Fulmer Talks to Media About '97 Team

Oct. 20, 2012

Former head football coach Phillip Fulmer talked to the media during halftime of the Alabama game, discussing the 1997 SEC Championship team festivities during the weekend and his upcoming induction into the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame.

Here are his opening statements to the media. You can listen to all Fulmer's comments in the video above:

"Today was really really special to share on the field with my family and my extended family, with the football team and especially with that particular class, that '97 class. That was kind of the foundation of what we accomplished here. I think they were the No. 1 recruiting class in the country '94 and it turned out we won an SEC Championship with them and a lot of those guys were part of the '98 national championship team.

"I was very appreciative. I laughed so hard last night my side hurt. Terry Fair was emceeing it. It was a blast. I heard so things I probably didn't want to know about you know (that we all laughed about. It was fun. It was fun to share with the Tennessee people.

"I've already said this before, but it's really true. With something like this, you'd have to have 10,000 tickets to take to New York to thank everybody that had a part in it, starting with my family, my wife being so supportive. Obviously a lot of great coaches who were loyal to Tennessee for a long time. A few great sportswriters and a bunch of great players. I was watching those videos -- we had the same videos last night -- and my gosh we were really good. Fifteen pros came out of that class. It was fun. It's been a fun day. It's been a day I've looked forward to. I certainly look forward to going to New York.

"I appreciate Peyton coming back. I appreciate all the guys coming back, but it was particularly hard for him because he is still playing. I know he wouldn't have missed that '97 group anyway. It was good that he was here because he was an awful big part of all that."





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