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Postgame Quotes: Vols At Oregon

Sept. 14, 2013

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Tennessee Head Coach Butch Jones
On the game…
“Coming in we knew we had to play pretty error-free football and we did the things that you can’t do against an extremely talented football team.”

“I thought Oregon did a great job at the line of scrimmage. We pride ourselves on being a physical blue collar football team and I thought they won the line of scrimmage battle, and that can’t happen.”

“I think in critical stages of the game we lost our discipline.”

On moving forward…
“Florida is not going to feel sorry for (us). We knew at this juncture of the season, against the most difficult schedule in the history of college football, it’s going to take perseverance and its going to take resilience. We have to learn from this and we have to move forward.”

On Oregon…
“I think they are very deserving of where they’re ranked. I think they’re very well deserving of all the accolades that they’ve received. They have tremendous, tremendous skill. Anytime you have a quarterback who can throw the ball and run the football, you’re always a gap short, you’re always a man short. I think Mark has done a tremendous, tremendous job.”

“They’ve done a great job of really taking this program to the next level.”



#20 RB Rajion Neal
On Oregon’s defense…

“They did a great job of playing around our adjustments. We saw what we need to improve.”

#74 OL Antonio Richardson
On Tennessee’s performance…
 “At the end of the day, we need to play the game. We have to capitalize on offense, defense, and special teams.”

“The feeling at halftime was, we need to get out there and play Tennessee defense, and that didn’t happen.”

On the Oregon defense…
“They had a really difficult defense. We didn’t capitalize like we thought we would, but we need to come back and get better.”

#6 WR Vincent Dallas
On the game…
We lost our momentum, but we didn’t play to the Tennessee football standard.”

“The game is all about making big plays, so we can’t make mistakes.”

#14 QB Justin Worley
On the first half…
“We came out and struck first. We felt like we had a lot of momentum at the beginning of the game, but we couldn’t sustain our drives.”

On areas to improve…

“We knew we had to come in and do our job. We needed to maintain control, and unfortunately we couldn’t put together drives. We needed to generate more big plays. Hopefully, next week we’ll have more explosive plays.”

On the Ducks defensive line…
“I definitely felt the pressure. I had more throwaways than the past few weeks, which is better than a sack in that situation, but they were pretty unconventional upfront. My line did a great job of protection.”

#37 DB Brian Randolph
On the Volunteers’ performance…
“We just didn’t play up to our standard. We need to play like we know how to play.”

#80 DL Corey Miller
On preparing for Florida…
“It’s disappointing. We’ll come back on Sunday, watch film, and work on getting better.”

“We will learn from this. I think, as a team, we weren’t fully prepared. It’s just a matter of getting better.”

Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich
On their preparation for the Tennessee game…
“In all three phases, I think our coaches did a great job this week of planning and another great week of preparation. At some point somebody is going to score on us and we have to see how we’re going to respond and I think our guys did a great job of just playing the next play. Whether that was a great play or bad play, our guys just had a great mindset this week and put us in a position where we need to be.”
On the team’s mistakes…
“Definitely, whether it’s a penalty, dropped ball, missed throw or assignment, we’re going to make a few mistakes. It’s how you react to those mistakes that define you in the long term.”

On the team’s performance…
“Yeah they [defense] did a great job. Nick and the staff had a great plan for these guys and it was basically how we could hold up against their front which was outstanding. Our guys did a great job of rallying around the ball.”

“I really wanted to try to play the tempo, which we finally got going there in the second quarter. Had a couple chances there to make big plays there in the first quarter that we dropped or missed in the passing game but again “Lub” [Lubick] and Frost did a great job in the game plan this week.”

On the defense…
“That’s our philosophy; we’re going to make them run it. We want to put pressure on the quarterback whether its anxiety in terms of our looks or rushing the passer. When you tackle well and don’t give up those explosive plays that’s how that happens and people are going to get a few first downs.”

On Johnny Mundt
Johnny Mundt is another great guy, he had a great practice and really really happy for him. He’s just one of those guys you can’t help but like. Just works really hard, the team was going crazy for how well he played. Again, another young guy, a true freshman who has a bright future.”

On the upcoming bye week…
“We have to take advantage of this bye week and get better. It’s not a time where we put it in neutral and kind of coast. We need to improve our health, we need to take advantage of it for our young guys and build our depth and hit the ground running for Cal.”

On the Ducks’ trail to Tennessee in the beginning…
“Of course when you look up you don’t want to be behind, but at the end of the game it was obviously different. If that’s our big moment of adversity we’re going to have a good year.”



#66 DE Taylor Hart
On the Ducks’ trail to Tennessee in the beginning…
“We started a little slower than we wanted to and they made some good plays. Then, we picked it up and finished it up. We did what we needed to do.  We just made mistakes we shouldn’t have and we fixed them and played ball.”

On the defense’s response to Tennessee’s big line…
“Definitely the biggest line we’ve faced this year. We did a great job. Wade Keliikipi dominated right up front and plugged holes. DeForrest Bunkner showed a straw. They did a great job. It was really cool see what they could do against those guys.”
#83 TE Johnny Mundt
On his first career start…
“Coach Helfrich always says ‘Work hard, give it your all and look at the results after.’ Right now it’s a little overwhelming and a little new for me. I wasn’t expecting this but I’m definitely happy it happened and I had a great time out there. It was a great experience.”

“Yesterday was when I got the official ‘I’m starting.’ So from then on my mindset was just to make the best of my situation. The nerves overnight kind of went away. I knew my assignments, I knew what I was doing, I was confident, and I just had to execute. Once I started warming up, I got in the zone and just worried about football. I said to myself  that If I got my shot, I was going to run the route, get open,  get the ball and do what I can when I get it, and it went great.”

On his first play as a starter…
“It just built up my confidence getting my first catch out of the way so to speak. From then on, it was just building on that. I give a lot of thanks to my teammates for picking me up and pushing me to do more and more.

On his first career touchdown…
“It was surreal. It was amazing. Nothing else felt like that. Just hearing the crowd roar and having my team picking me up behind me . It’s a great feeling.”

#44 DL DeForest Buckner
On preparing for Tennessee…
“We just went over film study a lot and it really helped us out in the game. “

On the trail in the first quarter…
“Everybody would be worried if their offense wasn’t working as well as it should be. We were kind of worried at first. Then we just shook it off and said that we needed to start playing, be mentally stronger and not get all those penalties.”

On the Ducks’ comeback…
“Our offense always wants more. They are always telling us to turn over the ball so that we can get more and score.

#1 WR Josh Huff
On teammate Marcus Mariota’s performance...
“His performance is one for the ages, especially with him being young and  finally getting his first 400 yard game. We talked about it all week to get him going early. He’s probably one of the best quarterbacks in the nation.”

On his incomplete passes…
“We always talk about it when we go off the field. We always talk about what we see and how we can get better, how he can adjust and how the receivers can adjust as well.”

On teammate Johnny Mundt
“Johnny is an unbelievable person. He is an unselfish guy. He cares about the team and I talked to him all week to get him going and telling him not to be nervous and just play his game, and he played his game. He was able to show it today.”




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