Joshua Dobbs' First UT Media Session

Nov. 5, 2013

Vols freshman quarterback Joshua Dobbs met with the media for the first time while at Tennessee. Here's what he had to say to the Knoxville media.

(On Missouri game)

"My head is where it's at every week. It's just a new week and another opportunity to go out and compete. It's a great opportunity with Auburn. We have our things to work on from the Missouri game, so we're just taking each day to continue growing and get better as a team."

(On what he learned in first collegiate start)

"I learned a lot. Every time you step on the field it's a learning opportunity, so I learned a lot about the college game and just things that I need to continue to improve on every day."

"Every time I step on the field, I just need to make sure I'm being smart and protecting the football. Coach always says the football holds our dreams, goals and aspirations, so we just have to be smart with the football and finish drives as a team and cut down on the little mistakes and focus in on the details."

(On connecting with receivers)

"We are. I felt like we had a groove Saturday, we just didn't finish. Every time we get on the field and after the practice, we're able to put in extra hours throwing routes and getting our timing down, because if we get our time down in practice, we'll be that much better on Saturday."

(On starting a game rather than entering in the middle)

"It's a lot different. I wouldn't say your mentality changes, but it's always great to start a game with all the hype and energy that's going on in the stadium, so it was a great experience."

(On being nervous before first collegiate start)

"Oh no. I was just anxious to get on the field and anxious to play. I've been waiting all year to play, so it was great. It was a great opportunity to get on the field and show what I have."

(On reacting to plays)

"Not at all. Coach always says snap and clear, so once you make a mistake, you can't focus on it. You just have to be ready to make the next play that comes."

(On going into Auburn game)

"Just making sure I'm still being a vocal leader around the team and encouraging the guys to stay up and reminding everybody that our goals are still intact. To make a bowl game, we have a few more games to show what we have."

(On adjusting to college play)

"The biggest difference is just the time commitment that being a college quarterback has. You just have to make sure you're getting in the film room- getting to know your opponent in-and-out and the playbook in-and-out and the game plan in-and-out."

(On quarterback pressure)

"I expect that. We expect pressure every time we get on the field. It's just a part of the game, so we just have to be ready for it."

(On importance of run game)

"The run game is always important. It's a part of football and it's something we pride ourselves with here at Tennessee. We have two great running backs in Rajion Neal and Marlin Lane, so every time we get the ball in their hands, they're a threat."

(On offensive line)

"I talked to them last week and I continue to encourage them every day. It's not too bad. They're very open guys- very receptive, so every day, I just step in, continue to encourage them, continue to grow and get better every day."

(On being a vocal leader)

"I feel like it comes natural. It's a part of the quarterback position. I've always done it, so it's just a habit I have- just have to continue to work on it, find my skills and continue to get better."

"It's not tough. Being the quarterback, people look to you when things go wrong, so you just get used to it. Being a quarterback- it requires being a leader."

(On Missouri game)

"There are a lot of improvements that I have. I was able to watch the film on the plane ride home and I've taken notes on just about all of them and so every day I'm out here working hard to get better and build my craft to make this team better."

"It didn't. Every time you step on the field, you just have to be prepared to do whatever the coaches throw at you. You just have to be ready to go out and execute, so I feel like I was ready and just have to continue to get better."

"Most important thing I learned is just the details and making sure, taking care of the football and just being smart."

(On starting in Neyland Stadium)

"It's going to be an awesome experience. I'm really looking forward to getting in front of our great fans of Vol Nation and looking forward to leading the team out in front of 102,455."

(On running the ball)

"I'm just a player. I execute the coaches' game plans."

(On off field atmosphere)

"It's been fun being the quarterback. Eyes are always on you, so you just have to make sure you're being smart and doing the right thing all the time."

(On academics)

"I enjoy math classes and luckily coming in, I'd taken all of my other classes that weren't math, so right now I can focus in on all my math courses for my major, so I'm enjoying school and I'm doing well."

"Aeronautical engineering. My ultimate goal is to build and design airplanes. Fly them in my free time, but I don't want to be a pilot, but my goal is to build and design my own airplanes and hopefully one day, own my own airplane company."

(On aeronautics)

"I have been. It started in the seventh grade in Atlanta, where I'm from. The Tuskegee Airmen are big and I went to a camp and was able to tour the Delta facility down in Atlanta, so ever since then, I've had a fascination with them and it's just grown as I've gotten older."

(On Tuskegee Airmen)

They have a camp every summer for middle schoolers and high schoolers and I was able to visit a lot of air museums down in Georgia and visit Delta production factory down there, so it just peaked my interest."

(On teammates giving him a hard time)

"No, it's not too bad. Some of them come to me for help in the classroom a few times, so it all comes a part of being the quarterback."





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