Out of Indoors: Orange Jacket Not Just for Basketball

Feb. 11, 2010

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Bruce Pearl is not the only Tennessee coach to sport the all-orange blazer these days.

There was no mistaking what school associate head coach Chris Woodruff belonged to when he arrived wearing his Volunteer-orange jacket Thursday evening at the reception dinner of the ITA National Team Indoor Championship.

The dinner, which included players, coaches and tournament officials, ceremonially kicked off the next four days of tennis competition. Matches begin Friday at 9 a.m. and continue throughout the day. If the tournament stays on schedule, the Vols face Illinois at 3 p.m.

As one of the team's two seniors on the road trip, Davey Sandgren provided the official player statement concerning the orange blazer: it was a hit.

"Wood's a huge UT fan, a real UT guy," Sandgren said. "He loves representing the school, especially when we're hopefully going to have a great year. It just shows he's takes a lot of pride in the school, and I wish I had one."

Sandgren further suggested that the entire squad should wear the orange blazer.

"I think we're going to try to organize a team match where we all walk out in orange blazers, or maybe another team dinner when we wear the orange blazers. I think it's very professional."

Not Ready for the Red Carpet

Sandgren and junior John-Patrick Smith, fellow All-Americas and one of Tennessee's most successful doubles pairing, tried their hands at a new occupation Thursday evening.

They became fashion critics.

After the dinner, Sandgren and Smith analyzed the team's attire for the coat-and-tie event. In a comprehensive player-by-player breakdown, Sandgren concluded that not even he was perfect. On close inspection, his pants were only long enough because the hem had been removed all together.

On the whole, they noted there was room for eventual improvement, such as in the realm tie-tying knowledge.



JP: "Brew's zip-up tie was pretty good. And his shoes."

Davey: "Brew was dressed to the nines tonight in his purple zip-up tie and his alligator shoes."

JP: "And don't forget Davey's no-hem pants."

Davey: "Yeah, my pants had no hem in them. And Matteo's jacket was way too big --"

JP: "--And his pants were way too small."

Davey: "And Rhyne needs to find an iron."

JP: "And Rhyne needs to find a guy who can put his tie on for him."

Davey: "And I think Boris could use another haircut. Yeah, basically the only person dressed nicely tonight was Wood."



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