Tennessee-UAB Postgame Quotes

Sept. 13, 2008

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Tennessee Quotes

Head Coach Phillip Fulmer: "I'm just really glad to get the win. I do think we made improvements in some areas that we really had worked hard on. We held (Demetrice) Morley for a quarter to make a point with him--and hopefully with our football team. They need to be where they're supposed to be and do what they're supposed to do.

"We didn't have any injuries, which was a plus for us. I was really glad to see us run the ball as effectively as we did. I thought we wore down UAB as the game went along. We'll continue offensively to keep working to find our complete personality.

"We're headed in a good direction that we can be balanced. It ended up showing statistically today that we were.

"Obviously their quarterback (Joe Webb) was hard to hem up, but I was really proud of our defense for holding him to three points. It was a good job by our defense, especially down close (to the end zone), taking the ball away on a couple occasions and then holding them to a field goal after our turnover.

"We can, we must and we will play better as we go along. We're the right kind of team, and we listen and we prepare. Right after the game, we've completely turned our attention to what everybody wanted to talk about during the week--and that's Florida. We're looking forward to the preparation for that.

"It was good that we were able to play a lot of people, as hot as it was today. That will be good for us in the future."

Jonathan Crompton, QB (On whether or not it was easier to get in a rhythm this week): "Oh yeah, and I'll be in more of a rhythm next week. That's just how it goes. You get more comfortable as you go."

On his protection today: "We changed a few things up. We didn't exactly know what they were going to do overall, so we kind of simplified a few things. They did a real good job with it."

Lennon Creer, TB: "The offensive line was getting a great push and we made up our mind we were going to run the ball. I didn't do anything spectacular; the offensive line just blocked great."

On his focus this week in practice: "I came in and felt like I could practice a lot harder to get myself prepared for the game."

On being worked into the tailback rotation today: "It was fun. I was anxious at the beginning of the game to see if I would get any playing time. They put me in, and I had to make the best of it."

Eric Berry, SS (On creating turnovers): "I mean that's a big part of our game. We feel that we need to get the ball back to Jonathan (Crompton) and the offense so that they can do what they need to do to get points on the board. We discussed it in the spring and summer, and it coming up now."

On if he's surprised the team has seven interceptions through two games: "Not really. Throughout the spring and fall, that's all we were working on, breaking on the ball and being where we need to be. There's not too much I can say about that."

On his interception: "I saw the quarterback rolling the opposite way and I was rolling with him. I was looking for work and saw number seven sneaking back into my side. I saw him making the read and picked it off."

UAB Quotes

Head Coach Neil Callaway: "I thought in the first half, defensively we came out and played pretty good. In the second half, we thought if we could go out and hold them and get some point on our first possession we might be able to make it a pretty tight ballgame, but as it was I think our defense kind of wore down and offensively we made way too many mistakes. We have to do a better job of coaching and make sure we eliminate those mistakes so we can give ourselves a chance to win because we didn't from an offensive stand point.

"I thought, particularly in the first half, offensively we struggled and defensively we played fairly decently. It takes both sides of the ball plus the kicking game. We aren't going to win a ballgame until we can put it all together. We aren't good enough on offense and we're not good enough on defense to go win it with that."

On QB Joe Webb's three interceptions: "We need to go back and look at the film to see what exactly happened. Obviously, we can't turn the ball over and leave the ball on the ground and give yourself a chance to win the ballgame."

On what the defense did better this game: "I thought we played the pass a little better. We made some plays. They still hurt us with the quick screen outside a couple times in the first half. The second half was a different ballgame. I thought we just tackled better in the first half and made some plays. The secondary played better too."

Joe Webb, QB: "I had a lot of penalties--I know I had two personal fouls. Against a big team like Tennessee, you've got to limit your penalties. A couple of [the interceptions] were miscommunication between me and the receivers. Being under pressure, you've got to keep your composure. A lot of times we started out with bad field position. We couldn't get it going in the first couple plays. We had a couple dropped balls that we should have caught. We've got to sit down tomorrow and watch film and learn from our mistakes.

Keon Harris, LB: "Defensively we flew around and tackled very well (in the first half). We had a couple freelances out there, but for the most part we played pretty good in the first half. We go back and lot at the tape of the second half. Honestly, I don't know what happened.

"When we can go out and hold an SEC opponent to 14 points and come out with so many stops in the first half, it shows the defense what we can do. It shows (the other team) we're a little better than they think we are. One half isn't going to get you anything."

Will Dunbar, FS: "We played much better in the first two games. We've just got to correct some little things, and we should be fine as a defense. We'll get it straight next week."

Marquis Coleman, DB: (On his first career start coming in Neyland Stadium) "It was exciting. It was more than I expected--loud, fast. But we've got to adapt to the atmosphere.

On his interception: "We had double-covered the receiver, and he just ran a `go' route. I just had to make up ground and make a play."





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