Players' Week 2 Press Conference

Sep 2, 2013

Brent Brewer, Byron Moore, Justin Worley, Ja'Wuan James, Brian Randolph, A.J. Johnson and Daniel Hood met with the media on Monday.

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(On creating big plays)
"We didn't have many opportunities to take shots like that. In the flow of the game there are opportunities to take plays like that. Different situations we will be faced with, that will call for those. All it is is preparation during the week for those type of plays and execution."

(On feelings of the game)
"There were a few things, some technical things and fundamental things we need to work on. No game is ever going to be perfect even though you may come off of the field thinking it was about as good as we could play. There are things here and there you can work on, and I know Ja'Wuan (James) will say the same thing, there are definitely things we need to improve on and hopefully we can take strides into the second game."

(On the previous game against Bobby Petrino at Arkansas)
"That last game was in Arkansas, and it was a pretty rough night for the Vols. Hopefully we can go out and have a little bit more success."

(On his performance Saturday)
"Coming off the field I was pretty pleased with the overall offense, our game, and how we executed our game plan. We had no penalties and our third down conversions; I was also pleased with those. After watching the film, though, there are still things that you see that I need to work on. A lot of it is small fundamental details, so that is just day in and day out, through practice I can improve on it."

(On his accuracy)
"There were a few throws that I missed. I miss targets that could have ended up being big plays. I missed Marquez (North) twice, a little bit behind him both times. I think that is just trying to get a feel for his route running. In practice you may get the same route that you get in the game but depending on how tired these guys are in practice, it may not be as fast as you are going to get in the game. Hopefully we have an opportunity to work on these full speed routes that we are going to get in a game type situation."

(On his timing with the receivers)
"I think it is good. There is definitely still some work to be done but as a whole I feel pretty good with this overall group."

(On being in control of the offense)
"I felt comfortable out there and each and every series I gained a little bit more confidence. After being in the flow of the game for a little while you start to get in a rhythm and I felt good out there."

(On growth since game against Arkansas in 2011)
"I have made big strides. I was a true freshman at the time, and that is definitely in the past now. Just being able to take a leadership role, command these guys, and have them respond to me and my playing style has been a big thing for me."

(On Western Kentucky's defense)
"They are physical, and they fly around to the football. They are an impressive group, and we definitely have to prepare like we would any other opponent for this game."

(On creating bigger plays)
"I missed Marquez North a couple of times, and it could have been a couple of big completions. There really wasn't a need or opportunity for those type of plays. Hopefully this week, we will have time to work on those plays and have an opportunity come Saturday."

(On wanting to play in 2nd half)
"That is the coaches' call, and I respect their decision. It would have been nice to play a little bit more, but I guess they wanted to see some of the other guys play."

(On role in making offense go fast)
"A lot of it is getting the signal from the sideline and being able to communicate it as quickly as I can to the offensive line and understand what I am looking at and the reads I go through. I just need to be able to do that a little bit quicker."


(On feelings of the game)
"We need to be more consistent. The little things and technique wise, things like that, we just need to be more consistent."

(On the previous game against Bobby Petrino at Arkansas)
"It was like he (Justin Worley) said, it was a rough night. But that was the past and we are a new team, Team 117, and we are looking forward to playing against Western Kentucky."

(On the Offensive Line finishing better)
"We are never going to be satisfied. You know 300 yards looks good, but we have to continue to work on our technique and work on finishing. That is going to be the main emphasis, finishing our blocks and maintaining and straining at the end to not let guys get off blocks."

(On growth of Worley since Arkansas game in 2011)
"He has definitely matured. I see confidence. It was great to see him feeling confident. You could tell as the game went on that he got a little swag in him. He just started playing, and I like the way he is playing, and I like his leadership."

(On establishing rush against Western Kentucky)
"We definitely want to establish it. It will help our passing game and our offense if we can create at the line of scrimmage. I think we will if we just go out and have a great week of practice. We need to focus on straining and finishing out the end so guys can't get off blocks."

