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Vols Swim Past South Caroina
Ed Walsh

Ed Walsh

Nov. 4, 2011

While many Tennessee Volunteers did not compete in their usual races Friday, the team outcome stayed the same.

The Vols rattled off their second road victory in as many weeks, beating South Carolina 167-132 in Columbia, S.C.

Tennessee (3-1, 2-0 SEC) won 9 of 16 events in the meet and has now defeated South Carolina in 22 of 24 all-time meetings.

"We had some unusual performances because guys were swimming unusual races," Tennessee head coach John Trembley said. "There was a lot of spirit shown out there from start to finish of the meet."

The Vols jumped out to a fast start by taking first and second in the 400-yard medley relay. From there, the Vols retained their lead the rest of the way as some swimmers won in their signature events while many picked up points by competing in different races.

Sophomore Renato Prono won the 100 breaststroke for the second week running in 57.21 seconds, having logged an NCAA B-cut time last week at Louisville. He was followed in second by an new face in the event: junior team captain Ed Walsh, who finished in 57.35.

Walsh had not competed in the 100 breaststroke since the SEC Championships last season. Trembley said Walsh has been working on developing in that event.

Like Prono, sophomore Sam Petersen won his primary event in back-to-back weeks, taking the 1000 freestyle (9:21.57). Senior Ricky Henahan finished first in the 100 backstroke once again, and he also picked up a second-place finish in the 100 butterfly, an event he has rarely entered.

Senior Anders Storvik took the 200 backstroke in 1:51.48, rallying to win by less than a second.

"It was an excellent swim for Anders Storvik, who came from behind and won the 200 backstroke by a narrow margin," Trembley said. "It was great to see him get a hand on the wall."



Other winners included: sophomore Christoffer Wallin in the 200 butterfly (1:51.48) and sophomore Samuel Rairden in the 100 freestyle (46.27). The Vols also won the 200 freestyle relay.

Unlike the swimmers who raced in untypical events, it was business as usual for the divers, who competed on the 1-meter and 3-meter springboards.

Senior Ryan Helms continued his strong performance this season in the 1-meter event, winning the competition for the third time in as many meet with a season-high score of 387.97.

Junior Brent Sterling also had a solid day in the 3-meter event, finishing second with a season-best score of 375.15. Helms was third in 373.50.

"We're working on our consistency in high degree difficulty dives right now, which will help us later during the championship season," Tennessee diving coach Dave Parrington said. We're going to take what we've learned the last two weeks on the road as we move forward."

The Vols are taking nearly two weeks off competition before returning to the races Nov. 16-18 with the annual Tennessee Invitational. It will be the first time the divers will compete in the platform event this season.

"We're fine tuning some weaknesses exposed in competition," Trembley said. "We feel pretty good about the progress we've made up to this point. We're looking for a little breather and work on some things to get ready for competition at the Tennessee Invitational."

Tennessee at South Carolina
Columbia, S.C.
1-Meter Diving:
1. Ryan Helms (UT) 387.97; 2. Cole Miller (USC) 312.30; 3. Brent Sterling (UT) 305.25; 4. Mauricio Robles (UT) 300.60; 5. Jordan Mauney (UT) 287.70

3-Meter Diving: 1. Rylan Riednor (USC) 396.82; 2. Brent Sterling (UT) 375.15; 3. Ryan Helms (UT) 373.50; 4. Mauricio Robles (UT) 369.68; 5. Cole Miller (USC) 344.25; 6. Jordan Mauney (UT) 316.73.

