Postgame Quotes: Vanderbilt 41, Tennessee 18

Nov. 18, 2012

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(Opening Statement)
"Well we obviously didn't play very well on offense. A few turnovers, we gave them some short fields. I thought we were doing good on defense. We gave up, really one play. Came out in the second half with not much changed on the offensive side of the ball. We just couldn't hold on on the other side. I give Vandy a lot of credit,they are playing really well and we are not. Just a real tough way to finish the game and a tough way to end the season."

(On taking Tyler Bray out in the second quarter)
"No just made some real bad decisions early. When he threw the interception on first down, we went to Justin to try and settle him down and bring him back in the third. Not much really changed. Some of it really was the receivers, too."

(On bring Tyler back in the second half)
"I wanted to give Tyler to get a chance to go back out there, he has earned that, as well as he has played. It didn't really change the result. He threw a bad interception there."

(On the fake punt)
"I think Mike threw the ball in the grass, I thought we had a guy there. Mike throws it pretty good. Maybe he wasn't loose. It probably surprised him that I called it."

(On the team's spirit)
"No, not at all. The last touchdown, we are sitting there zoning, a guy runs up and we miss a tackle and he out runs us all. I didn't see that. I saw hurt spirits. We played about the same way we did on offense all four quarters. The defense - they bounced on that long run in the second half. I didn't really see a lay down."

(On Vanderbilt)
"You can't not give the other team credit, they held us to 10 points on offense, I never thought that would happen. It was probably a combination of both."

(On the defense's performance in the second half)
"The first drive was two runs, they just ran the same power run they we have been playing, nothing different and we lost our edge. We don't do a very good job of when we are chasing. We didn't play the reverse too well. It was two runs. Then I thought, the next time we were out there we were on the two and we got some stops."

(On moving on to the next week)
"We aren't going to a bowl game. We have one more game left. I hope they go play for the seniors, go enjoy and compete. That is what you do to represent Tennessee. We didn't do a very good job of that."

(On Marlin Lane's performance)
"He played pretty good in the first half, he missed a couple of runs in the second half. He did a good job."

(On increasing Marlin Lane's touches)
"He was running pretty good the first half so we just stuck with him."

(On his job status)
"That is not my call. I don't know how to answer that."

(On Tyler Bray's stare down)
"I didn't see that and I hope he didn't do that. If I had seen it I would have addressed it. The main decision was he wasn't playing well at all and then he turned the ball over. He just wasn't playing well. I thought pulling him and letting him relax and look at it, calm down, would help. It obviously didn't."

(On Justin Worley)
"We did pretty good. We moved the ball down the field. The interception he threw, a little miscommunication between him and CP. I didn't think it was Justin's fault. He played pretty good."

(On the state of the program)
"I don't think you can say where this program is on one game. We have had a lot of really good games that we didn't win this year. The program is certainly not where we need to be. It is not anywhere close to where the fans want it to be. It is probably a little bit better than what people think it is. That is how i would assess it."


Junior QB Tyler Bray

(On being surprised to be benched during the second half)
"Not really, I was not playing to well. Everyone could see that. I just was not moving the ball and just was not getting anything done."

(On continuing to lead after being pulled from the game)
"I just told the defense that the offense needed them tonight. We were struggling early and we were not getting any better so I just told them we needed stops and that we needed those guys to pull through for us."

Junior WR Cordarrelle Patterson

(On the offensive struggles)
"I really do not know what went wrong. We were not the offense we have been all year. We were not executing like we know we can. Everything was just going wrong for us."

(On adjusting from Bray to Worley at QB)
"It was not a big adjustment because they rotate in practice so it was not a big adjustment."

(On not being able to go to a bowl)
"It is not tough at all. We just know we fight every week and just try to give it our all. Everything has just been against us this whole year so things are just not going right."

Senior WR Zach Rogers

(On the loss)
"It is tough. It is not the season. We wanted it obviously and it has been a rough go for us. We have one more game left so we have to keep playing."

(On the offense's inability to click)
"It was just one of those nights, I don't know how to explain it. Things just weren't going our way. I give them a ton of credit on defense, they did a great job stopping us."

(On putting Justin Worley in)
"It was a little weird but I don't question the coaches at all. They felt that Worley gave us a better shot. We just have to go with whoever is out there."

(On the legacy of the senior class)
"It is definitely very frustrating. It is not the legacy I wanted to leave here as a senior, coming in here and losing to these guys. That is the nature of it, that is football for you. We have one more game, we are going to bounce back and go out with a win."

(On moving on to Kentucky week)
"It is going to be a different feeling for us this next week. I know this senior class isn't going to go out with a loss. I know this one is tough for us, we have one more game, we have Kentucky ahead of us."

(On any indication of the offense not clicking at practice)
"Not at all. I thought we had a really solid week of practice. It was just one of those nights where things weren't clicking for us. I am giving all the credit to Vandy right now, they are doing some good things over there and best of luck to them in their bowl game."

(On playing in his hometown)
"I wanted to come back here and have a good game in front of my family and friends that were here to support me. Things didn't go our way and that is not what happened."

Sophomore QB Justin Worley

(On being nervous when he was called into the game)
"I was a little bit (nervous). We had not really discussed it during the week; the chances of me going in. I was a little surprised but you just have to go out there and play football."

(On getting into the flow of the game)
"I did. I felt like the second drive I got in there we drove down the field and got in a little groove and it felt good."

(On the team's reaction to him entering the game)
"The guys were like alright you're in, lets get things going."

(On not going to a bowl game)
"It is very disappointing. This is my second year here and second year not going to a bowl game because of the last two games. It hurts and I feel bad for the seniors, I know how they feel. We just have to go because Kentucky is a big rivalry, hopefully we can win that one and finish this season with a win."

Junior LB A.J. Johnson

(On being put in tough situations as a defense)
"I wouldn't say put in tough situations. If we had been put in enough situations we would have came up and made plays."

(On rallying the defense)
"It is hard for any team. We just have to rally up better than we did."

(On what went wrong today)
"I can't really put my finger on it. I would say for the most part it is not making plays."

(On the negative attitude in Knoxville)
"Just tone it out and keep coming in everyday and get better as a player."

(On the distractions affecting the team)
"All of the stuff going on, people have it in the back of their head. But you just have to clear it out and come in every week and play."

(On the state of Coach Dooley's job)
"You really don't think about it until the time comes or the last game and you are told about it. I am just coming in everyday and try to get better. And play for Coach Dooley."

(On what he expected at the beginning of the season)
"Far from this. I wouldn't the season to turn out the way it is. But it has happend and we just have to live with it."

(On the effort in the second half)
"The effort was there. Herman Lathers' was spitting up blood and stuff but he came back out there and came back out fighting hard, fighting hard for the team."

Junior TB Rajion Neal

(On why the team is 4-7) "Words cannot explain it. I have no clue. I am at a loss for words."

(On the team's preparation this past week)
"I feel like the week went fairly smooth and normal like usual. Tonight was just clearly not our night at all. I have no clue what is going wrong, what we are doing wrong. It is crazy. It is not making sense what so ever."

(On what Coach Dooley said to the team after the game)
"He just told us that things just did not go our way. We just need to keep fighting. He was very apologetic about what took place out here today."

(On the emotion of the locker-room)
"Coaches, players, training staff, it was emotional from wall to wall."

(On Tyler being pulled from the game)
"We were a little caught off guard by it but we just had to roll with it and support him and do what we needed to do to get a couple (scores) but it caught us off guard."





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