UT-UAB Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 25, 2010

Head Coach Derek Dooley

Opening statement
"We just kept fighting. That's the only thing we did well. We didn't tackle. We didn't line up right. We blew coverages. We didn't catch. We didn't run routes right. We didn't do anything right. We didn't run the ball well. We did nothing well except we kept fighting, and that's what gave us a chance. And then we made one play. I don't know what else to say other than we've got a lot of issues. We had a lot of guys out; I think we had nine starters out. That hurt us when you add up all the guys. On game day, we lost Art Evans, Herman Lathers and (Tauren) Poole. That's not an excuse. They whipped us even if we had them. I don't know if they would have made a difference.

"We've got to keep fighting and that's all we can do. We won. I told the team I've got a policy that I'm never not going to celebrate a win because they're hard to come by. That's all I've got."

On not having any turnovers
"That's right. I told them if we don't turn the ball over, we're going to win the game. Thank goodness we made that last play because it held true. That was a real big emphasis for us. We got, how many, one? We got one, which was a huge play before the half. We came out in the first half on fire. That was big, no turnovers. We kept punting and making them go the long way, and they went the long way. I think they had about 150 plays to our 28 and held the ball for about 52 minutes to our 8."

On not having to play the best game to win
"They didn't. They looked like two equal teams out there. Actually, it really didn't. It looked like one superior team. It's where we are right now."

On losing Tauren Poole early in the game to injury
"Yeah it hurt, absolutely. He's our best runner. And then the running game went to nothing. We've got to show a little more confidence in (Rajion) Neal. He made a good play. We probably should have run him a little more. You get in those ruts and nothing's working. We had about five drops. The touchdown to Denarius (Moore) was dropped. Zach (Rogers) dropped a big third down. So we went into a funk for a long time."



On being in overtime as a head coach
"I was really happy today. It depends on what your situation is. I thought we were lucky to go to OT. Every overtime is unique depending on how the game went. I think I've been in two now, I guess, as a head coach. I lost the first one because I went for two like an idiot. But we were playing Hawaii and like every time they touched the ball they scored. That was like three years ago, four years ago."

On the last play and overcoming dropped balls by receivers
"It was a great play. We took a shot. It's not like we were moving the ball to where we could be methodical about it, so we took a shot. It was a great throw. It was a great catch. It was a hell of a way to finish a game." Prentiss Waggner, DB:

On his thoughts of the pass defense
"I think we did pretty good finishing but we have a lot of improvement to go. I think they had us a couple times. In the passing game, we need to continue to work hard and hopefully get better next week."

On his interception return for a touchdown
"I remember it was second or third down and they were backed up deep so I knew the quarterback was going to try to get the ball out of his hands quick. I just did my technique and played the receiver and when I looked back the ball was right there for me to catch it and take it in. I wasn't really paying attention to the quarterback. I was paying attention to my man and once I saw my man break, I looked at the quarterback and there came the ball about to come my way."

Nick Reveiz, LB:

On what UAB did offensively to bother UT
"I just think it was a combination of not tackling and not getting lined up right. Quite honestly, I felt like we came out flat. You can add up a lot of those things. We weren't really matching up routes well. They were doing a lot of crossing routes and we were having trouble with it. We were into some man-to-man and getting picked. The screens were just killing us. You can go on and on about how bad we played on defense but at the end of the day I'll give you this. We competed. All 11 guys on defense out there competed. I know the offense competed too. By God's mercy, we got a win."

On the Vols continuing to compete
"The bottom could've fallen out. People could've given up and a lot of bad things could've happened. It's what Coach Dooley talks about. If you don't compete for 60 minutes, you're not going to give yourself a chance. It doesn't matter how many times you align right or things like that. If you don't compete, you will not win. That's something we did today. We competed the whole game. If we can line up right, make tackles, know our assignments and compete, I think we'll have a pretty good team."

Denarius Moore, WR

On Game Winning Touchdown
"It was just something that we read in pregame where on the first play we were going to give it a shot. I had to read the safeties in order to fake them out, like a pump almost, and he (Matt Simms) just threw it up there and gave me a chance to make a play.

On His Big Play Mentality
"It is just an awesome feeling. It is just something that as a little kid that is in your dreams and I was just blessed to be in that situation."

Matt Simms, QB

On What He Saw on the Last Play...
"He (Denarius Moore) was my first read on the play, came off the play action, the safety flat footed there for a split-second and that was all the time I needed to make my decision. I just tried to put it in a place where he could go up and get it and jump over the corner and that is exactly what he did."

On the Decision to Go for the Big Play
"When coach told me that he was going to with that play I was like OK, this is great, we can execute this and get out of this game with a victory with not playing as great as we would like to all four quarters before that."

UAB Head Coach Neil Callaway

Opening Statement
"Congratulations to Tennessee. We're mighty disappointed. It was obvious that our kids fought hard, played hard. It was obvious also that we kind of self-destructed in several areas that cost us the ballgame, and that's nobody's fault but our own."

On what areas UAB "self-destructed"
"Field goals. We had some issues in the first half personnel-wise, we gave up a touchdown on a blown coverage, and that's just what we did."

On whether he considered going for it on 4th down in the first overtime
"Yes I did. You've got to decide if you think you can make it. Obviously, your confidence is gone (in the kicking game), but we gave him a chance."

On what adjustments UAB made to make up ground in the second half
"We just started playing. Our guys gave up that second touchdown on a blown coverage, other than that, I think we had some good things going, we just weren't playing. We finally got our guys' attention and they got it cranked up and were able to do some things."

Bryant Turner, DE

On the disappointment of losing in double overtime
"We expected to win. We came in with that mindset. We came back last week and we knew we could do it again. When we came back and tied it up, we thought for sure in our head we were going to win. Things didn't go our way in the end. It hurt us bad because we had it set in our minds that we were going to win."

On stopping Tennessee on third down
"We started off the season without stopping people on third down. We focused on it more in practice - getting off the field. Defense, let's get off the field - do whatever it takes. We have the mindset of getting off the field and resting. The more time our offense is on the field, the better for us."

David Isabelle, QB

On regrouping after missed scoring opportunities
"It's tough. Every player on the field is a part of football and every comeback is a part of football. No matter what happens, you have to grind it out until the whistle blows. Out there today, that's what seemed to be true. Everybody (looked at the field goals), but we tied the game and went to two overtimes. We had opportunities. You just need to grind to the end."

On coming back from a 23-7 deficit to take Tennessee to two overtimes
"Of course it's disappointing. When you pour that much into a game, of course it's heartbreaking.

We thought (we could win) all through practice. You have to practice with that mentality, otherwise you are going to get beat. So all game, it was just us having faith and having hope. I guess around the third quarter or when we tied it up - that's when the game came alive. Being down 23-0 last week, we'd been there before. So you hope in your heart that you can come back and pull it off."



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