(On playing slow)
"I feel like we started out fast, and then Justin Worley came to the sideline a couple of times saying we have to step up the tempo. I feel like that is just going to get better over time. Just practicing it, and that was the first game and game situation. As an offensive lineman, you have to line up faster, and receivers get the call so they can line up faster."

(On conditioning being tested this upcoming week)
"It will definitely be tested, but I feel like we are up to the challenge. We want to play fast, and that would be to our advantage if we play fast. I think it will definitely help us, and I saw Austin Peay's defense getting tired. I watched Western Kentucky vs Kentucky, and they were getting tired. I feel like we move faster than Kentucky, and if we keep the tempo, it will be at our advantage."

(On Western Kentucky beating Kentucky)
"We knew they were a good team cause Coach Jones talked about them. They have a great defense and offense. They have two great guys on defense with a linebacker and a safety. We just have to bring our "A" game and prepare like we would for any other team, and just go out there and play."

(On leaving out a few yards for the rushing game)
"Like Coach was talking about finishing and straining, those change those 6-yard runs into like 20-yard runs or those 4-yards into 8-yards. We just have to do a better job as an offensive lineman. I'm pretty sure the receivers could look at something they could have done better. I think everyone could say I could have done something better, but I feel like we will get that all worked out this week so we will be ready for Saturday."


(On special teams)
"I think we did really good especially on kickoff. We let one guy break for a little bit but the other kick-offs we did really good. Kickoff return, punt and punt return all looked pretty good out there. We will watch the film today and correct the mistakes."

(On adjustment as a linebacker)
"I feel really comfortable. I am basically going with the mentality of hitting anything that moves. When the line comes off the ball just go attack them, get off blocks and make the tackle."

(On eye discipline)
"I feel a lot better now than I did before. It is a big thing, see a little see a lot. If you focus on your assignment then you will see more of the different things a team is trying to do like a trick play. Then you can react and make the play."

(On confidence of not giving up big plays)
"It gives us a lot of confidence. We preach swarm to the ball and that is exactly what we did. We are going to come out, keep doing that in practice and take it to the game this weekend."


(On the secondary)
"I think we did pretty good for the first game. A lot of young guys got to play, a lot of guys got to play a period. I think Malik (Foreman) and Cameron Sutton did really good holding down the other side of that corner spot. I am looking forward to them getting back out there this week and improving."

(On importance of eye discipline as a safety)
"It is really important. We are back there like another quarterback of the defense like the mike is, so we have to be able to read our keys get those run pass keys and just keep our eyes on where they are supposed to be. We can't take any bait or fall for any fakes."

(On what eye discipline means)
"We play a lot of quarters (defensive coverage) so a lot of my reads come off the tight end or in the slot. So I have to be able to keep discipline in my eyes and see what that tight end is doing. If he is blocking then I am in the wrong fit, but if he is passing then I have to keep my eyes on him. I can't be looking all around or looking at other people or looking in the back field too much because I will lose my guy in coverage."

(On key to not losing guys)
"I think just playing fast football and swarming to the ball. It starts up front with the front seven because they put a lot of pressure on those guys. The DBs have to keep tight coverage on those guys all night long."

(On Bobby Petrino)
"He does a lot within his offense. He is has a lot of different route combinations that we are going to work on this week. A lot of crossing routes to make sure we are tacking the corners and the safeties at the same time. It isn't standing around concepts. It is a lot of tricky stuff. We really have to lock in and focus on our discipline and techniques. We will watch a lot of film and get a feel for all the different route combinations he will throw at us."

(On if the young corners are ready for a Bobby Petrino offense)
"We have been telling them all summer that they have to grow up quick. So it is just another week under their belts. They finally got one game experience so they know what it is like. They know what it is like to play at home now. The fans do a great job of giving us that home field advantage. So now they can just settle down more as the season goes on, practice more on their technique and get the defense down."

(On growth of the new corners)
"As the game went on and on I think they got more comfortable out there."

(On the true freshmen corners knowing their side will be picked on)
"They know that got the target on their back. They welcome the challenge. That is one thing I like about them, they are not backing down. They are willing to step up and be on that island out there."


