Tennessee-Georgia Postgame Quotes

Oct. 8, 2011

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Opening Statement:
"Well real good first half, two teams going at it toe to toe and we came out in the third quarter and had a little melt down there for a couple of possessions. We snapped the ball over the quarterback's head, gave them good position and they drive it down and score. Then we back them up and we give up a big play - two big plays over our heads and they score. And then we lost our composure a little bit. Pressed, got anxious, frustrated and that was disappointing. If we can't run the ball we aren't going to beat good football teams. That's a fact. We lost [Tauren] Poole. He got hurt -- pulled his hamstring early in the game. That's about what it was. We couldn't run the ball. Guys gave up some balls over our heads throwing and catching and gave up a big run on the touchdown. That was the difference in the game."

On the injury to Tyler Bray:
"He's not a doctor - he doesn't know. He hurt his thumb. That's what we know and we will find out when we x-ray it."

On Georgia quieting Bray before he left the game:
"We were doing some decent things but we weren't generating some big plays. We couldn't push it down the field the way we normally could and that's a good defense so it requires a lot of patience. They were playing good coverage and I think we were getting impatient a little bit."

On thoughts about the running game coming into the season:
"I thought we would be okay. I thought we would be better than what we're doing against Florida and Georgia. I thought we would be about like what we were against Buffalo and Cincinnati. We Haven't run the ball well against two good defenses yet and that's disappointing."

On considering giving Devrin Young reps in the backfield:
"We will consider giving anyone some reps in the backfield if they can generatesome yards."

On realizing Tauren Poole was injured:
"I think it was early in the game. I think it was the first quarter. When did he come out? Was it the second quarter? Early in the second. It felt like the first."

On the impact of Poole's injury on the game:
"You didn't have your senior heavy runner, not that that would have been the difference but when you lose your starting running back it hurts. But what was he doing before that? He wasn't tearing it up anyway."

On the relationship between loss of composure and youth:
"The meltdown is probably an aggressive word. We get a little anxious and we getfrustrated and then we when we get like that we don't just stay calm and execute which is what veteran football teams do. You can see it in their eyes. They have to understand that you aren't going to play a perfect game every game and there are going to be some games that are hard and you have to keep sorting through the issues, solve the problems and try to win the football game. Wearen't there yet. We want it to be easy for us. You know what, the first half was good. We were out there and even though we only scored six points, we only had three possessions and we moved it all three times. We missed a field goal and made two. We didn't finish it off. It wasn't perfect but that was good. It was okay. But I think us not getting out there - we never got in a rhythm. Give Georgia credit because they were controlling the ball and it's frustrating. They get first downs and then you get bad field position."

On the defensive scheme that allowed deep passes:
"We were playing corners and the corners were supposed to be high and inside and they just got run by. They started out high and inside and then got even and then they got behind and outside - it was just their guy running by our guy. If you go play two deep, how are you going to stop the run - the big back? That was the dilemma. We were trying to stop the quarterback from running, the running back from running. Sometimes you have to figure out what you want to do and we gave up a couple of big plays. You have to hold up out there. We did a good job against the running back: he averaged three yards a carry. We gave up one big play, shouldn't have given it up but that was a positive. But we are packing it in there trying to stop that and they take a shot and we have tohold up."

On considerations for getting other guys reps on the offensive line:
"I don't know. It's too early to have those kind of discussions. I have to go look at it."

On the productivity of Da'Rick Rogers and Georgia trying to take him out of the game:
"They were, but he did a nice job and they should. We hit [Mychal] Rivera - Rivera made some good plays for us and Marlin [Lane]. That's what you have to do. If they take one guy out you have to have a bunch of guys. They were isolating the linebacker on Marlin a couple of times and took advantage of it. Mike got open a few times, took advantage of it. But nobody on the outside is really doing much to get open and makes some plays - and that hurts us."

On expecting to use Matt Simms off the bench:
"Well he took us down for a score - that's something we didn't do all game. Of course the situation was different. Matt's a senior. I knew we were going to need him, he knew we were going to need him. But penalties - we had two PIs on third down. We had two groundings which are just terrible - we can't do those. We had a delay of game on the third and one - just composure."

On the play of Prentiss Waggner:
"I don't know. I have to look. We were just a little soft in the secondary. They were 15-25 for 227 yards. That's a big number. It is hard for me to say somebody played good back there until I see the film."

