Vols Jersey Countdown #53

July 9, 2012

Timber Tops

Glenn Streno
Center (1981-83)

Center Glenn Streno is the only All-SEC selection to have worn the No. 53 from Tennessee. A 1983 selection, Streno is a Pittsburgh native and earned three letters with the Vols. He helped UT to the 1983 Florida Citrus Bowl Championship with a 9-4 record under Johnny Majors. Streno was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the 1984 NFL Draft.

"Number 53 is special to me because to date, I am the only Tennessee player to have worn 53 to achieve All SEC recognition. "

Bert Ackerman
Center (1962-64)
"I wore #53 because that was what was assigned to me. We didn't get to choose our numbers back then. There were over 100 freshmen and 120 plus on the varsity. You didn't ask for anything special. You just kept your head down and tried to survive your first year. If you weren't present, there were 10 more in line trying to get ahead of you, and that was just on the freshman team. It was dog-eat-dog and survival of the fittest."

Toby Champion
Offensive Line (1997-2000)
"I wore the number 53 due to it being the smallest number that a offensive lineman could wear that was not taken. At 19 years of age even though I was well over 300 pounds, I still considered myself a skill position player. Thanks to coach Fulmer and Cutcliffe, they made my childhood dream come true of playing full back for the Big Orange. I played the jumbo back in three games at UT and those are great memories."

Brian Word
Linebacker (2002)
"I wore number 53 because it was my high school number. In those days, I wanted to wear number 55 because I had to have an offensive and defensive number for playing both sides of the ball. Plus Derrick Brooks and the late Junior Seau were two of my favorite NFL players. However, there was a teammate who was one year older who had it so I knew that I would not get it until my senior year (Toby Champion). Therefore, I had to start wearing 53 to much of my dislike. But it grew on me and I started having lots of success so I decided to continue with it. When I got to Tennessee, a veteran teammate had the number 53 so I knew that I was going to have to wait it out again. I finally got my 53 number back my senior year."
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Boyd Clay - 1937,38,39
Leonard Simonetti - 1940,41,42
Mike Paidousis - 1944,45,46
Gene Burgin - 1947
George Carlovich - 1951,52
Tom Priest - 1953
Charles Scholes - 1954
Dave Stottlemyer - 1955,56,57
J.W. Ditmore - 1958,59
Bert Ackermann - 1962,63,64
Alex Melas - 1965
Mitch Mutter - 1966,67
Bruce Jackson - 1968
Ben Bass - 1969
Tom Johnson - 1970,71,72
Andy Troxler - 1973
Joe Mills - 1974
Greg Jones - 1975,76,77
Mark Rosenbaum - 1978,79
Glenn Streno - 1981,82,83
Otis Coffey - 1985
Mark Jenkins - 1986
Carey Bailey - 1988,89,90,91
Mark Graves - 1993,94
Geric Smith - 1995
Toby Champion - 1997,98,99,00
Brian Word - 2002
Corey Anderson - 2003
Jerod Mayo - 2005
Adam Myers-White - 2006
Morgan Cox - 2007,08,09
Jake Storey - 2010,11

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