Postgame Quotes: #10 Missouri 31, UT 3

Nov. 2, 2013

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Head Coach Butch Jones

(Opening Statement)
"It's a line of scrimmage game, when you give up over 300 yards to the other team rushing the ball and your team has less than 100, I think that pretty much tells the story. They dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Penalties, pre-snap penalties, tackling and two blown assignments on the back end doesn't give you a chance on the road; it's all about getting momentum and we weren't able to do that. Missouri is a good football team, very well coached. I have a lot of respect for Coach Pinkel, but moving forward the goal is still in place of a bowl game and the only thing you can do is get better, but this was unacceptable with the line of scrimmage game. It was unacceptable with the pre-snap penalties, and that's on me with the penalties. We need to get that corrected. I expect more."

(On Joshua Dobbs' performance)
"I thought Joshua did some great things; I think he's going to do nothing but get better and better. I was extremely encouraged by what I saw. He was very even keel, very consistent. I thought he made some great throws, particularly against one of the top defenses in our league."

(On the type of team they are)
"I said at the beginning of the season that we needed to be a blue-collar team, our margin of error is very small, we need to overachieve in any and all areas to have a chance. Missouri is a good football team but what I cannot tolerate is missed assignments, the penalties."

(On Maty Mauk)
"Yes, we expected him to run. That's part of his game, makes him who he is. It's a big part of his game that he can make plays with his legs, he felt the pocket collapsing. We didn't get much of a pass rush all game long but he was able to escape the pocket and make some plays."

(On opportunities in the early going)
"I thought we had some opportunities in the early going, one of the biggest things was getting great field position early on and we weren't able to capitalize on it. I take great pride in playing a field position game, and then everything else kind of slipped off from there."

Redshirt Sophomore DB Brian Randolph

(On giving up over 300 yards rushing)
"Gap integrity is one of our main things. We didn't keep our gaps. We created too many holes and we just didn't get the job done."

(On trying to stop Mizzou QB Maty Mauk)
"He would hit the open receiver, he would find it if it we had a kink in our coverage. And also if there was nothing there, he would take the ball out and run with it. It was definitely a little bit frustrating but we can't let it get to us. We just have get him off the field the next series."

Sophomore WR Pig Howard

(On the improvements his team needed to make tonight)
"Execution. Executing is the main thing. We have the chemistry, we work hard every day, we know the game plan, it's just executing the game plan."

(On the importance taking advantage of the offense's poor field position)
"It's very important because our coaches know the X's and O's to make a stop, but it's our job to go out there and make the plays."

(On moving forward)
"We've got three games left, two at home and one away. At the end of the day, we just plan on focusing on our goal, and that's making a bowl game."



(On his overall thoughts on the game)
"I'm real proud of our team. The field position in the second half was minus one, minus eight, minus 18. I think we tried to be overly cautious with the lead, but I thought it was a very good team victory. They are a good football team and I thought we handled ourselves well and competed well."

(On moving on after last week's game)
"We did and I would have been very surprised if we didn't. We closed that door quick. We talked about it Sunday that we were going to move on. There is so much out there and I think they understood that. You can't do anything about the week before except learn a lesson. We applied it today and we will apply it next week."

(On the play of freshman quarterback Maty Mauk)
"I thought he did a lot of good things. Early we struggled a little bit. You have to remember he is a Redshirt Freshman. That's only the third game he has started in his life. I think he did a lot of good things. I think we are getting better overall as a football team. We have to continue to take that approach."

(On the importance of winning in November)
"I told them, what is better than being 1-0? They looked at me and said 2-0. We aren't talking about being 8-1, we are talking about these games in a row and next week is going to be a critical game with Kentucky."

(On hitting the road next week)
"It's about focus and concentration. It's about your goals, what do you want to be? We are close to having some great things happen and you have to take care of your business. This is fun, I like this, I love this. They love this. But you have to bring your best each week. In this stretch right now, ok is not good enough."


(On his performance tonight)
"Very grateful for my performance, but we came out too slow. Whether it was my fault but once we got things going and got our tempo up you could tell. We were just running our plays, hats off to Henry, Murphy and Russell. They came in and they ran their butts off the whole time, they did just a tremendous job. All of our receivers played their best of any game of the season so far, I think so. Hats off to everybody but we still have not played our best game."

On what he did to get to the offensive rhythm going)
"Tempo is one thing we always preach to each other. We have to push the tempo. I think we do a good job of doing that in practice but nobody realizes until we start going and then you have the people looking at the sidelines when we are running our plays and that is when you have the running backs come in and do what they do. I think the key to our quick start is getting our tempo up and running. "

(On running the ball effectively)
"Couple of times the backers would blitz, and I am obviously not going to stand back there and take a shot. It was the time to get out and run, and I got would I could get and got down. Whatever we needed to do that was my focus."

(On his take on the game)
"It was a good game, we started off a little slow but focused up, started to put some drives together and started making plays. That is what it came down to."

(On key to leaving last week behind)
"It was a tough loss but after Sunday we really started watching Tennessee film and just got our minds off of that game. We had our Sunday practice to get it out of our heads. That game left a lot of players with a bitter taste in their mouths and they were determined to come out here and beat these guys."

(On his touchdown catch today)
"Something we have been working on in practice, we knew that play would work. Maty put up a great ball and it just comes down to making plays. Our group is just so much fun to watch and we just share the joy so much and it does not really matter who is scoring.


(On holding Tennessee to zero touchdowns)
"Our defense did a great job tonight. Coach had a great game plan and everyone executed and it was awesome to see."

(On bouncing back from last week)
"The whole team just had a finish mentality and that's what we came out with in the second half. We finished it how we should have."

(On his play, leading the team in tackles this season)
"A football player has to be tough, middle linebacker especially. I am out there just trying to sell out for my team."





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