Postgame Quotes: #6 Georgia 34, UT 31 OT

Oct. 5, 2013

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(Opening Statement)
"Well first of all, I want to thank our great fan base. Electric atmosphere, they definitely created a home field advantage. That's why they're the best in the country. I want to thank our student body. Over 12,000 students came out. I think what we learned is we need that environment. We're going to need that. I need to challenge everyone. I need you to come to the South Carolina game. We're on winter break and our team needs it."

"I'm very proud of every individual in our football program. You saw a football team, undermanned, that laid it on the line. They made the plays to get it to that point. Learn how to finish. Proud to be their head football coach and they've had their best week of preparation. They bring it everyday and you guys don't see what I see. I see a coming together of a football team, a football program. This team has become closer than any team I've been a part of and they hurt, but we're going to keep grinding. That's the only way I know how to do it and that's the only way they're going to know how to do it. I'm just proud of them. I'll answer any questions you may have."

(On if he that's what he told the team in the locker room)

"Great thing is I didn't have to be the one to say it. Other players said it. They talked about a lot to play for and keep building and they can see it. They can see the progress. Obviously I told them that too. They know I love them. We have a saying in our football family, "I got your back," and everyone has each other's backs."

(On the steps forward they took today)
"It's another step, another building block. We need to learn how to win these football games. That's a part of the process of learning how to win, but you can see it. I can see it evolving. I can see it everyday. I can see it the way we are excelling in the classroom. I can it the way our attention in the meetings. I can see the preparation in practice. I can see it and we're going to need a lot as we continue to move forward but we have very prideful great character kids in our football program."

(On teaching a player to go against his instincts)
"You know, he's trying to make a play. Alton (Howard) gave us a spark today and he's just trying to make a play."

(On Justin Worley's play and the offense)
"I thought Justin probably played his best game. He was poised. He made the plays. I thought our offensive line played well. Rajion Neal's a warrior. He's playing like we expect our seniors to play. He's giving us everything he has. He's been injured and he's been a warrior. He's added another spark to us."

(On going for it on fourth downs)
"We have the best offensive line in the SEC. That's what we believe, so we're going to do it. These are plays that the coaching staff did a great job and the players executed it. When you execute in practice, you have confidence to call it in the game. We executed them in practice and there was never any doubt that we were going to do that."

(On Jalen Reeves-Maybin)
"We expected to block a punt. We worked hard on it every week. We talk about winning in special teams and we spend an inordinate amount of time in the special teams game. We expect to blocks because we practice them so much. He's an individual that is really playing at a high level for us right now in special teams. You can see his confidence growing and growing and growing. That'll start to materialize on defense as well."

(On if Michael Palardy punted like a weapon)
"Yes. Anytime you can put the opposing team on the twenty-five and not have to cover kicks is critical. I thought, obviously, we played the field position game with him. He flipped the field a number of times and on field goals he's playing with a very high level of consistency right now."

(On if going for fourth down portrays he has confidence in them)
"Absolutely. They look to the coaches first and foremost and we believe in them. We believe in our football team. Kids executed them. They did a great job."

(On if the defense was tired after Georgia's long drive)
"No. No."

(On Corey Vereen's penalty)
"I didn't see it. It was on the other side of the field. I didn't have a good vantage point of that."

(On his message at halftime)
"We had talked about it all week long to get the game into the fourth quarter. We had talked about hanging in there. So, everything was positive. Our players knew we just had to make some plays. We had great confidence and they were ready to go. There was no panic. There's never any panic. Just made some halftime adjustments, spoke to the team, and they knew what they needed to do. They came out and executed in the second half."

(On what the confidence was based on)
"Coming into the game. I thought we had our best week of preparation and we were so banged up we didn't even go full pads this week. We went shells and vests on Wednesday and Thursday and that's unlike us. I knew Wednesday our kids came and had basically a pads practice in vests in terms of body position, finishing plays. They're learning how to practice. They're learning the standard. They're learning the expectation and they're buying in and they're seeing it.

It kills me because they've given everything. I give Georgia a lot of credit. They're a great football team. They made the plays they needed to make at the end of the game, but I feel for our kids because they've been through so much and to see them hurt like they have but also to see them come together and make some plays.

This place is special. I keep saying it. This place is electric. Our fans should be exceptionally proud of their football team. It's a process. There's not very many places like this in the country. There's only one place in the country, and that's in Knoxville."

