Vols Jersey Countdown #76

June 16, 2012

Timber Tops
Harry Galbreath
Offensive Line (1984-87)

Harry Galbreath was the most dominating and aggressive run blocker Johnny Majors ever coached, according to Tennessee's former mentor. Perhaps that's what earned him All-American status his senior year of 1987, also earning All-SEC first team honors. In his final year with the Vols, Galbreath won the Jacobs Trophy given to the SEC's best blocker. He laid the road for Reggie Cobb's freshman campaign of 1,197 yards on 237 attempts. Galbreath appeared in every game of his four-year stint, including three years as a starter. He passed away on July 27, 2010.

Daniel Hood
Defensive Line (2009-Present)
"I wore 76 for two reasons. Tim Irwin (who actually wore 78 at UT but 76 everywhere else) was a big influence for me while in college and it's a way to remember him each time I get to play. When I came to UT, I met big Harry Galbreath and he passed away in 2010. I remember and honor them both by wearing 76."
Paul Tilson
Defensive Tackle (1961-62)
"I played fullback some, my last year in high school. I was too slow for fullback but they moved me there to block. On the first day of practice, my freshman year at UT in 1958, Coach (Bobby) Proctor said to line up where we played in high school so I went over with the fullbacks. At the end of practice, we had to run several wind sprints, and I came in last several yards behind everyone else. The next day Coach Proctor came to me and said that he thought I could help the team more at guard. After a couple of days of practice playing guard, and again coming in last during the wind sprints, Coach Proctor came to me and he was very nice. He said "Paul, we need more weight at the tackle position, so I want you to move to tackle". He was nice because what he really wanted to say was "Paul you are too slow to play anything else, so I am moving you to tackle". That is why I wore number 76."
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Jody Fisher - 1941-42

Dick Webb - 1944

Bill Jasper - 1949-51

Charles Coffey - 1953

John Gordy - 1954-56

Dick Krause - 1957-58

Ken Lautzenheiser - 1959

Paul Tilson - 1961-62

Bill Danychuk - 1963-64

Mitch Mutter - 1965

Jerry Holloway - 1966-68

Joe Balthrop - 1969-71

Barry Howard - 1972-73

Charles Anderson - 1974

Jessie Turnbow - 1975

Phil Sutton - 1976

Don Stowers - 1977

Mike Jester - 1978

Doug DeJarnatt - 1979

David Brown - 1981

Pat Langdon - 1982

Harry Galbreath - 1984-87

Robert Todd - 1989-91

Mark Upton - 1993-95

Gentry Wright - 1997

Justin Satterfield - 1998

Paul Monroe - 2001

Arron Sears - 2004-06

Darris Sawtelle - 2007

Daniel Hood - 2009-11

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