot of crossing routes and that caused some problems in man to man, so we had to change how we were playing and we lost the edge a couple of times in the running back. Their back did a nice job. We played soft a couple times and they had play action short throws. They did a good job and we kind of settled into what they were doing."

(On keeping Herman and Curt out)
"No, they wouldn't have played no matter who we played this week. We need to get them back. I know that."

(On Maggitt's injury)
"He's got turf toe kind of deal. He did it in the NC State game."

(On replacing their positions in the game)
"We put Willie B. (Bohannon) in for Curt. He does a good job. And Dontavis Sapp is playing pretty good for us. I have to go see how he played this week. But we still need those two guys back. But it's good not to have to put in freshmen. I think that's your point. We had a lot of freshmen playing tonight."

(On Justin King)
"We had a couple good little plays out of Justin King. That's a new wrinkle. We wanted to get out there and see how we looked. We'll see."

(On biggest concern right now)
"It's never as good as you think, but it's never as bad as you think. But the two are always mentioned. We didn't get the short yardage. We missed an extra point and field goal. Those stand out. They're pretty obvious. You liked to be perfect. You need a clean game. Those rarely happen. There's always plenty to correct and get better at."

(On Marlin Lane)
"We got three guys. It's hard not to. You just base it on who's producing at the time. You can't put the ball in the ground. He knows that. He'll be fine."

(On Quenshaun Watson)
"I thought Q looked good. He ran with toughness. He had bursts. I like Q. It was good to play him. I wanted to play him."

(On return game)
"We had some guys with some ability. We're still not as good as what I think we could be. But Devrin (Young) and CP (Cordarrelle Patterson) both have good return ability. We have to do a good job helping them as coaches and blocking up front to give those guys some air. If you give those guys some air, they're hard to bring down."

(On Michael Rivera)
"It was good to get him going. I think he came out of NC State a little disappointed so we're trying to manage it through. He looked good in the pass game. He caught a touchdown so it was good to get him going. 70 yards is a good number for a tight end."

(On preparing for home openers)
"We don't really do anything differently. I think it's always an exciting time for the players the first time they get to play in Neyland Stadium. Most of the ones I've been involved in, we've had a lot better players than the other team and that tends to help the coach out a little bit."

(On defense)
"We settled in again. In the second and third quarter. I like how we came out of the half time. We played well in the third quarter on defense."

(On tightening up new defensive strategy)
"We have a ton of corrections on alignments, formation recognitions, techniques. There's plenty to work on."

Tennessee Player Quotes

Quarterback Tyler Bray

(On developing as a quarterback)
"Freshman year I was just going out and throwing it and playing on instinct. Now I understand the game more and know what is going on."

(On feeling comfortable on the field)
"It helps when you have a great offensive line. These guys have blocked for me for about three years. I can't ask for a better line."

(On running the ball)
"I thought we did pretty good. We had a fumble. It sometimes happens, but we will fix that in practice."

(On the Florida game)
"They have a great defensive and offensive. They had a good win today. We have had a couple of good wins, so it will be a good game."

Tight End Mychal Rivera

(On his performance today as opposed to last week)
"Yes it definitely [makes up for it]. Last week, I only had one catch and I just felt like I could help the team more than that. I'm very confident in my ability. I understand that we have a lot of receivers but I felt likeI could help more and today I showed it."

(On QB Tyler Bray)
"I've told you guys Tyler [Bray] is the best quarterback in the country. That's how I feel. He goes through his progressions. He has a 6-foot-6 frame so he can see over the offensive line, and he throws perfect balls."

(On the mood on the sideline during the slow start)
"It was a real slow start but we were just looking forward to continuing our fast tempo, continuing to execute our plays and moving forward."

Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

(On his relationship with Tyler Bray)
"Tyler and I are doing great. Me and Tyler have a bond and we just try to connect at practice and then bring it to the game."

(On Justin Hunter's performance)
"I am pretty happy for him. He was asking me why he hadn't had a touchdown yet and I just told him to be patient and that his time would come, and tonight was his time. It was pretty awesome."

(On playing special teams)
"It is pretty fun when you get the ball and hit the hole and see all that space. You just get happy (from it)."

(On the offense)
"I think with this offense if we can all just get going we can do some pretty great things."

(On potentially becoming ranked in the top 25)
"It will not make much of a difference other than it will make us work a little harder. We will work harder everyday and feel pretty good about ourselves."

