Postgame Quotes: Tennessee 69, Arkansas 38

Jan. 8, 2012

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(On Tennessee's performance)
"I was really pleased how we did jump out. I thought everyone had great focus. Obviously, Glory Johnson and Shekinna Stricklen both had double-digits. We were all very focused from everyone. That's what we need."

(On Tennessee's defense on C'eira Ricketts)
"I felt like our defense on (C'eira) Ricketts was excellent. We gave a lot of help. (Ariel) Massengale started on her. We helped out a lot. We kept trying to force her left and I felt like that bothered her. She wasn't able to get into a rhythm. When she was coming off ball screens, we were showing a lot of help on those ball screens so she wasn't able to get to the basket like she has done in previous games."

(On Glory Johnson)
"She gets in the gym and obviously, Dean (Lockwood) is in there all the time and the rest of the coaches. Glory has really invested in her game. She can go left, right and really just plays within herself."

(On Ariel Massengale)
"She really has a command to come down the floor and distribute the ball. If she needs to penetrate, she'll do that. She's a very unselfish player."

(On the team's progression)
"I think we're progressing in that direction each and every day. I think we as a coaching staff have really cut back when we have to cut back because of the number of games we're going to be playing. This team, as I have said before, really wants to win. That's why when they come in every day and go to work, you can see that."

(On Tennessee's gameplan)
"I thought we had a really good gameplan, just forcing people to their weak hand. We knew we were playing the ball screens like we went over in practice, whether we were trapping on the wings or jamming in under at the top. Whatever the gameplan was, I felt like our players really knew it and then they transferred it to the court today."

(On Tennessee's defense)
"Our man-to-man was our best defense tonight. There have been previous games where we've had to rely a lot on our zone, but tonight I thought our man-to-man defense was really solid. We threw some zone at them at times, but we kept going back to our man. We were very pleased. Their shooting percentage was 18 percent. When you shoot like that, you're doing something right on the defensive end."

(On Ariel Massengale)
"She's very adaptable to the tempo of the game. If she is feeling anxious, you never know it by looking at her body language. She just has that great demeanor for a point guard. She brings that to our team. She has a calming effect to our team and she also exudes a lot of confidence. That filters to every player on the team."

(On Tennessee's next game Thursday at Kentucky)
"We know it will be a very tough road game. They have a very talented basketball team. They get out and pressure you for 40 minutes. It's going to be a tough road game for us for sure."

(On reaching the 1,000-rebound mark)
"I'm too excited, just staying positive all the time is how to get there."

(On working with assistant coach Dean Lockwood)
"It's not easy at all. Everyone comes and they're all All-Americans when they come to the University of Tennessee. Dean gets me outside of practice and we've worked on my inside game, outside shooting and free throws. I'm just trying to stay positive all the time, work on my game and Dean helps a whole bunch."

(On her progression)
"When I was a freshman, I just did what I wanted to do. I was kind of out of control a little bit, too fast all the time. I've kind of slowed down, gained composure and now that I'm a senior, I've realized my role on the team. I have to help out however I can and use my athleticism to my advantage."

(On wanting to make a statement on the road)
"We've played a couple of great games at home. We kind of wanted to let people know we can do the same thing when we travel. This was making a huge statement for everyone. Sometimes we're iffy, but I think our defense is a lot better, we're crashing the boards a lot harder and bringing a lot more energy every game."

(On playing four games in eight days)
"It's hard. We get a day off tomorrow. Your body gets worn out every once in a while. You just have to focus on the task at hand and focus on what's next. Eventually, we're trying to get better so we just have to realize that."

(On the challenge of UT's game at Kentucky on Thursday)
"It will be, but we've been there before and handled it. We just have to go again and handle it again this year."





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