Tennessee 3: Justin Hunter

July 29, 2011

Sophomore wide receiver Justin Hunter is preparing for his second fall camp at Tennessee, after leading the Vols with 25.9 yards per catch in 2010.

Hunter talks about what he did to get ready for his second go-around this summer and the start of camp Tuesday among other things in this edition of Tennessee 3.

Talk about your summer and the things you worked on in the off-season.
"I think my summer went really well. I practiced a lot of my route running. I got bigger, stronger and put on close to ten pounds."

What kinds of things did you do for fun?
"I played the game. I went swimming and played a little basketball. I just tried to stay in shape."

Talk more about the last few days before camp. What are you going to do this weekend knowing this will be the last bit of free time you'll have for a while?

"I'm going to have all of the fun I can because I know during these two weeks of camp, I'm not going to be able to do anything. I'll probably just sleep a lot and get my rest."

What do you have to do to prepare for camp and get ready mentally?
"You have to drink a lot of water because you're going to be in the hot sun for a few hours a day. You have to make sure you get a lot of rest and doing a lot of nothing."

Talk about Coach McKeefery, you mentioned gaining 10 pounds. What did you do during the summer working with him and how has he prepared you for camp?
"He's had us doing a lot of explosive lifts and had us on weight-gain plans. Lifting heavy every day has put a lot of pounds on me. He's also got me to jump higher and run faster too."

How do you feel heading into fall camp?
"I'm really excited. I'm coming in and starting. I just need to work hard."


What are you looking forward to most about camp?
"Just learning the process and helping the young guys learn the ropes."

Last year, you were one of those young guys. Talk about the difference between last year as a newcomer and this year knowing what to expect.
"It's going to be easy for me since I know everything. Everything is planted in my brain now. Just helping the younger guys out will be a good experience for me in helping me grow as a leader."

What are your expectations for camp?
"Just to go in, not mess up and prepare myself for the season."

Talk about working with the offense, your familiarity with Tyler Bray and how you feel that's going to work.
"Since the spring, we got a lot into it and passed a lot. We're getting used to each other with where we're going to be at, timing and things like that."

What excites you about the receiving corp?
"We have a lot of big receivers, but we've recruited a lot of young, short receivers to fill the slot. I think me and Da'Rick are going to have the outside pretty down-pat."

Who has impressed you the most since returning to campus?
"Matt Milton. He had a big chip on his shoulder so he's worked really hard. He has come in with the mindset of getting better."

What are some things you are looking for out of the team during camp?
"It's going to be hard but I know a lot of the older guys are telling the younger guys to grow up. It's going to be fun to see the young guys go against the big guys."



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