Post Game Quotes: Missouri 51, Tennessee 48

Nov. 10, 2012

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Tennessee Head Coach Derek Dooley

(Opening statement)
"Well that was a tough one. We played our tails off and we had a lot of opportunities to win the game - a lot. We didn't get it done. We had a fourth down there at the end and we didn't execute very well on offense in the second half. We had a lot of penalties in the run game and we just wore down. It's a hard loss and we fought good and our players played their tails off. We just didn't execute at the end to win the game. So, tough locker room."

(On not using timeouts at end of regulation)
"I was (trying to get down the field to score) in the first two plays. We got zero yards and then we had 30 seconds left and they had a timeout. I didn't want to go 3rd-and-10 and have to punt and all of the things that could happen there. We had the ball back on the last play in the same scenario. So we just went in for overtime. We had the offense and I just had confidence in them. The first two plays, I was pushing it. We screwed up both of those plays - poor execution. I didn't have confidence we were going to get it on 3rd-and-10. Then we got to send the punt team out and they chop the timeout with 25 seconds and then everybody gets really cocky. I just didn't want to do that."

(On the purpose of only one running play in overtime)
"We didn't run it very well in the second half and we weren't handling their movement. We were getting whipped and the run game wasn't very good. So, while we could have run it well, we scored three touchdowns and then we stalled right there on the fourth one."

(On decision to go for it on fourth down on last overtime drive)
"Left-hash kick, it wasn't incredibly far. It was 4th-and-three and I didn't have a lot of confidence that we were stopping them on the other side. So they scored four straight touchdowns. On our bread and butter, we didn't execute - held the ball a little late, didn't get it done."

(On defense on Missouri's last touchdown in regulation)
"Well Curt (Maggitt) was out, so we have a spy. We didn't spy him like we were supposed to, so we could have had a guy right in front of the quarterback. Then, the zone just got drained over time and the guy got lost back there. We had been playing it the whole game pretty good. That's why we had a spy, so we close, we could trigger and get the ball out a little quicker. We didn't do it."

(On where the team goes from here)
"We've got no other options but to go try to beat Vanderbilt and still try to go get into a bowl game. That's all we can do. It's hard. We've lost four games on the last possession. I guess we're 1-5 or 1-4 at the end of the game. So, it's hard."

(On Mizzou changing it up after halftime)
"The changed a little bit on the run game. They gave us a lot of problems with it and then we'd settle in there and they hit the long run. They got a little air and nobody in the back end could bring them down. Then we kind of adjusted to that. They had a good turnover and then we forced two punts after the second touchdown and then they got us on the last drive. We had the ball twice on offense to get something done when they're up seven. We didn't look very good."

(On what the loss does to his future)
"We're hurting because of the game and the kids. They played their tails off. There's a lot of negativity and that comes with the territory. I'm just proud of how they keep going out there and they lay it on the line. We just didn't make the plays that we needed to make at the end of the game. We started having to pressure it a little bit because the soft zone started grinding on us. Then with the pressure, we throw the ball up and we're all disoriented and we don't make a play on the ball."

(On feeling like the game was in the Vols' favor)
"We went in expecting to win. We held them to fourteen points all the way down to the last drive with not a lot of yards. We dominated in the first half, but that doesn't matter."

(On improvement of the defense)
"The players were playing good. They were executing the defense. We didn't put them in a lot bad positions to mess up or get challenged deep in the field. Eventually you have to bring some pressure you can't just sit there with eight guys back there the whole game. When you bring pressure you have to hold up outside every now and then."

(On focus shifting)
"We were real sloppy. We had a ton of penalties. We over came them but sometimes we were lucky to overcome them. We didn't look in sync."

(On Defensive Coordinator Sal Sunseri being in the press box)
"He called signals and did a good job. He is used to looking at it from that perspective and I think that helped."

(On safeties coach Josh Conklin's role)
"He had a lot of input. Everybody on defense had a different role. There was a lot of good dialogue. We made some good adjustments after they made some adjustments. But on fourth and twelve we have to make a play and we didn't do it."


Quarterback Tyler Bray

(On if he is frustrated with the loss)
"Any time you lose it is frustrating. It started out good. The defense started off well. We were playing good ball and just didn't finish."

(On Missouri's defense in the second half)
"They made adjustments and it just worked. They just made more plays. We have a great offense and it's hard to stop our offense. We had a bunch of yards. We just couldn't score."

(On the decision to let the clock run out during regulation)
"[Head coach Derek Dooley] gave us two chances. The first one got batted down. On the second one, we really didn't do anything. He decided to let the clock run and go into OT."