On the Marlin Lane TD being called back after review being a game-changer:
"I don't think so. We weren't really grooving right then. It would have been a big momentum boost had it turned out for us but that was when we were kind of out of sorts. We needed something to happen to get us back in the rhythm. And that usually does it -- a big play like that. That was third and long, ended up being fourth and three and you have to punt it."

On the impact of Devrin Young:
"He is doing good. He is a weapon and he is helping us with field position. Our return game was good today. We had the punt return, we had the kick return. We punted the ball well on special teams. I thought we had a good game on special teams. We kick an extra point up the fanny of an offensive lineman but we hit a couple of field goals."

On the game:
"They played more physical than us, played with more toughness and more discipline and that led to them winning the game. They outplayed us."

On Georgia's offense in the third quarter:
"Our defense got affected by the big plays they hit. It seemed like we were not focused completely mentally. When you do that in the SEC, it leads to the points for the other team and we could not get those back."

On going into the game after the injury to sophomore quarterback Tyler Bray:
"Football is a rough sport, and you have to be ready when you are called upon. It was a tough position but you just have go in and let in rip."

On being in the huddle after the injury to sophomore quarterback Tyler Bray:
"I was excited and a little anxious. I was trying to focus on the situation and get us in the end zone."

On fourth down pass to junior tight end Mychal Rivera:
"It was four vertical (routes). Mychal (Rivera) did a good job of getting an outside release and cutting in front of the safety. I just tried to lob it over the linebacker, and he made a great catch."

On Georgia's big passing plays
"We were playing a lot of run defense and crowding the box. We were leaving the post of the field open and that is a tough job for the corner(back). We did a good job but they made a big play on one or two of those."

Opening Statement:
"We're happy. We had a great celebration in the locker room after the game, it was a lot of fun. Very humbled at the way the players and coaches responded toward me. 100 victories is kind of hard to believe, really, but I know that these victories belong to everyone that's played here in that time frame, all the coaches, everybody that helps us do our thing. To win here, very difficult to do."

"I thought Tennessee played outstanding. It was a hard fought battle. I hate that there was that much drama at the end, but that's the way it was."

"We had 4th and 58, I think that's a first. It's got to be in the top 10 in the history of college football."

On converting 4th and 1 multiple times on the first drive:
"Against Boise State, we went for it on 4th and 1 and didn't make it. Had a couple of 3rd and inches, didn't make it. So I wasn't in the mood to go for it last week. This week we did a very good job of putting a plan together, I had more confidence in what the offensive staff put together, so I was more decisive with what to do because I had more faith in what we were doing and how we were going about it. I'm glad we made it."

On Tennessee loading up against the run:
"Unfortunately, we didn't hit a lot of deep balls. We were in position to have a couple of touchdown tosses, or at least long plays. The offensive line had their best game of the year, I don't think Murray got hit. I don't know if he got knocked down, I know he didn't get sacked. I think we could have thrown the ball a little bit better. They're a good physical defense. It wasn't like every time we went and outnumbered them, we just exposed match-ups against a pretty good run defense."

On the team heading in the right direction:
"We have the feeling that we are going in the right direction now. It was a big win for us and obviously it was coach Richt's 100th win, so we were all pumped. He might not have said it all week, he wasn't talking about it, but all the players were talking about it in the locker room during the week. We wanted to win this because it was a big SEC game, but also wanted to win this for coach Richt too."

On the success in the second half:
"A lot of credit goes to the defense. That first drive they gave us great field position and getting another stop to give usgreat field position again. I thought offensively we did well all day. First half we moved the ball extremely well, didn't put the ball in the end zone like we wanted to, but ate some clock up and kept their offense on the sideline,which was huge."

On the upcoming SEC slate:
"We just have to take it one game at a time. We have to get ready for Vanderbilt next week, another SEC game. We're feeling that we have some momentum going right now and we have to keep working hard and keep practicing and staying focused on our ultimate goal."

On throwing the deep ball
"We just missed a couple by a foot or two on a couple deeps ones to Tavarres (King). We were joking on the sidelines that we were going to be working on that all week in practice to make sure our timing is on point for the future games."

On the game as a whole:
"It was a good game and a good win. [Coach Richt] said at halftime that it was basically a 0-0 game, and that we had a fresh start after the half. He wanted us to come out and play a fast second half, and I think we did that. We kept it fast. The most important thing was coming out and getting the W."





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