(On the numbers the offense has put up in the first two games)
"We go out and just try to execute our offense. We know we can do some damage so we just go out and do what we do and hope for a big game."

(On opening the game a little sluggish on offense)
"I think we just came out here thinking we would just blow them out. We were slacking so we just had to pick everything up and get back to what we know we can do."

(On starting SEC play)
"I am very excited because I have never been part of something like this. I know it will be a good experience for me so I am just ready for it to be here."

(On running the wildcat offense)
"I like when I carry (the ball) because it gives you more opportunity to get the ball more and you are back there as a running back and you find the hole and hit it."

Wide Receiver Justin Hunter

(On feeling pressure of the game)
"I am not going to say it was easy. Some of the catches were, but you have to play like you do in practice."

(On feeling comfortable today)
"I felt more comfortable with one game under my belt being back. I felt real comfortable coming into the pre game, in the locker room and being with my teammates."

(On family being at the game)
"I just want to play for them. I love to see their excitement everyday I score."

(On the team being healthy)
"I think everyone was doing well today with what was on the score board. Tyler was out throwing around, CP was out running, Rajion Neal was out running. I think we have a really productive team."

Offensive Lineman Dallas Thomas

(On Georgia State team)
"They were a very good team. We had to come out and fight. We fought for every yard we got."

(On protecting Tyler Bray)
"It goes back to our preparation. We take it very seriously when it comes down to throwing the ball. We want to make sure we are on our guys at all times, so he can have time in the pocket."

(On improving the running game)
"If it doesn't go your way at first you can't get down on it and go straight to the pass. You have to grind it out and then you start getting yards down the field."

Defensive Lineman Darrington Sentimore

(On where the defense is headed into Florida game)
"I think we are going to be prepared when it comes to the game. We just have to go out there on Monday, work hard, watch film, and prepare hard for these guys.

(On the defense's performance and what can be improved upon)
"We got after [Georgia State] as they passed the ball. We had a lot of sacks and a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Some things we can improve on would be setting the edge better. Our linebackers can set the edge better. We can stop the run a little better but I think overall we did well as a defense."

Linebacker Jordan Williams

(On the defense stepping up in the face of injuries)
"That's the benefit of this defense. One man goes down and the next man is up.

(On the defensive communication)
"[Communication] was definitely a lot better. We got all the kinks out last week so it ran a lot smoother this week."

(On next week's Florida game)
"We have been talking about that [game] since January. That's the one everyone wants. It's the one fans want, too."

Defensive Back Brian Randolph

(On predicting the Florida game atmosphere)
"I feel like it will be loud. We will have to get our signals down because it will be hard to communicate. We have a lot to prepare for this week."

(On the younger guys)
It was good to see LaDarrell [McNeil] making some tackles and running around. It boosts their confidence."

(On time to rest on the sidelines)
"I feel we had enough time in the break. It didn't affect us. Sometimes the offensive does score fast and we get tired.

Linebacker Dontavis Sapp

(On defensive communication)
"It was a lot better today. We just have to get calls and communicate them with everyone so they know."

(On the Florida's comeback game today)
"I am not concern. It doesn't matter that Florida came back because they have to come here and play us."

(On being undefeated for the Florida game)
"It really doesn't matter being defeated or undefeated. It doesn't matter because I am just ready to play."

Tailback Rajion Neal

(On the run game today)
"I think we ran more downhill. We were really focusing on being physical and really getting downhill and setting the tone early in this game. I feel those guys did a good job today including myself. Maybe at times we had maybe one or two that weren't but we definitely focused on getting downhill."

(On calling plays and guarding the stretch)
"We have to get downhill. Those are games that have to be won- north and south. We were trying go ahead and get accustomed to that because that's what it's going to have to be when we go against Florida next week. It was definitely more downhill, more between the box, end to end, getting straight downhill."

(On winning this game and turning the focus to Florida)
"We know it's going to be a big challenge, a big step for us in showing everybody what we're made of this year. I'm glad it's over. It's in the past now. We're going to start early tomorrow and get rolling on Florida."

(On keeping focus)
"Coaches stress it a lot to keep us focused on what's ahead and you can't take anybody for granted. That's what they preach to us, making us pay attention and focus on the opponent at test."

(On Quenshaun Watson)
"I feel he's been doing that all camp. He's a natural. He just wiggles in there and comes out somewhere. I was impressed. I liked what I saw today."