(On the decision to go for it on 4th-and-3 during overtime)
"Coach was in between and as the offense, we want the ball in our hands. We begged him to let us have the ball and we just didn't make the play."

(On if there was one play he'd like to have back)
"That last play [I'd like to have back]. I would not have taken so long to throw it to [Zach Rogers]. We had the guy and I thought I saw different coverage then what they were playing. I just held onto it too long."

Tight End Mychal Rivera

(On how the loss to Missouri feels)
"It stings a lot. We really worked hard this week. We really wanted to win this game. Things just didn't go our way."

(On what changed with the offense in the second half)
"Our tempo went down a little bit. I don't know why. We are going to have to look at the film and see some of the mistakes we made. We just have to continue to keep our tempo up like we did in the first half."

(On why Tennessee didn't try to score before the end of regulation)
"I'm going with what the coaches are saying and with whatever schemes are called."

(On his offensive productivity against Missouri's defense)
"We were running a lot of different plays. They were running a lot of basic coverages like cover two, cover one, and cover three. When you play basic coverages like that and try to play zone with the linebackers, I'm found open a lot and the middle of the field is open a lot."

Linebacker A.J. Johnson

(On trying to slow Missouri down in the second half)
"There is pretty much no difference. We ran the same calls and I guess they came out in the second half ready. It was the same calls that we were running."

(On Missouri's defensive adjustments in the second half)
"No, they pretty much ran the same thing and we ran the same thing. They just started making plays."

(On his touchdown)
"They snapped the ball to me and I got in there. I wouldn't say it wasn't too easy or too hard. The mission was to get the endzone and I got there."

(On if the team was doubting the win the longer the game went on)
"I had no doubt. On the sidelines, we had no doubt. We didn't get the job done. But, we didn't have any doubt."

(On if the defense came into this game more prepared)
"We came out knowing our calls and running are calls to a "T". In the second half, we came out running the same calls. They just made plays on us."

Defensive Lineman Jordan Williams

(On why the defense could not make a stop late in the game)
"I really can't give you a straight answer there. We played hard and we executed. It just didn't get shown there."

(On what's it like to play a mobile quarterback like James Franklin)
"He's definitely got some athletic ability. Our goal this week was we want to get him out of the pocket in his comfort zone and just get after him."

(On what changed in the second half defensively)
"I'm not sure. We still had same intensity. I think we weren't executing like we were in the first half."

(On if losses to unranked opponents sting more)
"It definitely stings more. It's fresh - it just happened. We went after it for four overtimes. It definitely hurts."

(On where the team goes from here)
"We've just got to go one week at a time like we've been doing all season. We've got Vanderbilt next week and we've still got a chance to go to a bowl. That's our concentration."

Wide Receiver Justin Hunter

(On moving past the negativity after a loss)
"Our goal is 1-0 and every week. We come in tomorrow, push them game to the side and focus on the next one. Our mindset is on making a bowl game."

(On the offense in the second half)
"It was really tough. We wanted to help our defense and win the game as fast as we could. I guess Missouri did something really special to keep us off the field."

Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

(On his pass to TE Mychal Rivera)
"Coach had called the play and I knew that I just had to throw it if I saw anyone open. I think I just under threw [Rivera] a little bit so he couldn't score. I didn't get it to him like he was supposed to have gotten it."

(On if the pass usually works in practice)
"It always works well in practice."

(On if he had thrown a pass in a game before)
"Yes, [I threw a pass before] in junior college. It was an interception."

Cornerback Prentiss Waggner

(On the differences between first and second half)
"I think in the first half we played aggressively on them. The only thing different I can think of in the second half they can out a little up-tempo speed on us. They were snapping the ball every 15 seconds. That was the main thing, there weren't too many differences."

(On the season)
"I am not going to say that is hasn't been hard. It has been real hard. We had big expectations coming into this season. So far we haven't been meeting those expectations. It is really frustrating for the seniors on this team. We have to keep on fighting. The seniors on the team have two more games left this season. We have to win these last two games. It is all about how you remember your time at Tennessee so we have to win these last two I will be okay with it."

(On staying focused for the next two weeks)
"We will see at practice how the nest two weeks will go. I think we have a good group of guys and great personalities on this team. All these guys are up-tempo."

(On disappointment of the game)
"It is really disappointing. We held them to 4th and 12 and not getting out on the field and making that play for our team is really disappointing. We are supposed to make that play 10 out of 10 times."

