Through The Lens: SEC Media Day

July 19, 2012

Follow us through the lens as we provide live photo updates during the 2012 SEC Media Day. The timeline below is a blow-by-blow account of the day's events.

2:05 PM ET The End

Another successful media day ends.

1:55 PM ET Takeoff

Tyler Bray gives the go ahead for takeoff.

1:45 PM ET Backseat Fliers

Ja'Wuan James and Herman Lathers checkout the cockpit before taking off back to Knoxville.

1:35 PM ET Dooley Departure

Derek Dooley waves goodbye before departing the Hoover airport.

1:15 PM ET Lathers

Herman Lathers talks with fans before departing the Wynfrey Hotel.

12:50 PM ET Radio Row

A look down "Radio Row"

12:32 PM ET Bray's Turn

Tyler Bray takes his turn to to use the mic to interview Herman Lathers

12:20 PM ET Lathers under the Lights

Herman Lathers continues his interviews.

12:12 PM ET Break

Herman Lathers takes a quiet moment to himself to check his phone.

11:50 AM ET Inner Circle

Tyler Bray is circled by media as he continues his interviews.

11:46 AM ET Helmet

A Tennessee helmet sits next to the SEC interview podium.

11:25 AM ET Fans

Vol fans line up for a chance to get autographs.

11:02 AM ET Lathers Up

Herman Lathers has his turn in the main media room.

10:55 AM ET CFA

Tyler Bray stops in the hall to chat with Chick-fil-A Bowl President Gary Stokan. The Vols kick off the 2012 season at the Chick-fil-A Kick off Game in Atlanta on August 31.

10:43 AM ET Bray with ESPN

Tyler Bray steps into the ESPN room for an interview.

10:34 AM ET James at ESPNU

Ja'Wuan James gets ready for an interview with ESPNU.

10:28 AM ET Bray Next

Tyler Bray follows Dooley at the CSS set.

10:20 AM ET CSS Set

Derek Dooley gets set to talk on set with CSS.

10:17 AM ET Paparazzi

Derek Dooley walks to his next media session while the cameras follow.

10:10 AM ET Dooley

Derek Dooley takes his first set of questions from the media.

9:55 AM ET The Scene

Tyler Bray takes his turn with the huge media turnout.

9:48 AM ET Lights, Camera...

A few media members came out to see the Vols.

9:30 AM ET Bray, Lathers, James

Tyler Bray, Herman Lathers and Ja'Wuan James pose with their 2012 SEC Kickoff signs.

9:05 AM ET It Begins

Tyler Bray is swarmed by the media for his first interview of the day.

8:55 AM ET Signatures

Derek Dooley takes a break to sign his allotment of SEC footballs.

8:35 AM ET

Derek Dooley checks his phone on his way to the Wynfrey Hotel.

8:22 AM ET

Tyler Bray, Herman Lathers, and Ja'Waun James walk off the tarmac.

8:20 AM ET Arrival

Tyler Bray exits the plane in Birmingham.

7:16 AM ET Window Seat

Herman Lathers takes in the sunrise before wheels up to Birmingham.

7:13 AM ET Dooley

Derek Dooley catches up on the news while talking with Associate Athletics Director Jimmy Stanton.

6:55 AM ET Looking Ahead

Tyler Bray, Ja'Wuan James, and Herman Lathers check out the schedule for the day before takeoff.

6:45 AM ET Suit Up

Tyler Bray, Ja'Wuan James, and Herman Lathers head to the airport.





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