Through the Lens: College GameDay at UT

Sept. 11, 2012

Follow us "Through the Lens" as we provide periodic photo updates during ESPN College GameDay's stay at Rocky Top this week. For instant updates, follow @Vol_Photos on Twitter.

Saturday 12:05 PM ET Sea of Orange

Huge crowd on hand for ESPN's College GameDay at Tennessee.

Saturday 12:03 PM ET Smokey and Kenny Chesney

Tennessee's own Kenny Chesney with Smokey on the GameDay set.

Saturday 12:01 PM ET Smokey Eyes Down Gator

Smokey eyes down the Gator on top of Kirk Herbstreit's head.

Saturday 12:00 PM ET There's Smokey!

Lee Corso picks Tennessee and brings Smokey up on stage.

Saturday 11:55 AM ET Guest Picker

The guest picker Kenny Chesney on the ESPN College GameDay set.

Saturday 11:40 AM ET Picks Coming Up

The ESPN College GameDay crew on set about to make their picks.

Saturday 11:15 AM ET Majors. Dooley. Rinaldi.

ESPN's Tom Rinaldi sporting custom-made orange pants for a segment on ESPN College GameDay.

Saturday 10:45 AM ET Aerial View

Overhead view of the crowd at ESPN's GameDay set in Circle Park.

Saturday 10:15 AM ET ESPN Radio GameDay

The ESPN Radio GameDay crew set up underneath Thompson-Boling Arena.

Saturday 10:00 AM ET On The Air

Turn On Your TVs, Turn To ESPN!

Saturday 9:00 AM ET Live from Rocky Top!

ESPN's College GameDay goes live from Circle Park.

Saturday 8:30 AM ET More Fans

Look at the passionate Vols fans!

Saturday 8:00 AM ET Fans Loving It

The fans are out in full force.

Saturday 7:10 AM ET Fun, Fun, Fun

Everyone having a blast.

Saturday 7:00 AM ET Land Of The Free, Home Of The Bray

More signs everywhere.

Saturday 6:35 AM ET Signs, Signs Everywhere Are Signs

Plenty of signs to show spirit.

Saturday 6:15 AM ET Out In Full Force

Ready for GameDay.

Friday 9:15 PM ET Good Night Neyland

Good night from Neyland Stadium.

Friday 4:10 PM ET Hello Samantha

Samantha Steele has arrived in Knoxville and is wearing the right color.

Friday 4:00 PM ET Helmets

The helmets are in place on the set.

Friday 3:30 PM ET College Football Live

On the air with ESPN's College Football Live.

Friday 3:20 PM ET Fowler Mic'd Up

Chris Fowler's return to Knoxville.

Friday 2:30 PM ET Herbie Time

Now its Kirk Herbstreit's time with the scribes.

Friday 2:30 PM ET Media Meets Desmond

Desmond Howard meets with the Knoxville media to discuss College GameDay and the Vols.

Friday 2:00 PM ET Dooley Time

Holly Rowe interviews Derek Dooley.

Friday 1:40 PM ET Bray Day

Tyler Bray meets with ESPN's Todd Blackledge and Brad Nessler.

Friday 1:30 PM ET Lots To See Here

A wide-angle view of the set/

Friday 1:00 PM ET Let There Be Fans

The fans have started building up behind the Home Depot barriers

Friday 12:15 PM ET The Rock is Ready!

The Rock is ready for Florida. Are you?

Friday 11:45 AM ET Randolph On The Spot

ESPN spent time talking with Brian Randolph about Saturday's game.

Friday 11:10 AM ET Casual Friday

ESPN's Desmond Howard takes "Casual Friday" to heart.

Friday 10:20 AM ET Rinaldi In The House

Tom Rinaldi has joined Desmond Howard.

Friday 9:50 AM ET Twitter Check?

Desmond Howard on his phone, is he tweeting at you?

Friday 9:20 AM ET We Are Live!

Desmond Howard with the first update live from Knoxville for the morning SportsCenter.

Friday 7:50 AM ET The Torchbearer

Tennessee's symbol in the foreground.

Friday 7:35 AM ET Big Orange. Big Ideas.

Tennessee's initiative hits the big time.

Friday 7:15 AM ET The Bus

Parked and steady.

Friday 7:10 AM ET The Field

Ready for some demonstrations?

Friday 7:12 AM ET In Neyland's Shadow

The set is complete with beautiful Neyland Stadium in the backdrop.

Friday 6:30 AM ET Rowing's Moment

College GameDay was out early to capture some scenics with the UT rowing team for the broadcast.

Thursday 5:30 PM ET Screens

Behind the set where ESPN can track multiple games.

Thursday 3:30 PM ET VIDEO: Painting The Rock

Watch The Rock take form, GameDay Style.

Thursday 3:24 PM ET The Desk

The College GameDay desk is in place in the shadows of Neyland.

Thursday 1:15 PM ET The Rock - GameDay Edition

The Rock is painted with a special GameDay image

Thursday 12:14 PM ET View From Above

The set continues to take shape.

Thursday 11:45 PM ET The GameDay Set

The ESPN crews continue to work on setting up the set for College GameDay

Thursday 9:15 AM ET Rising Up

The College GameDay set being raised in Circle Park.

Thursday 8:45 AM ET Blank Slate

The Rock being prepped for a special College GameDay edition.

Wednesday 5:00 PM ET Trucks Have Arrived!

The equipment trucks for ESPN College GameDay's set have arrived at Rocky Top.

Wednesday 3:20 PM ET The GameDay Site

The view from Circle Park where the ESPN College GameDay set will be located on Saturday.

Wednesday 2:30 PM ET Big Orange, Big Ideas

"Big Orange, Big Ideas" banners fly across campus near the site of the College Gameday set.

Tuesday 4:15 PM ET Throwing the Deep Ball

Samantha Steele fires a bullet to a streaking Justin Hunter after their interview.

Tuesday 4:10 PM ET Momma's Boy

Justin Hunter gives his mother a hug after completing his interview with ESPN.

Tuesday 3:45 PM ET Let's Get Started

Samantha Steele begins her interview with Justin Hunter in the tunnel outside of the Tennessee locker room at Neyland Stadium.

Tuesday 1:55 PM ET Welcome to Rocky Top

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley welcome's ESPN's Samantha Steele to Knoxville before taping an interview.

Tuesday 11:35 AM ET Tyler's Taping

Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray tapes an interview for ESPN's College GameDay.





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