2003 SEC Track & Field Championships

May 18, 2003

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John McDonnell - Arkansas Men's Head Coach
(On His Team's First-Place Standing After Three Days)
"I think we're in a good position to win. We're doing what we're supposed to be doing. We just have to continue on a path, and we can control our own destiny. If our guys are capable of what they're doing, we'll be in good shape."

Tom Jones - Florida Women's Head Coach
"I'm really pleasantly surprised. Our team competed very tough, and I knew they were ready to compete. Everyone advanced that we thought would advance. We're in good position to make a good run tomorrow. We're in position to win, and hopefully we'll get it done tomorrow."

John Moffitt - LSU - Men's Long Jump Champion
(Winning Mark of 25-10)
"I knew I had one more jump and the coach said `go get it.' At the first of the competition, the weather was good, and then it started getting bad. I think Louisiana has the best weather. I knew I had some good jumps left in me, and went after it. Coming in I felt petty good. I had good practices and I knew I'd have a good outcome. I'm not usually good coming from behind and I like putting pressure on everybody else."

(On Second-Place Finisher Leevan Sands from Auburn)
"He was my teammate in junior college, and after my last jump, he said he'd get me tomorrow in the triple jump. I didn't talk any trash, but I tried to encourage him and get in his head a little bit. LSU has a great jumping tradition and through the years, they've gone out and got the best jumpers."

Elva Goulbourne - Auburn - Women's Long Jump Champion
(SEC/Tom Black Track Collegiate Record Jump of 22-5)
"I felt good coming in today. I expected to do well and that's what I did. I gave it my all. When we competed, the weather was good--no rain, but a nice breeze. I'm a senior at Auburn this year and I plan to do even better in the NCAAs."



Gabor Mate - Auburn - Men's Shot Put Champion
(On the Weather Delay)
"It didn't affect me because two years ago we had the same delay so I was prepared, plus my coach told me to be prepared for anything. I tried to shut everything out and just focus on the throws, nothing else."

(On This Performance)
"This was a seasonal best. I didn't really expect to throw this far. I expected to place high but I didn't know what kind of result I needed. But I squeezed in with one centimeter, one-quarter of an inch and this meet is the top meet of the season thus far."

(On His Prospects for Nationals)
"I think I can get there with the discus throw, I firmly believe I can get there. I don't know about the shot because our region is loaded with superstars and the shot is not really my dearest event. I will try everything in my power to make it in the hammer. It's a Hungarian tradition to throw the hammer. I'm not a very good hammer thrower but I'll try to hang with them a little bit."

Daniel Lincoln - Arkansas - Men's Steeplechase Champion
(Winning Time of 8:32.84)
"I wish our other guys would have done better. I wanted to break away early and let them have their own race. I ended up stringing everybody out. I wasn't paying attention to my time. I'm not upset at all about missing the record. There's a small difference between hurdling and the water jump. When I have good acceleration, I enjoy the water part of the race. A good hurdle jump can also help you. I'll just have to continue to work on strength and technique. Winning three in a row is nice. It was sort of an afterthought. I got 10 points as a sophomore, 10 as a junior and 10 now. It seems I had to get past the stigma of being a walk-on. It's been different this year, teaching classes, taking classes and running."

Rachel Longfors - Florida - Women's Discus Champion
"It's exciting. I've been looking for a big throw. I've been hoping and praying. I give my coach credit and I give God credit."

(On the Weather)
"I've been trying to focus on my throws and not worry about the weather."

(On Her Win's Importance to the Team)
"It's big. It helps our team tremendously."

Jessica Johnson - Arkansas - Women's High Jump Champion
"It's my first SEC Championship. Considering where I was a year ago, in seventh place and being happy with that, this is a huge deal. I'm not taking this medal off for a while. I'm very excited. I'm hoping this is really going to help the team. We didn't come out here for me to win the high jump. We came out here for me to do as good as I could in the high jump and the heptathlon. Our whole thing is to do what we have to do for the team, that's why we all double-up on the events. I'm happy with this but I'm still crossing my fingers for the team. There have been all these things in my life and all of them came together, and that made track really lift off the ground. I'm getting healthier. This is my third day of this, so I'm getting used to the rain and competing at 11:00 at night. I don't mind the rain; I think I compete better in the rain."

Shiloh Whiting - Arkansas - Women's Steeplechase Champion
"It's really exciting. It was really nice to have two of my teammates in the race also. During the race I do not know who is around me, but it is comforting to have my teammates around me. For our team, we got the most points possible. Anytime you do your best, it's going to be grueling. I wouldn't be doing it if it weren't something I liked. The water jump has always given me problems. Today's race was very good, because it was the most comfortable water jump. Depending on the weather, sometimes it's cold--sometimes it's hot. If it's a bad race, you notice the water more. But if it's a good race, you don't notice it because you are supposed to be in the groove. Today felt great."

Paul Condron - Florida - Men's Pole Vault Champion
(Winning Vault of 17-2.75)
"I had a horrible practice on Thursday. I knew my body was capable, but not my mind. Everything clicked at the second bar. The coaches had me change my form a little bit, and from then on I knew I had a good chance of winning. I really thought I would `no height' on the first bar. At the end, I started to get a little tired from all the starting and stopping. All the vaulters know each other, and cheer for each other. We compete each week. I think the SEC (Championship) could have gone any of eight ways. The highest I've ever finished before is third."

Rocky Danners - Tennessee - Men's Pole Vault Second-Place Finisher
(On Clearing 17-2.75 on His Third Try)
"I think that was by the grace of God and by the fans that were out here. My hamstring is still pulled, and hasn't gotten better since indoors. But I just came out here and tried to score points for my team. That's what drove me to clear it on my third attempt. I gave it everything I had today, and came out second, but NCAAs are just right around the corner."

(On Champion Paul Condron)
"Paul is a really great jumper. Tonight is the second time this year we've jumped the same height."

(On His Health)
"I'm progressing. I didn't hurt it (hamstring) any worse than it was, so it's just a matter of getting better and taking a little rest and I'll be all right."



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