(On overall thoughts)

"I think we all did good as a whole. We didn't have too many missed assignments, everybody was hustling to the ball, we didn't have too many missed tackles, so I think we had a good performance in our first game."

(On young players' attitudes)
"Especially the young guys, I saw they had, they wanted to succeed, I could see it in their face. They didn't let their crowd get to them. They didn't let all the distractions of game day get to them. It was just impressive to me to see that they were game ready."

(On season opener win)
"It was a good confidence builder. We're never satisfied. We know we have to improve on some things, such as like our footwork and stay low and our back pedal and stuff like that, so we still have stuff that we can get better at, but it feels good to go out there and perform well."

(On Western Kentucky playbook)
"The thing I remember most is the routes. They had a lot of pick routes. I think we're going to do good this week to get prepared for that. They like to run the ball too. They like to mix in some runs in there. It's just a really balanced offense. I think we just have to do a good job all week of preparing."

(On corners getting playing time)
"I think it helped them a lot. I could pretty much see it in their face. It's good to get game experience under your belt. There's nothing like it. You can practice all the situations, but as as soon as you're out there in a game, there's not much that can compare to it. I believe that's going to help them a lot."

( (On being familiar with WKU playbook)
"I give him a lot of tip. For example, I know we have to keep an inside leverage on the pick routes, little stuff like that, so I can help them with their technique and their footwork and stuff, basically their leverage on a receiver and stuff."

(On pick routes)
"For the most, pretty much, a lot of crossing routes and stuff like that, but it's nothing too much out of the ordinary. It's nothing that we can't handle, so I think we're just going to game plan for it and we're going to get it done."


(On Western Kentucky's running back)
"Pretty much they have a good running back--just going to come out this week and practice hard and be ready to play."

"I really haven't studied that much about him, but I know he's been watching past games and stuff about him. It seems like he runs hard and stuff like that, just going to come out this week of practice and prepare, get the run fizzed down and get ready to play."

(On tackling improvements since spring)
"Yes sir. We've improved a lot, just by our performance the other day, everybody flying to the ball. We're the Orange Swarm, so that's our motto--everybody get to the ball or somebody might mess up and have a missed tackle, we're going to have somebody running behind you make it up. We've improved as a whole, as a team, just in tackling and stuff for the defense. That's one thing we worked on and we got better at."

(On Jacques Smith)
It helped a lot. Like you said, Jacques [Smith] is on the sideline, you see him walking around with his little arm and stuff, he's talking 24/7 the offense out there, the defense out there. He's out there talking and keeping everybody into the game. Just from this past Saturday, I had a great time just on the sideline with my teammates. If I wasn't in the game, I had a great time on the sideline turning up with my teammates having a good time. That's one of the best parts of the game."


(On giving players a hard time)
"No, just had to coach them up a little bit on how to catch lately."

(On improved tackles)
"It's improved a lot. The easiest way to make a tackle is to have six people there to bring him down at once. So, it's like A.J. [Johnson] said, the Orange Swarm has been our motto, and so, if we can keep swarming to the ball, have multiple guys there, then you're not going to miss tackles with four people there."

(On Western Kentucky beating Kentucky)
"To be honest, I wasn't really that surprised. We've been preparing for them really since the summer. We knew that they had a lot of talent coming in. We know they have a great coaching staff there, so we knew they were going to be really talented and be a tough team to beat, so when we saw the score, it was kind of what we expected."

(On what Jacques Smith said to him after interception)
"It was hard to understand what he was saying. He was saying so much stuff, I think he wore himself out. He woke up at like 4p.m. yesterday. No, it was great to have him out there to keep us going and to keep us into the game. Jacques does a lot for us even without playing right now."

(On what Coach Jones said to him after interception)
"Good job--play the next play."

(On his interception)
"Yes. They ran their screens really quick. Watching all the film from last year, it's like they threw 11 a game last year or something like that. Once I saw our end come in, I felt the lineman go out, I went out with him and then was able to bat it down and catch it."





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