Seven Questions with the '07 Newcomers ??? B.J. Coleman

Height: 6-4
Weight: 205
Hometown: Chattanooga
High School: McCallie School

One of the biggest challenges for a freshman quarterback is learning the college offense. How have your first few days gone?

???I???ve gotten a lot of help from Erik (Ainge) and Jonathan (Crompton). They have been a big help with the film and the computer system. I???m getting the opportunity to see it done correctly either on film or from watching them at practice. I can be more productive with my time and effort as a result.???

Do you think you will benefit from getting to watch Erik Ainge for a full season?

???He has already been a big help to me this summer. He knows so much of the mental part of the game in addition to running an offense and reading a defense. He is willing to help the younger guys, which allows us to make great strides.???

Your team was responsible for a number of come-from-behind wins in at McCallie. Can you talk about those experiences?

???I think we came from behind four or five times last season. We scored three touchdowns in about two and a half minutes to beat Murfreesboro-Riverdale to open the season. We lost 37-34 in the state championship, but we were a minute or so away from coming back in that game too. We were a very close group last season. We had something like 21 seniors that never gave up on a game.???

Do you think you can learn as much from losing a big game as you can winning one?

???I think if you go back and study the game, you can. Sometimes you look back and it was one play, one more block and that guy would have scored. Other times you look back it you say to yourself, ???we could have fixed that in practice.??? That???s the beauty of this game. There is always something you can learn.???

Were you a UT fan growing up?

???I would say I was more of an SEC fan. I loved watching LSU, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, really all of them. It was like watching a different game compared to everybody else. I became more of a Tennessee fan as I grew up, and now I???m fortunate enough to have a scholarship to play here.???

What is something not a lot of people know about you?

???I like to go snowboarding. I went with a friend and his family to Breckinridge, Colo. when I was a sophomore in high school. We went back there once and to Salt Lake City. But I don???t think I???ll be snowboarding much now that I???m here.???

You wear number 18. Are you happy with that?

???I???m very happy with it. I was number 16 in high school, but they retired it for Peyton (Manning). He is a role model of mine, and he wears 18 in the pros, so I am more than happy to have it here.???

By Tony Williams, UT Sports Information





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