Getting Uncomfortable

Jan. 29, 2013

Under the direction of new strength and condition coach Dave Lawson and his staff, the Tennessee football team is working hard during the offseason to get their bodies right for the 2013 football season.

The football team is feeling more sore than they have ever felt during their careers on Rocky Top but the intense workouts are just a step on the 'Path to 7.'

"He just talks about making us uncomfortable so we can be the best conditioned team out there so we can win the fourth quarter of every game," said offensive lineman Ja'Wuan James.

"He is pushing everybody out there to their limits right now," added James' linemate Antonio Richardson. "He doesn't have to say much, you can just feel it. From how he makes us squat, to the way that we run, you can tell that everything can be implemented on to the field."

The explanation period is over for the Vols and it is time for action in the newly-completed weight room.

All of the drills that Lawson has put into place in the weight room and on the practice field have a team-first mentality.

While out on the practice field, each lifting session is split into three groups working on agility drills.

When the team moves into the weight room, teams of three and four cycle through the racks always moving and always supporting their teammates.

Lawson called attention to sophomore Alan Posey who, during a squatting drill pushed himself past the one repetition called for. His support for Posey gained the attention of the other players in the room who surrounded their teammate cheering for him to keep going.



"[Lawson] is pushing it. This is the most sore I have been since I first got here," said James. " He is getting us all ready and we are going to have a dominating team."

Like the new workout gear the Vols got this offseason, '2013e A Champion.'



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