Team 118 Presents The #VFLChallenge

Jan. 11, 2014

This spring, Team 118 will be broken up into eight teams led by an assistant coach and captained by two players in the VFL Challenge.

The VFL Challenge replaces last year's VOLympics and will be run by VFL Terry Fair and wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni.

"The VFL challenge is the foundation of our off season personal growth and development program," said Head Coach Butch Jones. "It incorporates all aspects of our VFL program; academic excellence, being champions in the community and becoming a overall better football player and team each and everyday."

The purpose of the VFL Challenge is to develop team chemistry, a family environment and the development of team 118's leadership skills.

"I'm very excited about the VFL Challenge," said Azzanni. "The challenge will test and develop our leadership on a daily basis. We will grow as a program and as individuals by investing in each other and ourselves through daily competition. We are building VFLs the 'Vol Way.'

Team 118 is broken into eight teams; Family, Honor, Give My All, Tradition, Passion, Champions, T-Tough, and 63.

Asst. Coach- OC Mike Bajakian
Captains - AJ Johnson, Marquez North

Asst. Coach - TE/ST Mark Elder
Captains - Kyler Kerbyson, Riley Ferguson

Give My All
Asst. Coach - Robert Gillespie
Captains - Nathan Peterman, Justin Coleman

Asst. Coach - DC John Jancek
Captains - Brian Randolph, Jason Croom

Asst. Coach - OL Don Mahoney
Captains - Josh Dobbs, Jordan Williams

Asst. Coach - DB Willie Martinez
Captains - Marcus Jackson, Curt Maggitt

Asst. Coach - Tommy Thigpen
Captains - Justin Worley, Cam Sutton

Asst. Coach - Steve Stripling
Captains - Corey Vereen, Mack Crowder

The teams can earn and lose points in three categories, the Vol way, degree seeker and work to win.

The Vol Way - Players who add value to the program through community service can earn points, but will lose points if they do anything negative to reflect the program or are late to practice, meetings, class, etc.

Degree Seeker - Vols to earn A's or B's on quizzes, papers and tests will add five points to their total, but D's and F's negate five points. Students of the week add 10 points to the team total.

Work To Win - Any Vol named the Vol of the Day of Week will earn 10 points and players are eligible for any amount of points based on Coach Jones' discretion.





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