(On what he told Pig postgame)
"I haven't even had a chance to see him, but sometimes those things are private between him and I. I love Alton. He's trying to make a play and unfortunately it slipped out his hands, but we wouldn't be in a situation to win the game without Alton Howard's effort today."

(On the open week)
"It's coaching. We'll point out the good, the bad, the indifferent. He made some plays for us. You can see these freshmen. You're playing a top-10 football team. You're looking at the freshmen making plays -- Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Josh Smith, A.J. Branisel, Marquez North, Jason Croom, a redshirt freshman. Alton (Howard) only played a few games last year. There's a lot of youthfulness on that football team and we're getting better. I can see it."

(On Worley's progression today at QB)
"I thought he took some steps moving forward. We didn't turn the ball over. Anytime you don't turn the football over, you're going to give yourself an opportunity to win. Justin had a great week of preparation. I have to give him credit. How old is he? Twenty-one? How many 21-year-olds could go through the last couple weeks he's gone through? He's a competitor and he's worked exceptionally hard, and I thought he took some steps moving forward today. I was extremely proud of him."

(On executing plays drilled in practice)
"We always talk to players and tell them, Give us confidence in practice to call these in the game.' I can't tell you the number of times we go to Thursday's practice, and if we don't execute (the plays), we throw them out. Everyone wants to talk about the plays, but at the end of the day, it's about executing those plays. Again, our kids did a great job with those critical plays in those critical situations of really making the opportunities for us, the momentum. Once we got down there, it's not kicking field goals, it's scoring touchdowns.


(On how tough this loss was)
"I'd say it hurts more than any other loss I've had here. Due to the fact that we've worked so hard, you know in the offseason for moments like these, that occur. I believe for a team who doesn't have the firepower, you know offensively that we had last year. I feel like that shows so much character of our guys, to come out and fight for an entire sixty minutes and play hard the way they did. So, I gave credit to my team because these guys didn't give up today."

(On the defense getting excited by Coach Jones going for it on fourth down)
"I get excited because he has confidence in our offense the way that we have confidence in our offense, and that shows us that he believes in us, and that means a lot to you know, an offense and a defense as well, to know that you have guys that won't give up on you."

(On being down fourteen at half-time)
"Our mindset was that, we'll come out, work hard, like we're taught to do everyday in practice, and make every break that's given to us, and you know take advantage of every opportunity. The mindset was nowhere near out of the game, at all. We had a positive mindset, and we were ready to roll coming out in the second half."

(On what point he felt confident the team could win)
"I felt confident after we scored a touchdown. It was ten to seventeen. I seen the excitement of our guys, and I seen the look in their eyes. I knew they were hungry, and that they believed that they could win this game."

(On how the atmosphere of the crowd in the second half impacted the game) "I believe the crowd has a lot of impact, you know on the games we play here in Neyland. They gave their all for Tennessee today, and I give credit to all of Volnation today, because the energy that they showed is more energy than I've seen since I've actually been here at the University of Tennessee, and it excited me, and it definitely kept me going throughout the entire game."

(On the impact of Keith Marshall's injury)
"I believe what it did for their offense was kind of minimize the run. You know they have two great tailbacks in Gurley who was already injured, and when Keith Marshall went down. I guess defensively the mindset was you're still going to have to play the run. They have another running back, but don't expect it as much there. You got to focus on Aaron Murray and what he is going to try to do."

(On criticism Worley has received)
"I respect Worley as a player, and as a man, and I feel like Worley has worked very hard week after week to try to make the reads, to try to make the right decisions as a quarterback for this Tennessee offense, and I feel like it showed today that he's definitely put in the work. He played a great game today."

(On how Howard took to the last play that resulted in a fumble)
"I'm not sure. I haven't talked to him, but I do know that he gave everything he had to try to make a play there, and I respect him for that, trying to help his teammates out."


(On going for it on 4th downs)
"It definitely gave us some momentum through the second half. You have to respect Coach Jones for making those decisions. We are out there playing the game and playing to win. He can't really do much from the sidelines except put us in situations where we can win when they are presented to him. We respect him for throwing the cards on the table and taking those chances."

(On difference between first and second half)
"We got some momentum going. We put some drives together. We put a couple of drives together in the first half where we were moving the ball but we were shooting ourself in the foot with pre-snap penalties and things like that. The punt block was huge and we were just back in the ball game."