Tailback Rajion Neal

(On Mizzou's momentum)
"Certain things you can't explain and some things went their way. We put pressure on them and did what we had to do that it came right down to the wire, but you know it just didn't go our way. They definitely had momentum and it swung their way a little bit."

(On this being most difficult loss)
"Definitely because if you think about it, we all came out a little flat. We all kind of got away from what we were doing in the first half. Whether it was defense that couldn't stop them or us putting points on the board, it got a little frustrating. We were trying to get back into the groove of things but we just kind of fell short a little bit."

(On effect of building frustration)
"It affects us a little bit, but it's our coaches' job to keep us level-headed, stay in our ear, continuing to tell and administrate us to do what we were coached to do all week."

(On running out regulation)
"I don't know why we did it, but the boss said let's do that. I feel that was kind of smart not taking any chances and just playing it out in overtime giving ourselves a real fair, even, for sure way we were going to compete for it."

(On defense not stopping on last drive)
"You know, things happen. We had our fair share in this game and other games also, so it's not all on them. We are a team, we're going to get through it, and we'll get through it together. We all played our part in this one."

(On being more difficult finishing season and getting back together)
"We have guys that are going to fight and continue to roll. We are going to be hurt a little bit; we going to come in tomorrow do what we need to do. Monday we are going to get back to it and come out rolling again."

Defensive Back Justin Coleman

(On the mood in the locker room)
"Everybody is down, quiet, and no one really wants to talk. We know we just have to come out in the next game and do a lot better."

(On MIzzou's difference between the first and second half)
"There probably really was not a difference. They wanted it more probably. You could see it. They executed when they needed to. We just made mistakes."

(On this type of loss)
"That is the worst type of loss you can have in overtime. You feel like you are about to win, you are up the whole game and when you lose it will just bring you down."

(On when things felt to slip away)
"We felt the momentum shift when they had a big run but we tried to keep the momentum on our side. They obviously took advantage of it."

Wide Receiver/Holder Tyler Drummer

(On what was going through his mind on the fake FG)
"I was thankful Coach put me in that spot. It was a great snap and we had great blocks."

(On practicing for the fake FG play)
"We just started that this week."

(On being surprised the play was called)
"Yes (it was a surprise) but we had prepared for that."

Tailback Marlin Lane

(On when the game slipped away)
"I would probably say the last drive when we had five minutes left, with the ball, and up by a touchdown. We went out there and went three and out. I feel like we just had minor mistakes."

(On the defense towards the end of regulation)
"We said we would get the ball and milk the clock. Taking a long drive and taking time off the clock. It did not go the way we wanted it to go."

(On foreseeing this team being 0-6 in the SEC)
"No I really did not. This year I felt like we could be SEC champs by the way the offseason was rolling and being together."

(On the loss)
"It is tough. Just like before, we are just going to have to live with it and fix all the mistakes. Come down on Monday and look for a second season for a bowl game."

Defensive Lineman Daniel McCullers

(On the feel in the locker room)
"It is tough. That's a big loss. We played our butts off and we came up short but we are going to get better. We still have two games left so we have to keep working."

(On the feeling after another SEC loss)
"It is just the same. Every team in (the SEC) is just the same to us, it doesn't matter about ranking. Every SEC team is good so it doesn't really matter about ranking."

(On the team's thought before overtime needing a stop)
"We had to keep working and try to get a stop. They made a couple big plays on us and we could not overcome them. We will keep working though."

Offensive Lineman Antonio Richardson

(On the loss)
"The disappointment is we had them on their toes and we did not finish. That is the emphasis we have been putting on ourselves throughout the offseason and during the season is just finishing games and we did not take advantage of that."

(On losing to an unranked team)
"A loss is a loss, but this stings more because it is what it is. We wanted to go 7-5 and now we really have to push to win these last two games to get to a bowl game. Our goal all year is to get these seniors to a bowl game so for these next two weeks we just have to fight."

(On where the team goes from here)
"It is what it is, we just have to win these last two games so we can get to a bowl (game). I am determined for this year to not end like last year. If we can at least get to a bowl then that is better than anything."


Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel

(Opening comments)
"That was a long game. Any time you win a game like that, with four overtimes, you have a tremendous amount of plays. Tennessee did, too. Fortunately, we made them at the end to be successful. The biggest thing that comes out of this is that you recognize the strength of the team. You recognize the determination, guts, the will and need to stay positive. I'm proud of our team. The stuff we've had going on this year, with the injuries and things like that, we've been put through a lot of adverse situations. I'm very proud of my team."

