#VolByVol: Joshua Dobbs

July 18, 2013

Next up in our #VolByVol series, we take a look at Alpharetta, Ga., native and aeronautical engineering major Joshua Dobbs. Find out what makes this quarterback tick outside of football.

Full Name: Robert Joshua Dobbs
Nickname: Joshua
Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Favorite Musical Artist: Wayne Brady
Best concert ever attended: Jamie Foxx
Favorite Sports Movie: Bad News Bears
Favorite TV Show: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Favorite Web Site: ESPN
Favorite Sports Broadcaster: Trent Dilfer
Favorite Pro Sports Team: Falcons
Favorite Athletes: RG3, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers
Childhood Idol: Will Smith
Hobbies: Piano, Saxophone, Baseball
Magazine Cover I’d Like to Be On: ESPN
Most Famous Person Ever Met: Peyton Manning
Person I’d Like to Have Dinner With: Will Smith
Place I’d Like to Visit: Australia
My First Memory of Football: Workouts
If I Didn’t Play College Football I Would Play: Baseball
Who Had the Greatest Impact on My Life: My parents and God
Pre-Game Rituals: Pre-game nap
Best Advice From a Coach: Always pursue your dreams
One Thing I Wish I Were Better At: Singing
My Best Non-Athletic Talent: Playing the piano
If I Had $1 Billion Dollars I Would: Make the world better
The Person I would Choose to be Stranded on a Deserted Island With: My dog





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