(On adjustments in the second half)
"They threw the same looks at us. We made some adjustments at half time to game plan against them and frankly we went out there and executed them better than we did in the first half."

(On 4th down pitch to Rajion Neal then pass to AJ Branisel)
"You have to confident to make them (the plays) work. Going out there we knew we were fighting for one yard and that is all we needed. Guys upfront had a great push for both the inside run and to toss up the backs, so credit to them and Rajion (Neal) as well."

(On making strides)
"I got in a rhythm and converted some 3rd downs in the passing game. It hurts to lose but you kind of have to look at the positives sometimes."

(On rising above criticism)
"All the guys are looking to me to lead them, manage the offense, we stress ball security and playing with our habits this week. I thought myself included the offense did a great job at that."

(On mental toughness)
"We never gave up. We were down 17-3. It could have easily been 24 or 31 to 3. They have a really good offense and our defense really stepped up and had some key stops. Then we capitalized on our defense's momentum. We never gave up and we fought until the very last play. I think you have to look at that as an outsider and say 'this team is doing something'."

(On rhythm)
"Credit to the wide outs. They knew they had a big test coming into this game being nationally televised and all eyes on them. They did a great job getting open and getting me some throwing lanes, separation from the defense. A lot of it was just pitch and catch for us. It was good to finally get that rolling."

(On use of Pig Howard during the game)
"I think it was a mixture of both the game plan and early success. Pig's a dynamic player, and you never know what's going to happen when the ball's in his hands. I think we had some early success with him. We also knew we wanted to get him the ball early in the game, and I think that's why we just kept going back to him."

(On what he said to Pig Howard after the game)
"I talked to him in the locker room. He's beating himself up right now, but we're only halfway through the season. He can't let that affect anything else he's doing because he's played phenomenally for us in the past few weeks. We always use the term `snap and clear,' and there's an example."

(On Raijon Neal)
"We preach consistency in our program, and he's brought it to the table each and every week. Coming off his career best 169 last week, to break open that big run on 4th and 1 and some of those swing passes we threw to him... being able to get the ball into his hands really provides us with a steady, go-to guy."

(On North's growth)
"He's a freshman. He's a young guy, but he's willing to work. We all have tremendous faith and confidence in him. He has progressed like all our receivers have though the first day of fall camp up until now. Our rhythm, timing and everything has progressed so it's good to finally break him into that now. Hopefully, we can progress even more."


(On how he feels about some of the team's unfortunate losses over the years)
"I think you kind of have to move past it. You've got to believe in your coaches. You've got to kind of put your head down and let it go and try not to dwell on the past. Take a peek back there and remind yourself of things you don't want to do. But I think the biggest thing is don't dwell on it."

(On when he knew Marlin Lane was not going to play)
"I learned Friday. Honestly, from watching all of the guys practice and practicing with them, I felt it was going to be some split time. I had total confidence in Tom Smith, Alden Hill and Deanthonie Summerhill. So I wasn't positive that it was going to be all me, but if that's what it takes."

(On breaking through with some big runs in the second half)
"That's kind of how it played out and that's kind of how our coach tells us it is. You've got to pound, pound, pound and one of them is going to break for you."

(On how fun it was with the atmosphere and once the team got a rhythm going)
"It was amazing. I don't think I've ever seen a crowd get that animated. When that song `Ain't Worried About Nothing' came on, I was like, `Wow!' It was amazing. It was electric in there. It was a giant part in helping us build momentum and kind of swing things our way."

(On Justin Worley's proved today)
"Kind of what we already knew. He can throw the ball. He's confident. He's got the intelligence to know where and when the things need to be at. I think he kind of settled in today."

(On if he thought Worley started to settle in during the second half)
"Yes, definitely. I'm happy for him. I'm happy that we got to spread the ball around. They gave him a little more rope to just sling it."

(On what he told Alden Howard)
"I told him it could have happened to anyone. I can't imagine any other player not diving and not trying to stretch for that pylon. At the end of the day, Pig played a great game."


(On the team feels after the game)
"We are just going to use that as an eye opener. We will learn from all the mistakes we made. We will look at film to fix mistakes. We will keep looking forward as one Tennessee. We will get ready for the next team."

(On positives vs negatives of game)
"Really, we just came out to play. We knew what we could do. Nobody gave us a chance. We really wanted to win, but we came up short. We will take this as a learning experience."

(On difference in second half compared to the first)
"We knew all the mistakes were coming from us. We came out there with a passion, and we tried to get the win."