"I think [the determination] is who we are. They inherited a program that wins at a high level. We talked about that in our Thursday meeting. I don't think that was the most inspiration speech of the year, but the point is the responsibility that you have. You get tested. The situation out there, with four overtimes. I don't think I've ever been in a situation like that. We've been pretty good in my career in overtimes. I don't know why. Maybe we should get in more."

(On Kendial Lawrence's run)
"That was a huge play. In the first half, we weren't making any plays on offense. It was hot out there. The only way you get momentum on a football field is to make plays. Momentum doesn't just fall out of the sky. You get it because you make plays. We talked about that at halftime a little bit. Our playmakers have to show up here. We have a lot of playmakers, but they have to show up. And they did. You count the number of plays we had on the football in the second half and in overtime, there were so many."

(On last play in regulation)
"We converted twice on fourth downs today to stay alive. That was a play when you have a few minutes left and time outs, so you ask do you want to kick it? You use your time outs. We said we'd go for it on 4th-and-10, and it was a huge play. The plays were all big. Dorial [Green-Beckham] makes huge plays. There's a lot of guys who made plays out there. Our offensive line, all those guys are battling."

(On QB James Franklin)
"I'm so happy for him; that's what I said to him afterwards. He's a warrior; he's a tough kid. He's been so much, and everyone wants to discard that. They say, `Yeah, he's been through so much, but no.' It was a rough first half, but when it was time to make plays, he delivered. Hopefully that'll give him a markable amount of confidence and get him back in line where he should be."

(On the kickoff return touchdown)
"It was good to see that; if they can't score on offense, at least they can score on defense. It was a huge play; it was one play. The worst part was our defense had to go right back on the field."

(On Bud Sasser)
"He's got some ability. He made that long one down the corner about the 5 or 8 yard line. That was in the first. We needed that badly. We needed something to happen. It's amazing, once you start getting momentum. We looked like the most potent offense in the country in overtime. That's just momentum and confidence. I'm really proud of that. This season got a little brighter. There's a light shining at the end of the tunnel. But now, this week's game is mammoth."

(On Tennessee changing their defense since last week)
"They ran a little 30 defense. They hadn't done very much of that. They did a bit more blitzing at times. They did well, I'm not devaluing what they did, but I just don't think we were playing in the first half. You can't dial in confidence. You have to have someone make some plays. You saw what happened when they did. Hopefully we can springboard off of this for the next two weeks."

(On what was said at halftime)
"Nothing significant. I just talked to the team. I talked about being in position to make plays. If it's to be, it's up to me. Everybody can't look around for someone else to make plays. Offense has to get out there and score. We have to go win this thing. What matters is the fourth quarter. I don't care how you do the first half. You can only win this thing in the fourth quarter. The game is over at the end of the fourth quarter, so we had time left. There's nothing magical. We started making plays, and our tanks got full with enthusiasm."

(On frustration with the first half)
"Let me tell you something: when you win a game like this, you are elated. We'll work on fixing it later. We won't be talking about that too much tonight. We've got a mammoth game next week. And that's an understatement."

Missouri Kicker Andrew Baggett

(On the game)
"We are all just excited. It was an intense game. We fought hard and it was a good win. We all believed that we were going to win the game."

Missouri Tailback Kendial Lawrence

(On the game)
"I was definitely choked up a little bit (at the end of the game.) I kind of just broke down and cried. Our team fought so hard - offense, defense and special teams. Tennessee is a great team and they gave us all that we could handle."

(On the team's confidence after a win like this)
"This just proves that we can play at this level, that we belong in the SEC and that we are ready to play."

Missouri Quarterback James Franklin

(On the game)
"Guys made plays and stepped up. It was really a team win, today."

(On adjustments made in the second half)
"Going into halftime, we talked about things that we needed to adjust to, and right out of the second half, we came out and made that (touchdown) run. That really sparked everyone and helped us believe that we had a chance."

(On watching the game-winning kick go through the uprights)
"I was happy because our team played together. Our defense made stops on fourth down and that gave us the opportunity to go out there and kick the field goal to win. This is a good feeling because it is such a team victory."

Missouri Wide Receiver Dorial Green-Beckham

(On the game)
"After halftime, we came out and we knew that we needed to make plays and that is what we did."

(On adjusting to UT's secondary schemes)
"I saw that the safeties were playing up and I was like `well, I can beat that guy.' They showed a lot of one-on-one coverage to begin the game, but I have confidence in our receivers to beat guys in those situations. We just have to take the opportunities that we get."





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