Butch Jones Transcript (8/22/14)
Aug. 22, 2014

(Opening Statement)
"Alright, another good productive day, another good opportunity to get in and practice in season schedule but also with the elements in the heat. Mental conditioning, the mental toughness that we talk about, learning to play in these elements. So I thought that it was a productive day. Some situation football on top of that."

(On the team responding after Coach Jones stopping practice in the middle)
"They did but everything is a teaching opportunity. From the one-minute drill on both sides of the ball and every time you practice situational football a different nuance a different coaching point arises and that is why you practice situational football. But it is also these individuals being dialed in to the situation in which we are practicing and how we are practicing it. And you learn from you mistakes that happen in those types of situations."

(On his message to the team this weekend)
"Tomorrow we don't have off, tomorrow is a big day in terms of meetings and lifting and then our annual Beanie Bowl. There is so many things, from where we dress in the locker room, how we take the field, to sideline organization, substitution patterns, all those things will be address. Then Sunday they have off and then Monday will be a recovery day. It is football season and when we talk about football being a lifestyle, football is a lifestyle and you work exceptionally hard all off-season for 12 opportunities, working to get to 13 and then 14 and then who knows after that. Again it is priorities, live it, love it, or like it, which we speak about each and every day. We talk about also, the power of the Power T. Do you love the Power T or do you love the Power of the T? The standard and expectations by which is expected here at Tennessee. They will be fine. Maturity, our older players need to step up their leadership as well."

(On past coaching experience helping plan a different game week preparation)
"It does, everything is about prior experiences and you learn from prior experiences. I think we played on just about every day of the week but Sunday. Everything in world of football is based on a Saturday to Saturday structure and then you try to get into a routine with school starting now."

(On separation at kicker)
"No, ongoing."

(On the kicking competition)
"That is a situation that has presented itself. Would I have liked for it to have become a little more crystal clear? Absolutely. But that is not where we are at right now."

(On having two kickers embracing the competition)
"They are still pushing each other but we will see which one has more competitive character in which will be our kicker. It will be ongoing, just whoever starts the Utah State game doesn't give them the right and privilege to start against Arkansas State. You have to earn your position each and every day. The thing we want is consistency, that is the mark of great kickers, that is the mark of great players. Consistency in approach, consistency in performance on a day to day basis. We are not there yet at that position."

(On kickers showing consistency)
"Forty-five yards is a long ways out still and you are playing the law of percentages. But for us to be successful 40 yards and in, those have to be three points, they have to be automatic."

(On Matt Darr)
"He has been good, he has done a great job. Our goal is a 1.95 operation time, one step punting, he has been pretty good with his operation time all camp. And good with his ball placement as well."

(On Kyler Kerbyson's absesne)
"He had a death in the family and he had one class conflict and a funeral he was attending today. Same thing with Dontavius Blair."





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