What They're Saying About Butch Jones

Dec. 7, 2012


"I am very pleased that Butch Jones is the head football coach at Tennessee. Butch has a track record of success at every program he has led, and he views Tennessee as the job he coveted. We look forward to Butch leading our football program back to prominence."

- Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Dave Hart

"Coach Butch Jones is a man that not only has the football acumen to bring Tennessee back to it's rightful place in the SEC, and College Football world, he's a man that will "connect" with the "Volunteer Nation," and "Big Orange Country." Butch is a man that knows how to not just sell his program, but make people feel a part of it, and that's something that is sorely needed at Tennessee. Our fans are the best in the world, but it's felt to me that in recent years, they have almost been taken for granted, and that is something that will not happen with Butch Jones."

"On the field, they will play an exciting brand of ball, and they will do it with discipline, and toughness. The players will understand what's expected of them, and will be given plans of attack that will give them the best opportunities to win each week, and those plans will address not just what they are doing on the field, but off of it, too. All areas of academics, off season and in season work out plans, community interaction, and how to best represent themselves, their families, and the University of Tennessee at all times. Being a Vol is a lifestyle, and Coach Jones will show, emphasize, and not compromise on the players understanding of how to best live that life."

"Coach Jones has called this a "Dream job." And, being the Head Coach at Tennessee IS exactly that. Here's my full support of Coach Butch Jones, and his staff as they work to bring Championships with Honor back to Knoxville!"

- Former Tennessee defensive back and current FOX NFL analyst Charles Davis

"There's a reason Butch Jones was one of the most hotly pursued head coaches this off season. Jones is a proven winner at several stops. Jones is intense but also shows his players he cares. His offense is exciting and his teams play with discipline and passion. He'll bring great focus and enthusiasm to the Vols' program."

- Joe Schad, ESPN National College Football Reporter

"Butch Jones has been a head coach six seasons and won four league titles. People can say 'Yeah, but he only won MAC and BIG EAST titles.' Well, you can't win the ACC, Pac-12 or SEC while at Cincinnati. And I know Jones has never coached in the SEC before but neither had Saban before he got to LSU or Urban before he got to UF or Richt before he got to Georgia and they turned out pretty well. Plus, Jones has a good academic track record. Sounds like things worked out alright to me."

- Bruce Feldman, CBS Sports College Football Reporter

"Without a doubt, Tennessee hired a quality football coach in Butch Jones, but more importantly, it hired an even even better man to run its program. He brings a passion and relentless desire for success that will most certainly lead to great things both on and off the field."

- Brian Kelly, Notre Dame head coach, former Cincinnati and Central Michigan head coach

"I have been told by people for years that Butch Jones is a rising coach and a star in this business. I did my due diligence and got to know Butch to a degree. I feel that Butch is a star and someone who can coach at any level including the SEC. With the resources at Tennessee he will soar as a coach and will have athletic directors at other schools saying `why didn't we hire Butch Jones.' Butch is also a man of integrity and runs the program with integrity. He is an excellent recruiter and it is not a cliché to say that he will turn his players into men and men with integrity."

- Chris Mortensen, ESPN Senior NFL Analyst

"I think it is a great hire. I think, and I don't claim to be a college football expert, but it seems like all of the coaches that I have been around Butch Jones is one that is great at building a team. People get caught up in recruiting and all of those aspects of coaching. Butch is great at taking those recruits and building the individual and building accountability. Making players better teammates and creating togetherness and a bigger purpose. Coach Jones is a master of that. He is a master motivator a master team builder and a master at togetherness among teams. He is great at helping each individual with their own personal growth and in the end that helps the overall cause of the team. Being around his teams they have a great sense of togetherness t. For the state of Tennessee, Butch Jones was a great hire."

- Trent Dilfer, NFL Quarterback and ESPN Analyst

"I'm happy for Coach Jones. I know he's going to do great things there. He's a great coach, a great players' coach. He mingles well with his players. It's a sad day for Bearcat nation, but a great day for him and for Tennessee."

- St. Louis Rams RB Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati 2008-11

"Butch Jones is a good coach and a good friend. He will work very hard to build up the Tennessee program. He will do a lot of good things for the University of Tennessee."

- Rich Rodriguez, University of Arizona head coach, former West Virginia head coach

"Welcome Butch Jones to the Vols family! Excited about the new head football coach at Tennessee, and he has my FULL support. Go Vols - VFL! CD/GS"

- Charles Davis, Tennessee defensive back and FOX sports NFL analyst.

"After all that, Tennessee got a guy they would have been smart to call in the first place. Butch Jones is a star. Knew he'd get big job."

- Stewart Mandel , Sports Illustrated Reporter

"Larger points is Butch Jones has won and likely will win at his next stop. If it's Knoxville and I'm a Vols fan, I'd be thrilled."

- Scott Van Pelt, ESPN sportscaster and sports talk show host





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