Seven Questions with the '07 Newcomers ??? William Brimfield

Height: 6-6
Weight: 300
Hometown: Norway, S.C.
High School: Hunter-Kinard-Tyler

You are from a very small town. Are they proud of you for what you???ve accomplished so far?

???I was the first one from my school to ever receive a Division I scholarship. I made history. The community, everybody is behind me.???

Were you the biggest person in the whole town?

"I was. People would see me two or three times in a day and tell me how big I was each time."

You played on a successful basketball team in high school. What was that experience like?

???I didn???t play my senior year because of a shoulder injury. But I played my junior and sophomore seasons. We won a state championship in 2005 and made it to the semifinals the year before that.???

What was your best dunk?

???It was in the state championship game. It was a big power dunk that almost broke the rim.???

Are you superstitious?

???I am. I get it from my grandmother. She died when I was in the seventh grade, but she was a big influence on my life. She had a lot of little crazy things that she taught me.???

What makes you different from everyone else in the freshman class?

???They all tell me that I am real country. They are amazed at that for some reason. They also think Eric Young and I are brothers and that we look alike.???

What has been the biggest challenge in your college experience so far?

???I think the first thing was the length of the classes. It was hard for me to listen to a professor talk for an hour and thirty minutes. It can get kind of boring.???

By Tony Williams, UT Sports Information





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