Tennessee Coach Lane Kiffin's Media Day Transcript

Sept. 22, 2009


Opening comments:

"This is an exciting matchup. We are real excited to be able to come back home this week after going on the road. We have three games at home and we don't like the way we played last time we were at home. We are looking forward to an exciting crowd again; this is our first night game together, so I know the environment will be great.

"The opponent coming in is playing extremely well. They are 2-1. They seem to be much improved from last year and if there is anyone on our team that is thinking about overlooking them, there is no way that they should. We remind them that these guys had Ohio State on the ropes. They were ahead of Ohio State in the fourth quarter at Ohio State last year. This is a very good team, they are extremely well coached. Coach Solich did a great job with them, they play extremely physical and they are very disciplined."

On keeping penalties down compared to last season:

"I don't know, I wasn't here last year. I just know the way it is now and I'm excited about the way our players are playing. They are playing with very good discipline. They are playing with good poise. Not getting hit with any late penalties. Our defense has not had any penalties in two weeks. We had one down there next to the goal line when Chris was a little off sides. It is very good to see. Like you said, we are the least penalized team per game in the SEC and that's a big deal for us. We always want to do that, especially when you come in your first year. We have talked so much about the way we wanted our players to be off the field and how we want them to practice and be disciplined. And I have always said, I believe that carries over into Saturdays. You don't all of a sudden become disciplined on Saturday. You become disciplined by the way you do things during the week and during the offseason. Our players have done that and we need to keep it up.

"That is three games and we have to continue to do it. We make a big emphasis on penalties all during the week and in the meetings and pointing them out. Coach (Monte) Kiffin does a great job of pulling penalties from other teams, significant penalties around the conference from the week before and putting them on film and showing guys that here are the decisions we don't want to make and our guys have responded."



On the receivers at practice:

"I look forward to having a much better week in the passing game. We will have guys like Gerald Jones who will have another full week of practice, which will be his second full week back. This will be Denarius' (Moore) second full week back. Unfortunately, we have probably lost Quinton Hancock, he will not play this week and may not play for a couple of weeks. We will need our guys to step up. We have opened up the competition and I expect the young guys to have a really good week in practice as well and figure out who can help us win games out there."

On if the wide receivers are executing on offense:

"One thing, we have not given them many opportunities and that was part of the game plan. Last week they had two great corners and we felt there were other things during that game that would be better matchups for us. We need to give them more opportunities and they need to produce, so this will be a big week for them. I anticipate rotating some guys in this week and see who plays the best in game situations for us to get ready for the following week."

On his advice to Jonathan Crompton:

"That we've got to make better decisions. (Prior to) the last play of the game, there was one interception -- which is one too many -- but he was playing better than the week before. The week before there was another interception that we all know was called back because they were offside. I thought he improved and played better, especially in a much tougher environment probably against a better all-around defense. UCLA's defense is really good. I think they are both really good but from top to bottom, that (Florida's) is a better and deeper defense."

On Quintin Hancock:

"His jaw, he got hit on the fumble. They checked him out yesterday and he probably won't be able to play for awhile. He can run around but there is no contact. It might be a fractured jaw."



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