Vols Jersey Countdown #85

June 7, 2012

Timber Tops
Lester McClain
Wide Receiver (1968-70)

A wide receiver for the Vols from 1968-70, Lester McClain became the first African-American to ever play in an SEC varsity football game for Tennessee when UT took on Georgia on Sept. 14, 1968. In his three years at Rocky Top, the Nashville native caught 70 passes for 1,003 yards and 10 touchdowns, while rushing 10 times for 123 yards and two scores. In 1970, McClain led the Big Orange in kickoff return yards, bringing eight kicks back a total of 168 yards. He was later selected in the ninth round of the 1971 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears.

Lester McClain
Wide Receiver (1968-70)
"I had worn 88 out of high school. I think for one day I wore 83 and then I ended up getting told I was wearing 85. I don't know who really made that decision. I didn't really have any input on it. I was never particularly interested in a number as much as I was playing. It means a lot to me now and I have a lot of respect for it. Emmon Love is who I think I remember wearing it after me. I can't follow the tradition of who wore it later on, but it meant a lot."

Owen Sullinger
Wide Receiver (1996)
"My favorite thing about wearing number 85 was that it was an induction into an elite group that helped continue the tradition of Wide Receiver U. Playing wide receiver at Tennessee has continued to open doors all of these years even after my last collegiate game. Opportunities spanning from playing professionally to opportunities in the business world. It taught me valuable lessons that I try to pass down to future generations."
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Charles Baker - 1946-49

Jerry Malach - 1950-51

Bob Griesback - 1953

Bill Hubbard - 1953

Bob Fry - 1954

Landon Darty - 1955-57

Cotton Letner - 1958-60

Buddy Fisher - 1961-63

Johnny Mills - 1964-66

Dick Ellis - 1967

Lester McClain - 1968-70

Emmon Love - 1971-73

Jim Duvall - 1974-77

Reggie Harper - 1978-80

Mike Terry - 1981-82

Bill Eichholtz - 1983-84

Jed Dance - 1986-87

John Rollins - 1988

Horace Morris - 1990-93

Anthony Hampton - 1995

Owen Sullinger - 1996

Donte' Stallworth - 1999

Eli Jones - 2001

Ryan Boswell - 2002

Aaron Kirkland - 2003

Casey Woods - 2005-07

Tyler Maples - 2008

Todd Campbell - 2009

T.J. Marrs - 2010

Matt Milton - 2010-11


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