(On mindset during last drive)
"My mindset was to not let them score or make a play. Don't let them get a first down so the offense can help us."

(On reseting from two penalties during final drive)
"The penalties are always a game changer, but we had to snap it clear and play the next down."

(On looking forward from game)
"We all knew that we had to keep our heads up. We did a lot of positive things, and we feel like we could have won and had that victory. We will just keep grinding and staying together as a team."

(On upcoming bye week being good to rest)
"We are always ready to play. The bye week will be something to allow us to look a little more into our opponent. We will be ready."

(On noticing the different atmosphere in stadium)
"I noticed the energy that the atmosphere brought. It is something that we feel like Tennessee should always have. Whenever the crowd is happy, we know we are doing good."

(On confidence level during last drive)
"Our confidence level was sky high. We just wanted to get the stop. We needed to help the offense and get a turnover also."

(On hurt after such a close loss)
"It always hurts the most when it is a very close game that you could have won. We are just going to keep pushing forward."

(On thoughts of young players stepping up)
"I feel like we need everyone. Everyone is a huge part of the team. Freshman have been making big plays that have been helping us throughout the year."


(On Team's overall mood and Coach in the locker room)
"Pretty much like he said: It's a tough loss. I know everybody gave 110% and we just came out with the loss. Coach Jones didn't have to say much. Dontavis Sapp, he came up and spoke to us as a team and got everybody's heads up, so that's a big key. The players know that it's not over, we've still got a season to go and keep fighting."

(On Dontavis Sapp's locker room speech)
"I can't quite remember his words, but it was just that we aren't losing our season here. We're a good team, and we know we can do it so we've just got to keep fighting and fighting, and we have an off week so we can rebuild and get better and better."

(On emotions coming out in the locker room)
"It was a tough loss. It wasn't a nice locker room afterwards. Everybody's was down, but we're going to get everybody up. We've got to come back hard."

(On the game being a motivating landmark game)
"We've got to be motivated. We know we played our tail off, and we came up short by a couple plays. We've just got to give a little more effort, gave a lot of effort, we just need to come out this off week and get a little more stuff sharpened up."

(On Georgia's final drive)
"That's a tough situation. One that our team had made a decision, but we try and fight and fight and prevent them scoring, but they ended up scoring."

(On the message this game is sending to the nation)
"I know we came to this game and each week, and we had a great week of practice, so it was just our effort and we come with a passion. Just going out and giving it our all for the most part."

(On what was different about this game from the others)
"Just never giving up. We knew it was a long game, we weren't going to give up when we were down. We regrouped at halftime and got everybody ready to still go out and put another half in. We knew we could fight and get the game back."

(On getting behind once the team is ahead)
"It's tough, but we can't give up. That's the big thing, we can't give up. We have to come this week and play as a team, play as a unit, and we have to keep everybody's heads up. We know we can pull out and catch more wins."

(On what he saw during the last drive)
"I think it was a little screen I believe. It was just a good screen, and they made a good play right there."

(On special teams and offense making plays this game)
"We believe in our offense, we believe 100% in them. They came up with big plays on fourth downs, and we didn't second guess those fourth downs, we knew we were going to get it. We believe in them and know that they are going to get the job done."

(On strides the team has made defensively)
"Playing as one team, having good communication. I know we had a lot of good communication out there, and that's the key. If we don't have a defense communicating, we have to assess the situation as a team."

(On slowing down Georgia's offense)
"They're a good sound team, they were just putting all the responsibility on defense and they have all the running backs out, we're glad that they did, so we just had to do our job on defense."

(On feeling cursed)
"I don't feel like anybody has to believe in curses, they just made a play when they needed to. I was a close game, we fought, the whole team fought as one Tennessee. Unfortunately, we didn't get the last break to get the win."

(On moving on)
"I don't think it will be too tough. We have snap and clear mentality. We'll go over the film tomorrow. What happened happened. We'll move on to the next team and the next mission we have to accomplish."

(On Pig Howard)
"I went up and talked to him in the locker room, and told him it's something you can't control sometimes. The ball slipped out of his hand, but I told him to not get down on himself and keep fighting. I told him i needed him for the rest of the season, you know we have another big game coming up in two weeks. We just have to go back and do it, and I told him to keep playing. He played a great game, made plays that we needed. Unfortunately, we were empty at the end, so I told him don't hang your head, keep playing."

