Players' Week 4 Press Conference

Sept. 16, 2013

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(On getting mentally tougher)
"We have to go out here and have a great week of practice. As leaders, we can't let this go downhill. Last year, after the third week of the season, it started to go downhill. As a senior and a leader, we have to make sure everybody bounces back with a great week of practice to get ready for Florida."

(On Florida's defensive line)
"We have been playing against these guys for the past four years. They are all in our class. They are great, athletic guys; we just have to get a great week of practice and just go down there and play together."

(On response to loss)
"We have to find our playmakers and big plays to be made. We didn't do a good job in trying to help out our defense. As an offensive line unit, we can always block better, run or pass. We just have to find our playmakers."

(On offensive line against Oregon)
"I'm not quite sure yet. We have meetings later today when we watch the film together with the coaches."

(On being disappointed with the offensive line)
"I'm not too disappointed. That was a different scheme that we don't see a lot. That was a defense that I have never seen before. They take off a lot of double teams, how they line up, and just things like that. There is always something that you could do better, but I wasn't too disappointed with how they played."

(On Oregon's defense)
"We call what they do a bear front. They have the big lengthy guys up front who are 6-foot-8 and 290-pounds. There are three of them and two linebackers that they keep locked up. They may lock the end up, and press the end on the corner or press them on a receiver if he is in the boundary. They were just doing a lot of things. They were taking double teams on and forcing us to open up to the outside guy."

(On being experienced playing in The Swamp)
"As older players, we've played in so many places that it really doesn't affect us. We've just got to go out here and prepare. Coach Jones does a good job with crowd noises and things like that to distract us at practice, so if we prepare, I feel like we can play anywhere. You can't put the venue as an excuse."


(On getting mentally tougher)
"You just have to start in practice. When we come out today, there may be some people who have a hangover from the game, but as seniors, we can't allow that to affect practice. When it is our turn to run to the ball or the little things, that is our standards around here. Today is the day some people might not want to do them. It is our job to hold them to our standard, and keep them at it all week."

(On response to loss)
"I think there is a lot to learn from the Oregon game. Just from a defensive standpoint, with them putting tempo on us like they did, we have to get lined up quicker, know the calls better, and really what we are doing more because any doubts or uncertainties expose you. They did that a lot to us during the game. Learning that, now we have something to mimic this week in practice to improve on."

(On pressure with all the injuries)
"It puts a lot of pressure on Daniel McCullers, myself, and really all of the defensive lineman because now those are reps that some of the younger guys are going to have to take. That is also going to affect the offensive lineman because now we don't have guys that will be able to give them a good service. It is really just a team effort, and all of us will have to share that burden to pick up our play and intensity in practice. We are going to need our scout team guys to pick up the intensity too because the offense needs someone to get them looks so they can prepare for Florida. If we don't have guys down there with good energy and can stand their tempo, then they won't be able to get a good look and perform in practice."

(On any standouts in practice)
"I have been really impressed with Jason Carr, and his approach to learning and how he has done. He is a very talented guy, and he just has a lot of things to work on. I have been really impressed with Danny O'Brien too. It seems like every week he just keeps improving on one thing at a time. I think he will be able to play some valuable minutes for us, and help us out a bunch. I think Allan Carson has been doing good on the scout field for them. He has really bought in to that role which we need him to do because without him, the offensive line can't prepare for Florida."

(On pace of Oregon's offense)
"We really didn't have too much time to even think. We were pretty clear-minded the whole game. It was good practice for us. Literally, if you're not focused on a big play, Oregon was lined up and running another play. I can think of another play where they had just hit a big play on us, and we had a defensive end 10 yards from the line of scrimmage just because he was trying to look for the call and then not lined up. It's things like that where we know as defensive linemen that we've got to know all of the hand signals ourselves because at times, when it starts moving fast like that and the bullets are flying, you can't count on A.J. (Johnson) to be able to make the call for the line, to tell us where to line up, to tell where the blitz is coming from, and then also to get the secondary set. We've got to take more responsibility for ourselves. We've got four or five seniors up front on the defensive line so there's no excuse for us."

(On Florida QB Jeff Driskel)
"He's been elusive for us, and he's been able to run against us. Last year, I think we made everybody play good against us. We've just got to do a good job of containing him, forcing him to make throws, and then getting after him when we know it's a pass down. We've got to keep our rushing points on the quarterback and not let him get outside to make those extra throws."

(On Trevarris Saulsberry)
"When (Coach Jones) first got here, Trevarris had a hard time finishing the drills, finishing the workouts, really giving that consistent effort. There was a time when we didn't even know if (Saulsberry) would even be able to help us out this year. We (the players) had a meeting with him and just told him `Look, you've got the talent. You've got everything else. We need you to win.' And since that point, he's really bought in and started giving more effort in practice, more effort in workouts, coming in and doing extra film and things like that. It really showed up on film. He was starting to really improve his game a lot. It's just terrible luck that on a play where we had one linebacker giving one call and another one giving another call, just a freak accident happened. It sucks for him, but hopefully he sees this time as an opportunity to get better in other ways, to study more of the game, to keep developing good habits."

(On players' only meetings)
"Coach Jones really coached us as a players' staff on how to handle situations like that, on how to try to get more out of people like that, and Sauls was a guy we knew we need. Ja'Wuan (James) was a part of it too, and we just got together and said `Sauls, we need you.' I think with us coming to him, that probably had more of an effect on him than any coach. You hear coaches screaming at you all the time, and at some point it becomes where it's going in one ear and out of the other. When you've got the people that are sweating with you, bleeding with you, going through it with you saying that they need you, I thought he responded well to it."





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