Players' Week 3 Press Conference

Sep 9, 2013

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(On review of Western Kentucky game)
"I thought from game one to game two we progressed pretty well. I think we did some good things in game one but in game two, we said that we really need to step up and take control of the game. In the second half, we really responded. I think we progressed pretty well between game one and two."

(On preparing for a road game)
"I think we have done a good job of pumping in crowd noise here and there to get an aspect of what a loud fan base is going to be like. I think we will get a lot more of that this week. We are really going to have to focus on what we can control and do."

(On Oregon being different from other road games)
"I mean it is an away crowd so it is going to be loud and hostile. I don't know how much different it gets from one venue to another, but we can prepare for it by the crowd noise during practice and things like that."

(On making halftime adjustments)
"I wouldn't say it is frantic. A lot of it is sit down, relax, and catch your breath. The first halves the past two games have been kind of hectic. The coaches will come in, and we will basically make a second game plan based on what we have been seeing from our point of the defense's stand point. It is really is really relaxed, and you get your mind ready for a second half of football."

(On second half game plan being different this year)
"We have always done that in the past. I think there have been times when we have gotten away from it, but we have really said that we are going to stick to this second half game plan."

(On importance of controlling tempo)
"I think just being able to keep the ball and maintain possession and putting some drives together will really help our defense. We have to focus on staying on the field as an offense whether it is a fast pace tempo, or if we grind it out a little bit."

(On the improvement of his timing on pass routes)
"From last year to this year, we've had a lot of change in who's out there at receiver for us, but I think it's progressed well from the spring into fall camp and now into the season. It's always a work in progress based on some routes we've put in here and there, but I think overall it has progressed well. I've got faith in the guys out wide."

(On offensive improvement from Week 1 to Week 2)
"I think just responding to adversity. Week 1 we put together several drives. We went 6-for-6 in the first half. We didn't really have any stops or any 3-and-outs and things like that that we had to respond to or them putting up points against us and having to respond to that. I think being able to respond to different situations that came up in the game Saturday, being able to learn from that and respond like we did, especially in the second half, coming out and putting some drives together, I think that's how we improved."

(On being able to respond to Oregon's offense)
"We can only control what we can control on the offensive side, so we've just got to go out and maintain our focus and worry about what we can control and not get caught up in saying `We need to score 50 this game.' It's `We need to go out and score this drive.' That's it."

(On his reaction to Marquez North juggling catch)
"I was on the ground when he caught it. I heard the crowd and they responded, and the refs kind of looked around confused a little bit. I guess they reviewed it, and it was caught, and then it showed up on SportsCenter the next day. It was good to see."


(On returning kicks)
"I enjoyed it, but it wasn't anything too different. I do it every day in practice so I was pretty used to it. It was fun doing it in front of all the fans and in the stadium."

(On mindset while ball is in the air on kicks)
"I have to concentrate on the ball. That is the most important thing. That is one reason why I am back there because they trust me to secure it. I trust our punt return to team to give me some time so I'm not too worried about it."

(On first thoughts of Oregon)
"I'm sure that it is the same for everyone just their uptempo, speed, and athleticism."

(On Oregon's defense)
"I think their defense is great because their offense is very vivid, fast, and athletic. The part with their offense makes them used to fast teams. They will be used to uptempo. I think they are a smart defense."

(On guys who love to play away from home)
"I'm the same way. I don't know what it is. I know I was talking to Ja'Wuan (James) about it. He loves it too. I like away games a lot. Home games here are great, but away games, I don't know, it's something different. It's just a different feeling. You're kind of in your own little world, just you and your crew, your team you're with. We get a little tighter at away games, and I guess that's part of why I enjoy it."

(On it being easier to focus for away games)
"I think so. There are less distractions for sure, and being that far away from home, there will be a lot of less distractions, a lot of less local distractions, so that's probably part of it for people, yes sir."


(On games coming down to special teams)
"We are going to have multiple roles like you said punting and changing field position. That is going to be the biggest thing, but we know that the offense is going to put us in great field position. Hopefully, it will be more kicking than punting. From my stand point on punting, I have to switch the field. I have to pin them deep if the opportunity presents itself. In kicking, I have to capitalize on drives. On offensive drives, if we are in field goal range, I have to capitalize by putting points on the board. That is my job so it will be a pretty important part of the game."

(On being more confident in games)
"I think it is a combination of everything. I would say that the more I am out on the field, the more comfortable I am in every situation I am put in. I believe that the coaching staff has put me in a position that where I will have a lot of that confidence when I am going out onto the field whether it is in practice or in kicking game winning field goals simulated in practice or backed up punts. In those games situations, I feel like the coaching staff has done a really good job at helping me go out in the game and helping do what I need to do."

(On special teams' play in first two games)
"I think we've done a pretty solid job. I think that there's still room for improvement like every other position in every other phase of the game. On the blocked punt, I watched a little bit of film on it. We've still got to meet today and talk about it. I don't know if it was a combination of get-off time, or someone slipping through the shield on punt. We'll fix that in practice to make sure that doesn't happen again the rest of the season. Like I said, there's more improvement that needs to go on throughout the course of the year and throughout practices."

(On giving younger players advice on playing in hostile environments)
"Since 2010, I've played in a lot of loud stadiums, like you said. LSU, Alabama, a lot of loud stadiums. My game is a little bit different, I think, than everybody else's game. It's a little more centralized to myself and more about specifically my job. I think the advice that I can give them is `When you're out on the field, make sure that you're worried about your job, and not the noise, the screaming, the yelling, and the other team. Just do your job the way you've been executing in practice.' That's the biggest thing for me because most of my game is mental, so if I'm not there mentally, my game isn't going to be the way that I want it to. The biggest thing that I can say is just stay honed in on your job alone and not worry about the other clutter and noise that is surrounding us."





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