Linebacker Willie Bohannon

(On the his role on the defense this game)
"Just schematically, it was more of us playing four down. We played outside linebacker some."

(On the defense this week as opposed to last week)
"This week, I havent' really gotten a chance to sit down and look at it, but just from being out there we made more tackles on the ball, we got in the backfield a lot more and played their line better. They didn't have as many big plays if I'm not mistaken."

Quarterback Justin Worley

(On the slow start)
"We came out a little flat. I don't know if the coaches expected it or not, but it was good to see us moving forward better and start rolling like we should."

(On picking up the no huddle offense)
"I enjoy it. It's different than what I ran in high school but its still similar. It's all about the same. It gives us something to pay attention to [when not on the field]. It's fast so you have got to pay attention to the game.

(On TB Quenshawn Watson)
"He's strong. For how small he is, he packs a big punch, and it was good to see him get into the endzone for that touchdown."


Georgia State Head Coach Bill Curry

(Opening statement)
"It takes an awful lot to build a football team. It's pretty clear to me now that it's considerably more than I thought. I see enormous progress in the eyes and in the efforts of our guys. Are we playing the kind of football that we have to? No. But I see effort and a lot of fire, and we don't give up. Ever. We learn that in the off season. We build on experiences like today because we're able to see where we had opportunities to actually be in this game that we let slip away.

`Tennessee's execution was superb in the passing game when the game was still in question, and they put us out of the game with their excellence in that regard. If we can eliminate our center-quarterback issues, and eliminate the penalties that come at the worst possible time--and they are fewer this year, but they come at the wrong time. We made up for a couple of them today and made the first downs anyhow, and we fought every step of the way, but we have to eliminate the mistakes. We have to be able to adjust to what modern offenses do. There was much more determination and grit this week than there was last week, and next week there will be even more. And then even more the next. That's a promise. This group is special."

(On his quarterback)
"He never makes an excuse. He always takes responsibility. He says, "I did it. I'll fix it." He is ready to go back to work, every snap and every series. He never quits. The way he finished the game was demonstrative of the person he is."

(On the end of the game and giving up)
"The fans didn't understand; they booed when we used our timeout. We're going to use everything we have. We won't ever let it go. If we get possession with four seconds left, we're going to try to score another one because that's what we are. We will never allow an asset to go unused. We will never leave a timeout on the board when it would give us another shot. So if the fans are late getting to their cocktail party, I apologize to them, but we'll do it every time--every single time-- to teach a lesson to the guys that you never give up."

(On Cordarrelle Patterson)
"There was shock and awe at the speed of Patterson. In that respect, we didn't look a lot different than N.C. State. I had a long talk with Mike Archer and he said that guy is an NFL guy, and he just outran us. He outran us on the kickoff return. The ball was kicked a few yards into the end zone and he brought it out. I was praying that he wouldn't. But he's special. I'd like not to see him again on the same field."

(On playing at Neyland)
"It's a funny dynamic, because I looked up there and I thought, "Why would I have affection for this place?" I've been here twelve times before. My first away game my freshman year. It was my first college away game and I was ejected for fighting. Then I came back a bunch of times to play, and I managed to win here when I was playing and then we won some when I was coaching--but not as much as Tennessee won. There's something about it. I have a lot of affection for this place. I looked up at the half, and the stands were full to watch Georgia State. And I thought, Wow. I give the fans credit for that."

GSU Quarterback Ben McLane

(On playing in Neyland Stadium)
"It was definitely a big stage, packed house and everything. But once the game starts you're playing, no matter if it's 9,000 or 100,000 this is still just playing football."

(On 4th quarter touchdown run with 58 seconds remaining)
"That was awesome. I didn't know if I was going to get it at first. I was able to squeak it in there. Hopefully we can use it to get some momentum going into next week and rest of the year."

(On fumble in 4th quarter)
"That was a touchdown too. Albert (Wilson) had him beat and the right part of my hand was slick, next thing you know I ain't got it anymore. That really hurt."

GSU Wide Receiver Albert Wilson

(On how Georgia State played overall)
"I was really impressed with how our line held up, how our receivers played, and how our running backs played. I told them that if we have the same fight in us (from now on) that we're going to have a great season."

(On facing an FBS opponent )
"The whole team had an attitude that we were supposed to be here and win the game."





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