Chuck Rohe and `What a day!'

May 5, 2010

By Marvin West
The Shopper-News

Sound the trumpets! A genuine legend is coming to town. What a day!

Chuck Rohe will return to Knoxville next week for a reunion of his track and field Volunteers and old friends, starting with Charlie Durham and Jerry Wrinkle. Polite people will stand and applaud. Some may tell tall tales. There are many. Somebody may even confirm that driven Vols once pushed their stalled bus to the nearest gas station.

From the time I met Chuck, in 1963, he was my poster person for the power of positive thinking. He loves life, doesn't want to miss any and drags reluctant others along for the joy ride. Always up before the crack of dawn, he has stretched the truth as needed and greeted each morning with "What a day!"

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