UT-Vanderbilt Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 21, 2010

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UT-Vanderbilt Post-Game Quotes

Tennessee Head Coach Derek Dooley
"I knew it'd be tough and you have to give Vanderbilt a lot of credit. We had opportunities to put the game away and didn't capitalize. Tyler [Bray] struggled with decision-making and you have to give Vanderbilt a lot of credit for that. You have to give our team a lot of credit. With all of the mistakes, we still held them to 10 points and found a way to win, and that's all that matters."

On Tennessee Quarterback Tyler Bray:
"I knew it'd be a tough game for Tyler... We had to pack it in on offense and clean it up."

On Tennessee's Defense:
"At times, it was exceptional. In the first half... we had the ball on the 20-something yard line at 14-0. We've got a chance to go 21-0 and close the first half out and we make a bad decision throwing the football to the wrong guy. Then, they go on a 17-play drive. That was disappointing, but we finished the game and that's all that matters."

On Tennessee's Ground Attack:
"We're not good at running the ball and that's why we struggled. We played really well for being not good running the ball. We stink at running the ball. I don't know what else to say."

On Possibly Coming Back to Nashville for the Music City Bowl:
"We're not going to come back here if [we have the same game] against Kentucky. If we play the way we played today, we're going to get beat... Kentucky.

On Tennessee Defensive End Gerald Williams:
"He was active. He wasn't playing his best all of the time, but he kept bringing it."

Gerald Jones

On his involvement this week:
"We had a couple of plays for me because we had a good idea that they were going to back up their secondary. We've been hitting a lot of teams deep so they were going to back up to make us throw the short ball. Normally when we do that, I'm the guy to go to."

On Tennessee's offensive struggles:
"Second half they made a great adjustment and had a lot of movement with their defensive line and linebackers, and even their defensive backs. It made it hard for our offensive linemen, but our defense stepped up for us."

Justin Hunter

On the possibility of a Bowl game:
"I think it means a lot. This would be my first Bowl, so I'm real excited. I want to win next week."

On his touchdown:
"They did the same thing as last week, playing one-man coverage on me. I give my credit to Luke [Stocker] because the corner went with him and I had man-on-man coverage. It was a real awkward catch because I had to turn my whole body around and then jump for the ball."

Tauren Poole

On the late touchdown:
"It was a stretch. We were talking about getting it the whole game, and I just put it all on myself to run it. I hit the crease and congrats to Dallas [Thomas] for making that block. You can watch it on film, because he made an incredible block and the guys on the perimeter were blocking as well.

On the difficulties running the ball:
"My hat's off to Vanderbilt, because they played extremely hard. They out-efforted us tonight. We give it all to them because they played hard, and we have to play harder to beat Kentucky."

Janzen Jackson

On the interception:
"It was big for us. We need a turnover or a stop right there in the red zone, because we knew that they would have another chance to get the ball if they scored. That was big for us. That time he ran an in-route and I just jumped it. The ball was a tad bit in front of the receiver so I just broke in front."

On Vanderbilt's play:
"I didn't play against them last year, but they say they're always tough. I think they came prepared. They played for 60 minutes, and this is the SEC. If you come prepared and play for 60 minutes, you can hang in there with anybody."

Vanderbilt Head Coach Robbie Caldwell

Opening Statement
"Quite a battle wasn't it? I'm very disappointed in how we started out the game, pleased with stretches but inconsistent. We did hold them to 360 yards of offense. We created some turnovers, three to be exact, and only got three points out of it. We missed a field goal, got one blocked, have a touchdown get called back. It was a game I thought we could win and we had our chances but didn't capitalize and that's where we ended up. I know it's been a long dry spell for Vanderbilt and their fans. I think it's been 28 years, 29 now, at home and four out of the last 62 years. I was sure hoping this staff would get a second win. We probably should have beaten them three times in our tenure here and let them off the hook. I was proud of [our team] the way they fought there in the end."

On the offense
"It was very frustrating. They are working as hard as they can. Sometimes we get out-athleted, sometimes we don't throw it, sometimes we miss assignments. It's all part of the game. Obviously we were struggling throwing the football and had a hard time catching it. I thought the offensive line played pretty well tonight. I'm very proud of them, they're gelling, and they're really coming along considering there are just eight of them."

On the missed field goals killing momentum
"It really is demoralizing. You know no one wants to miss it but it's something we do everyday and put [the kickers] in those situations. You hope you hit it but it's part of the game, some people make them and some don't."

On the defense
"They've played pretty well all year. There are some bright spots. I've been proud of some of the things we've done. Casey [Hayward] got another interception tonight and he's playing hurt, playing all the time and on special teams. We're playing thin that's for sure."

The difference in the game
"They seemed to make some plays [in the passing game]. They caught the ball when it came to them and we're really struggling there. We're developing a playmaker in Jordan Mathews so we have some good things coming in the future."

T. J. Greenstone

On the game this week defensively:
"I think with a big rivalry coming to town we were a lot more motivated this week; the coaches were a lot more excited at practice. We prepared the way we should've and it paid off a little more this week."

On the loss:
"We got guys playing great out there, playing hard left and right out there. We had a great opportunity to make plays on both sides of the ball, and we just didn't make them."

On preparing for next week:
"I think we have a little bit more confidence after tonight's game, playing the way we did, although we didn't get the results we wanted, it definitely makes next week easier. Also, we don't have school this week so we don't have to deal with classes next week or papers or tests we can concentrate a little more on football this week."

Jordan Matthews

On not converting the first half:
"It hindered us a lot. We were happy that we got a field goal at the end before the half, go in with some momentum. Definitely sort of deflating when you can't capitalize on some of those drives where a bunch of guys are making good plays where Larry's scambling, he's getting yardage. We just gotta figure out a way to score on those drives like we know we can."

On his /Jared Funk's plays:
"I don't know if it is a specific thing between me and Jared. We do a lot of work with Larry too. He passed sometimes to me too. It just happens to be late in those games sometimes it's just me and Jared in those games in there. No matter if it's Jared or Larry in there, my job is just to catch it no matter who's throwing it."





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