Vols Jersey Countdown #56

July 6, 2012

Timber Tops
Jim Haslam
Tackle (1949-52)

A member of the 1951 National Championship team Jim Haslam, built a career as a business entrepreneur. As a player, Haslam served as captain of the 1952 Vols. He says his education in the College of Business Administration plus his experience as a football player under General Robert Neyland did much to prepare him as an entrepreneur. "You learn, you earn, and you give," he says. "Entrepreneurs learn to take risks, and the risks they take produce profits. They then have an obligation to give back." Haslam founded Pilot Corporation in 1958, which now operates hundreds of travel centers throughout North America. He previously served on the UT Board of Trustees.

Nick Reveiz
Linebacker (2008-10)
"Coach Fulmer gave me the number 56 after my redshirt year. It was a big deal to me because my first year I didn't have a real number and as a walk-on you never get your own number. At first I really didn't like 56 and wanted to change it but as I played, it grew on me. I saw that guys like Al Wilson wore 56 in the pros and that was special to me because I grew up watching him. Receiving a number instead of picking one really taught me a lesson because I felt that I got to earn the number after not having a number for a year. It showed me it's not as important about what number you get but rather about what you do once you get that number. Just to wear the orange and white was an honor and I was grateful to have my own number."
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Bob Woodruff - 1937,38
Earl Brown - 1939,40
Charles Wildman - 1944,45,46,47
Jim Haslam - 1949,50,51,52
Bill Lanter - 1954,55,56,57
Buddy King - 1958
Duke Volmer - 1961
Taft Hefner - 1962
Reggie Jellicorse - 1964,65
Wayne Smith - 1967,68,69
Greg Pennekamp - 1970
Brian Woods - 1972,73
Mike Rotella - 1974
Robert Shaw - 1975,76,77,78
Tim Rumsey - 1980,81,82
Duan Henry - 1984
David Dodd - 1985,86,87
Chad Goodin - 1988,89
Chuck Smith - 1990,91
Chester Ford - 1993
Ayan Martin - 1996,97
Thomas Stallworth - 1998
Bernard Jackson - 1999,00,01
Jon Poe - 2003
J.R. Carr - 2009
Nick Reveiz - 2008,09,10
Curt Maggitt - 2011

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