(On Pig Howard being down)
"I don't think he was too much down on himself. I just wanted to you know get in his head and make sure that he didn't. Pig is a great guy, he works his butt off, so I think he'll be okay."

(On the fourth downs)
"I was really excited. Everybody got behind the offense. I don't think you could see one person sitting down on the bench; we were behind them. We were going to will our way to that first down. Our offense came out and executed well. I was proud of the way the entire offense played today. I was really excited to see Coach Jones call those plays on fourth down, showing that he had the courage to call it, he was behind us, and he knew we could make it."

(On it being tough to just sit around because of the off week)
"Definitely. Our mindsets are playing on Saturday, on every Saturday. We're ready to play on every Saturday of the year. Fortunately, this week we're off, so we can go back to work and get some guys healthy, just snap and clear. Just keep our mental stamina."

(On pausing from playing games, and how it will affect the team)
"It's difficult to say. Anybody can have time off, especially to pause their game and work on all the things they need to work on. This week off will be good for us."


(On the last drive of the game by Georgia during regulation)
"We got them into third down a couple of times, and they came out with a couple of plays, and we just didn't get off the field when we should of. We didn't make the plays that we needed to make, and eventually just scored."

(On Coach Jones going for it on fourth down)
"Yeah, same thing. It shows that he has confidence on offense, but also in our defense. If they happen not to get it when they go for it on fourth down. He has confidence that we will be able to stop them."

(On the blocked punt and how big of a momentum swing it gave the team)
"It was definitely a big momentum swing. It gave us a lot of juice, got the defense amped up. We were ready to go out there and get a stop, and we just fed off it."

(On the coaches believing the special teams could get a blocked punt)
"Yeah, that was definitely an emphasis in our practice this week. We knew we could get one. We said before the game we were going to get one, or probably more. So, we had faith in our punt return team to go out there and block one."


(On the senior leaders' message to the team)
"I'm so happy with the way this team played today. We just showed the entire country that we can play with anybody, and we can be as good as we want to be. That was the biggest thing this whole week. We had the best week of preparation that we've ever had: special teams, offense, and defense. The leadership, and even the young guys stepping up and making plays, playing for all 60 minutes, and then some, was huge for us. I'm real proud of this team."

(On this loss compared to past losses)
"I can tell you that I've never cried after a football game in my entire life after a loss. This was a tough one. We've got one day to sit on it, we've got a bye week, and then we've got South Carolina. Like I said, a lot more ball to play. We're just excited for the challenge in a couple weeks with another SEC opponent coming in to our house and showing them what we've got."

(On finding encouragement in a close loss)
"Absolutely. Like I said, we showed the country that we can play with anybody. We've just got to refocus going into this week's practice, the off week, and the week of South Carolina, and just have two great weeks of practice and preparation. There is excitement because like I said, that game just showed that we can play with anybody."

(On if punting is his strength)
"I try to balance everything out. I try to be as consistent in all three (kicking, punting, kickoffs) as I possibly can. It's just a lot more confidence that Coach Jones and his staff has instilled in me. That was the biggest thing in spring, he was kind of in my face saying `Consistency and performance in the kicker's and punter's play is all consistency,' so I'm just a lot more confident in my play."

(On second half adjustments)
"Well, I just think that it was being able to maintain some composure and make some plays. We were down at halftime, and we came back and kept swinging. That was kind of the biggest thing was to keep swinging, keep fighting because things are going to pay off in the end."

(On putting a positive spin on this loss as compared to other losses)
"Absolutely. It's heartbreaking for all of us, especially us seniors because we only have so many games left, but there is a positive feel to it. Like I was saying earlier, we just showed that we can play with anybody in the country. We can be as good as we want to be. We've just got to go out and do it, we've got to go out and finish. Georgia's a phenomenal team. They've got some great players, some great athletes, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. We've just got to move on to the next week, and hope for the best and play for the best."

(On electric feeling in the stadium)
"I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. I got chills standing on the sideline, and I couldn't even hear myself think at times. It was unbelievable. The fans were awesome. That's why they're the best fan base in the entire country. We've got to keep playing for them, we've got to keep playing for ourselves, and everybody in the state of Tennessee. It was an exciting game, but we came out short. There's always next week."

(On Worley's play)
"He played complete and with unbelievable maturity. Even with all the naysayers about Justin, he came back with so much poise and so much confidence. You can see it in his play. He handled the offense, and he did what a quarterback needs to do, just lead the offense and make plays, even with his feet. Justin did an absolutely unbelievable job putting points on the board. He just needs to keep that up and maintain that and we'll be all right."

