Vol Seniors Draft Orange & White Teams

April 14, 2010

Tennessee's seniors turned the Neyland-Thompson Sports Center into their own version of a "War Room" on Wednesday night, selecting the teams for Saturday's Dish Network Orange and White Game.

"The seniors were very well-prepared for their first draft," head coach Derek Dooley said of the one-hour session. "They had detailed scouting reports on every member of the team and created some calculated mismatches in their picks.

"Like the NFL Draft, it will be interesting to see if some of the higher picks perform to their value."

Selection order wasn't revealed, but both sides were pleased with the outcome in anticipation of Saturday's 2 p.m. kickoff from Neyland Stadium.

Wide receiver Gerald Jones joins tight end Luke Stocker, tailback David Oku and linebacker LaMarcus Thompson on the Orange roster, which will be quarterbacked by Matt Simms. The White team features wide receiver Denarius Moore, defensive end Chris Walker and defensive tackles Marlon Walls and Montori Hughes, with Tyler Bray opening at quarterback.

In addition to drafting assistant coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic training staff, football operations and academic support staff, Tennessee's seniors also selected their respective celebrity head coaches and celebrity assistant coaches.



John Adams of the Knoxville News Sentinel and Dr. Bertin Louis of UT's Africana Studies Department are leading the Orange team, while Jimmy Hyams of WNML Radio "The Sports Animal" and Jeremy Higdon of UT's Mathematics Department will be guiding the White. The celebrity coaches are meeting their teams for Thursday's final spring practice at Haslam Field.

Saturday's game will feature four 10-minute quarters with regular game-clock rules. Teams must go to hurry-up mode inside 2:00 of each half, and quarterbacks are not live.

Photo Gallery

No. Name, Pos.

2 Matt Simms, QB
4 Gerald Jones, WR
10 Marsalis Teague, WR
12 Naz Oliver, DB
15 Matt Fromke, QB
18 Tyler Wolf, DB
22 Rod Wilks, DB
23 Prentiss Waggner, DB
24 Eric Gordon, DB
26 Daniel Lincoln, PK
26 Tyler Wills, DB
27 David Oku, TB
33 Toney Williams, TB
34 Herman Lathers, LB
35 Robert Nelson, LB
38 C.J. Fleming, DB
39 Grant Jessen, LB
40 Chris Cates, WR
42 LaMarcus Thompson, LB
46 Channing Fugate, FB
48 Greg King, LB
53 Jake Storey, LB
56 J.R. Carr, DS
57 Gerald Williams, DE
60 Carson Anderson, OG
65 Joseph Ayres, OT
71 Dallas Thomas, OT
73 Chase Phillips, OT
75 JerQuari Schofield, OG
77 Cody Pope, C
82 Cory Eichholtz, WR
85 Todd Campbell, WR
85 T.J. Marrs, DS
86 Willie Bohannon, DE
86 Matt Wegzyn, TE
88 Luke Stocker, TE
89 Daniel Adderley, TE
95 Arthur Jeffery, DT
97 Chase Nelson, DT
98 Rae Sykes, DE
99 David Harrington, P

Injured Players
20 LaMarcus Armstead, LB
56 Nick Reveiz, LB

Celebrity Head Coach
John Adams

Celebrity Assistant Coach
Dr. Bertin Louis

Assistant Coaches
Jim Chaney
Terry Joseph
Lance Thompson
Chino Fontenette
Ben Larson
Blake Rolan
Chandler Tygard

Football Operations
Brad Pendergrass
Adam Dicus

Athletic Trainer
Jason McVeigh

Strength and Conditioning
Bennie Wylie
Dan Hamilton

Equipment and Video
Allen Sitzler
Joe Harrington

Condredge Holloway

Team Doctor
John Dean

Academics/Student Support
Roger Woods
Ashleigh Huffman

Nutrition/Admin. Staff
Allison Maurer
Amanda Gilpin
Angela Schwinge

No. Name, Pos.
3 Darren Myles Jr., DB
5 Ted Meline, WR
6 Denarius Moore, WR
7 Mandela Shaw, DB
8 Tyler Bray, QB
9 Matt Milton, WR
9 Daryl Vereen, LB
12 Chris Eggert, TE
13 Geoff Courtney, WR
15 Janzen Jackson, DB
19 Nick Lamaison, QB
21 Nick Jackson, DB
27 Nick Branum, DB
28 Tauren Poole, TB
29 Stephaun Raines, DB
30 Shane Reveiz, LB
36 Anthony Anderson, DB
37 Nigel Mitchell-Thornton, LB
39 Ben Bartholomew, TE
40 Austin Johnson, LB
41 Sam Edgmon, TB
45 Kevin Cooper, FB
46 Charles Karlosky, LB
47 Jerod Askew, LB
47 Chip Rhome, PK
52 Victor Thomas, C
55 Jacques Smith, DE
58 Marlon Walls, DT
59 Nick Guess, DS
63 Kevin Revis, OG
67 Caleb Leonard, OT
70 Ja'Wuan James, OT
74 Jarrod Shaw, OG
76 Daniel Hood, OT
80 Corey Miller, DE
83 Zach Rogers, WR
84 Chris Walker, DE
90 Steven Fowlkes, DT
90 Ben Lehning, TE
93 Montori Hughes, DT
96 Chad Cunningham, P

Injured Players
25 Art Evans, DB
43 Savion Frazier, LB
99 Ben Martin, DE

Celebrity Head Coach
Jimmy Hyams

Celebrity Assistant Coach
Jeremy Higdon

Assistant Coaches
Darin Hinshaw
Charlie Baggett
Harry Hiestand
Justin Wilcox
Chuck Smith
Peter Sirmon
Eric Russell

Football Operations
David Blackburn
Heather Ervin

Athletic Trainer
Robb Duncanson

Strength and Conditioning
Steve Gortmaker
Medgar Harrison

Equipment and Video
Max Parrott
Zach Kennedy

Roger Frazier

Team Doctor
Chris Klenck

Academics/Student Support
Heather Bell
Fernandez West

Administrative Staff
Kim Milligan
Kris Ann Hawkins
Austin Thomas



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