400 Medley Relay: 1. Tennessee (Rairden, Prono, Hetland, Storvik) 3:19.96; 2. Tennessee (Henahan, Epperson, Thulin, Hjelm) 3:20.74; 3. South Carolina (Heinze, Cave, Badillo, Kaden) 3:24.32

1000 Freestyle: 1. Sam Petersen (UT) 9:21.57; 2. Brooks Ross (USC) 9:23.93; 3. Carl Jones (UT) 9:30.53; 4. Ben Scheffer (UT) 9:33.05; 5. Shane Kleinbeck (UT) 9:39.02; 6. Matt Columbus (USC) 9:40.95

200 Freestyle: 1. Gerard Rodriguez (USC) 1:40.34; 2. Tristian Slater (UT) 1:41.72; 3. James Crawford (USC) 1:42.11; 4. Anders Storvik (UT) 1:42.94; 5. Rory Grigull (USC) 1:45.76; 6. Tim Berens (USC) 1:46.58

100 Backstroke: 1. Ricky Henahan (UT) 49.19; 2. Max Heinze (USC) 50.98; 3. Michael Covert (USC) 51.41; 4. Jay Warner (USC) 52.68.

100 Breaststroke: 1. Renato Prono (UT) 57.21; 2. Ed Walsh (UT) 57.35; 3. Bobby Cave (USC) 58.35; 4. Alex Vance (USC) 59.71; 5. Ryan Connolly (USC) 1:00.06; 6. Derek Paul (UT) 1:01.05

200 Butterfly: 1. Christoffer Wallin (UT) 1:51.48; 2. Matt Navata (USC) 1:52.58; 3. Sam Petersen (UT) 1:56.46; 4. Collin Kaden (USC) 1:58.05; 5. Dan Jackson (USC) 1:58.14

50 Freestyle: 1. Andrew Seiler (USC) 21.18; 2. Oystein Hetland (UT) 21.21; 3. Isaac Taylor (UT) 21.59; 4. Clint Johnson (UT) 21.78; 5. Isaac Badillo (USC) 21.79; 6. Jacob White (USC) 21.87

100 Freestyle: 1. Samuel Rairden (UT) 46.27; 2. Andrew Seiler (USC) 46.63; 3. Oystein Hetland (UT) 46.93; 4. Jacob Thulin (UT) 47.16; 5. Isaac Taylor (UT) 47.78; 6. Rory Grigull (USC) 47.85.

200 Backstroke: 1. Anders Storvik (UT) 1:50.61; 2. James Crawford (USC) 1:50.85; 3. Ben Scheffer (UT) 1:50.90; 4. Michael Covert (USC) 1:52.41; 5. Mans Hjelm (UT) 1:54.57; 6. Ryan Connolly (USC) 1:57.91.

200 Breaststroke: 1. Bobby Cave (USC) 2:05.99; 2. Christoffer Wallin (UT) 2:06.54; 3. Matt Navata (USC) 2:07.74; 4. Tristian Slater (UT) 2:07.84; 5. Alex Vance (USC) 2:10.35; 6. Collin Kaden (USC) 2:10.50.

500 Freestyle: 1. Gerard Rodriguez (USC) 4:36.13; 2. Sam Petersen (UT) 4:36.75; 3. Carl Jones (UT) 4:38.08; 4. Brooks Ross (USC) 4:38.55; 5. Matt Columbus (USC) 4:39.86; 6. Shane Kleinbeck (UT) 4:51.33

100 Butterfly: 1. Isaac Badillo (USC) 49.20; 2. Ricky Henahan (UT) 50.08; 3. Michael Covert (USC) 51.16; 4. Oystein Hetland (UT) 51.18; 5. Jacob Thulin (UT) 51.34; 6. John Metts (USC).

400 Individual Medley: 1. Matt Navata (USC) 3:58.78; 2. Tristian Slater (UT) 4:04.05; 3. Jake Epperson (UT) 4:05.74; 4. Ryan Connolly (USC) 4:06.58; 5. Ben Scheffer (UT) 4:10.19; 6. Bobby Cave (USC) 4:10.29.

200 Freestyle Relay: 1. Tennessee (Henahan, Hjelm, Storvik, Rairden) 1:22.92; 2. South Carolina (Kaden, Warner, Badillo, Seiler) 1:24.18; 3. South Carolina (Covert, White, Heinze, Crawford) 1:25.61; 4. Tennessee (Prono, Taylor, McFall, Johnson) 1:25.89.

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