(On his excitement during a big punt)
"It's unbelievable. It's a game changer. That's the object of punting, to either pin them deep or switch the field position. I know the defense likes when the (opposing) offense has a long way to go to score. It feels good, just like every other big kick, big punt, big kickoff would feel."

(On postgame mood in locker room)
"Just keep our heads up. That was a tough loss, that was a heartbreaker. We've got a lot more ball left to play this season, so that's just kind of the biggest thing that we showed that we can go toe to toe with some of the best teams in the country. We've just got to go out, and we've got to do it. We had a great week of preparation this week. We've got to go in to the next couple of weeks with the same preparation, if not better."

(On what a win would have done for the program)
"I don't think the loss set us back any more. Our confidence is still high. We're one team, we're one Tennessee, and we're one family. That's the biggest thing that Coach Jones has emphasized this week. This is the `one game' as he would say. I think that it would have been great, but we've shown that we can go and play with anybody in the entire country."

(On showing mental toughness today)
"Absolutely. When Georgia made their plays, we came back and made our plays. That just goes to show that if you keep fighting, you keep swinging, stuff's going to happen, and it's going to work out in your favor. Sometimes it doesn't, but that doesn't give you a right to stop fighting, to stop swinging. Georgia played their butts off and so did we. It just came down to the last kick. Georgia played a great game, but we played with them and we played well and I'm proud of the team."

(On Pig Howard)
"I have not spoken to Pig, but (with Pig's play) that's just the way it goes sometimes. Pig shouldn't beat down on himself because he had an unbelievable game. The whole offense had an unbelievable game. I don't think Pig has any reason to down himself or keep his head down because he played unbelievable. He was just unlucky."



(Opening Statement)
"I really don't have much to say other than I'm thankful we won, I'm thankful we're leaving and I got my bag packed and ready to go so you guys can ask whatever you want. You can ask me about injuries but I'll say I don't know so just ask away if you want."

(On if he feels like last week was a celebrating victory and this was more of a relief to win)
"Yes, definitely. I'm not really in the celebrating mood so much, just thankful to escape here with a victory considering what happened."

(On the adjustments that had to be made throughout the game)
"A lot of things were going on. A lot of guys got hurt, a lot of guys couldn't finish the game. I can at least say that. It was obvious to everybody in that regard. So players had to step up, young players had to step up. Mike Bobo, the play caller, he's trying to figure out who is in, who can do what, what they know, and it handcuffed us just a tad bit, but we just kept playing, kept fighting and found a way to win."

(On if he'd ever seen so many injuries in a game)
"Not like that. It's just such a shame. Guys work so hard, and we really went through camp overall pretty good and really had one of our best camps as far as injuries are concerned. Now I just don't know what the carnage is right now. We'll just have to wait and see. I purposely didn't talk to Ron Courson yet before talking to you because I just didn't want to say anything to anybody. I'm just not in the mood to talk about it right now. Soon enough we'll find out what it is and we'll let you all know."

(On Aaron Murray)
"I'm so proud of him. When you come back for your senior year after having a chance to go pro, you come back for games like this, you come back for your teammates, and you come back to try to win a championship. He's done everything he could do at this point. I'm really proud of him, he just played like a champion today."

(On if this was a do or die moment)
"Whatever it was, yes, under two minutes anyway. We had to move it down the field to score and quite frankly the touchdown throw, the play really called for a fade to the outside and he didn't like what he saw out there so he just jammed it in there, just stuck it in there. I didn't know where he was throwing it when he threw it but I was glad that he saw what he saw and put it on him."

(On if the injuries took an edge off of the guys)
"I hope not. Obviously the guys that got hurt, it made a big difference for them. I think everybody just wanted to keep fighting. Everybody just wanted to step up and play. I'm sure some guys went from a mode of hey I'm probably not going to play today and then all of a sudden it's hey I'm playing a lot today. That takes a little getting used to. I'm proud of Marshall Morgan. That 57 yarder was pretty spectacular and then that final kick. We'd still be playing if he hadn't made that one."

(On what he said to Morgan before that last kick)
"I told him that I think he's the best kicker in America and I wouldn't want anyone else kicking this kick."

