Not Ready for the Red Carpet: Part II

May 19, 2010

ATHENS, Ga. -- For Davey Sandgren, nothing says "business shoes" like "tennis shoes," but John-Patrick Smith chalks it all up to immaturity.

The NCAA kicked off the next two weeks of national tennis competition with a banquet Wednesday evening with all 32 men's and women's teams in attendance. The women's tournament begins Thursday, and the second-seeded Vols play their opening match of the NCAA Tennis Championships on Friday at 3 p.m. against Louisville.

Sandgren and Smith, the All-America pair seeded second in the doubles tournament, gave their expert fashion opinions at the ITA National Team Indoors earlier this season. On Wednesday, they took a minute out of their busy schedule to evaluate their teammates once again.

Unfortunately for Sandgren, most of the analysis was directed at him, more for what he didn't bring to the event. He arrived in Athens with only one shoe and no sports coat.

Davey: "First, I want to start off with Samuel Winterbotham. He had a nice pinstriped suit, but he lost his tie and had to borrow one of T-Pain's (Taylor Patrick's) extras at the last minute.

"Next we'll move on to Matt Brewer, who's still wearing the black zip-up tie with a mohawk, this time with a short-sleeved lime green shirt. . . Yes, it's short sleeved. It's fantastic.

"I, unfortunately, forgot my jacket and packed one dress shoe. So, I'm wearing my tennis shoes, but I still think it looks good. I'm here to do business, and these are my business shoes.

"And JP looks great, like always."

JP: "Can I step in here for a second? Davey seemed to have packed a stereo system and a TV for this trip, but did not pack a coat or any going-out shoes. So I'm going to say right now that he's got a lot of growing up to do, and I think that in the future, he should be fine.



"Besides that, I think everyone looked OK."



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