(On his thoughts from when they started their offensive possession in overtime)
"My thinking was that in the bowl game we just centered it up and kicked it and missed it so I wanted to at least try to advance the ball the best we could without getting too crazy. You can try to make a point but you could also get a tipped ball or interception or whatever. We knew we were in field goal range immediately. We tried to move it closer, couldn't get it closer, ended up on the left hash, but we called the plays that we thought could get the yardage and Tennessee just bowed their neck and made some good plays."

(On JJ Green)
"When we signed him, we really didn't know what he was going to play. We thought he could play corner, we thought he could play receiver. This spring we knew we had some issues at the tailback position so we just asked him what do you think about playing some tailback and he said okay, Coach, I'll play. Turns out he's a tough nut. He's smart, he's tough, he's a very good pass protector, we all know he's not tall but he's strong. You see him finish the runs the way he does, he secured the ball extremely well and we know he has some wide receiver skill too, so he's got some ability. Coming into a situation where all you hear about is Gurley and Marshall and maybe at best he's thinking I'm fighting for the third string position and now today he was the feature back and came through."

(On if Gurley will be back next week)
"I don't know. He really is day to day. Ron felt like he was progressing well. It didn't swell a tremendous amount. We're not counting out this game here. I would have to say I'd be really surprised if he couldn't make it for Vanderbilt, but I think he's probably 50/50 on this one."

(On the third down troubles they had on defense)
"I just got to watch the game. So many things happened. We got them off the field and then we flinch on the punt and give them 4th and inches and then they get the big play. That would have been a nice stop right there. It was 4th and 6 and then it became 4th and 1 and all that so we were getting off the field on that particular third down, but I just have to look. When you get a kick blocked for a touchdown, that score goes against your defense. That stinks. We've had three special teams touchdowns charged against our defense. I thought we got better, I think overall we got better."

(On if they thought they had worked out the issues with the punt block team)
"We thought we did, but they came and pressured. They're not a heavy pressure team but they saw the possibility of let's see if Georgia can figure it out. They came at least three or four times, maybe five. We stuck a hat on everybody on all the other ones and we were fine, but we had a guy whiff. He knew who to block he just missed him and you can't do that."

(On Rantavious Wooten's last touchdown)
"He just had a route that really the ball never goes to that guy on that play but Murray didn't like what he saw outside and stood firm and drove it in there. It was a good safe throw, down and low, and if nothing else it looked like we would have had another snap after that. On the goal line when you throw that type of route, you want it to be from the belly button to the knees, you don't want it to be chest high. A lot of times out in the field that same throw, you might want to hit them in the chest but on the goal line you're shooting for the waistline to the knees and it looked like Murray put it right there."

(On if it's hard for linebackers to see JJ Green because he's shorter than average)
"I don't know, there's probably a little bit to that, but I think when you have a guy that's not very tall but he's very powerful, a very strong kid. You hear that in football that the low man wins. If you get under somebody's pads, you got a chance to dip and lift and drive a guy and he's got an advantage about getting low on people. Not many people try to get under him when they tackle him so he has the advantage when it comes to the contact point and he just drives his legs and he's a strong kid."

(On feeling confident with a fifth year senior like Aaron Murray leading your team on a final drive at the end of regulation)
"We never give up hope. I never gave up hope. I didn't think much about it, but yes, I was glad Murray was there to do it, but no matter who our quarterback was or is at that time, we always expect those guys to bring us down the field and score. Murray has really played extremely well this year. I'm really proud of him. I think this was a big game. I don't know what anybody else thought, but he played big."


(On what he saw on the fumble in overtime)
"My view when I saw him dive, I thought he scored. I didn't know he even dropped the ball until everybody was over there saying he dropped it. I just thought he was out of bounds before he dove but after I saw it on the screen I was overjoyed. Something in my heart just knew we were going to win this game when it got that close. I kept thinking of the motivational videos that we watch talking about Georgia never quits, Georgia always finds a way to win, and that's what we did today. That helped us out this game."

(On how pumped the team was after the fumble)
"That definitely fueled everybody. You could see everybody on the field how everybody got pumped up after that. That was the most emotional part of the game other than the game winning field goal."

(On the Tennessee offense)
"They have great linemen, they have Rajion Neal, who is a great running back, a great skill player even back in high school he was a great back. They had playmakers and they capitalized on the mistakes we had, and we definitely had those so we have a lot of work to do this week before we play Missouri, because that's another team that will sneak up on you in a heart beat."





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