Postgame Quotes: Tennessee 94, Ole Miss 70

Jan. 9, 2014

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HEAD COACH Holly Warlick

(Opening Statement)
"It was a good win for us. We played in spurts and we played, at times, good enough to win."

(On her thoughts at halftime)
"I wasn't happy then and I wasn't happy the first two minutes of the second half. This is a team right now that is very talented but we're underachieving. I've gotten mad at them, I've raised my voice, I've threatened them, I've been nice. When our backs are against the wall, we generally play pretty hard. I don't have an answer. At times we play in spurts and at times we don't really look like we care if a game is going on or not. So we're not going to win a whole lot of games and we're not going to do the things that we say we want to do and play the way we're playing. It's that simple."

"I've said it against LSU. We get beat at home, and then we go down to Georgia and play very well. Then we're satisfied because we've proved our point that we're a pretty good basketball team. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy we won, but I'm a realist and it's not going to get done the way we're playing right now. We're getting by. The conference is too tough. We go to Vanderbilt and if you think you're just going to get by down there, you're crazy."

(On Andraya Carter's shooting)
"I think it's good. We shot 48%. I think our offense was good but at times we couldn't guard anybody. I'm happy for Andraya. I thought she had a good game. She had five offensive rebounds. I thought Andraya took shots that she's capable of making. They were good looks and so I thought Andraya had a great game."

(On Megan Simmons play)
"Megan is a senior and she's trying to lead this team to where they haven't been in five years. I think Megan has a lot of pressure on her and I'll be honest, I'm ok with Megan. She busts her butt in practice, she comes in here and has a great, great attitude and she's a team player. I know at times all we say is `Megan can shoot' but she busts her butt and she comes in and she plays as hard as anybody on this team. This is not about Megan and her being a senior. Megan wants us to get to where we need to go more than anybody else on this team. I'm ok with Megan. We expect her to score every time she gets the basketball but that's cause she's a scorer so she's doing what she's - she can play better, and shoot the ball better and the whole team can so I'm not going to lay this all on her."

(On practice)
"I guess I'm a little surprised because we have a group of guys that come in and it's like unbelievable competition, blood bath, this guy is not going to score on me. Y'all have seen our practices. We had one of our best practices after the Georgia game this year so the reason why I'm kind of feeling a little disappointed is I see that and then I come in here and we don't get up on somebody and defend them, we don't box out - I don't know the answer because in practice it is a blood bath. It could be because we have control. Loser's run, winners go get a drink. That's the part we've got to carry over from practice to the game because practice is - we play harder two hours in practice than we did tonight in the game and I don't have an answer."

(On player rotations)
"If they don't defend somebody, they're coming out. If they don't rebound, they're coming out. If they don't box out - I don't care if it's a revolving door, I don't care. But the only way I get my point across is to sit their fannies on the bench. That's how I make my point. I don't care if they don't have any togetherness, rhythm. That doesn't concern me. I'm concerned about getting your but down and stopping somebody and boxing somebody out and if you don't do that you are coming out. I subbed, the first four minutes of the second half, I tried to pull the whole team out. I pulled out four. I'm done, there's got to be something that gets them and you know what gets them is playing time.

"If I'm not satisfied with what's going on them I'm going to pull you. That's just the only way you get to them so we may have this revolving door going in and out, in and out then somebody may understand and step up and let's go to work."

JUNIOR Ariel Massengale

(On her stat line)
"Honestly I haven't seen the stat-line, but just going out there, playing hard, getting after it, doing what the coaches want you to do, and just having fun. Whatever it takes for this team to win, I'm willing to do that."

(On her scoring the last few games)
"I think it's just what has been open. The coaches have been on me about just being aggressive on offense and when you have post players like Isabelle Harrison, who is dominating games consistently these days, and Bashara Graves and Mercedes Russell, it just makes things so much easier for you on the perimeter because teams are trying to double down and stop them and they're kicking it out and finding open shooters and we started to knock the shots down."

(On the SEC's tough games)
"I'm really looking forward to it. When you start the season, you want games like this. You want every game to know it will be a battle. You have to go out there and play your hardest because you don't know who is going to win and who is capable of winning. It's going to be the best team who brings their best game that night. That's why we say the SEC is one of the best conferences in women's basketball because on any given night, any team can be beat."

JUNIOR Isabelle Harrison

(On Ole Miss playing tough on Harrison)
"Dean told me it will be a tougher game and they will make the extra effort to play me harder. Knowing that, I just want to go even harder against them."

(On blocking)

"I like blocking because it brings energy to the team. Sometimes if our guards don't pick up fast enough, I can make the extra effort to get back to help them catch up to whoever they have. I was glad I was there to be a defensive player tonight."

(On blocking shots with Mercedes Russell in the game)
"Mercedes trying to steal my blocks (joking). We're both good at that end. It happened that the two of us happened to be in there to guard the rim. It helps us so we go for it."


(On Coach Warlick's demeanor at halftime)
"Coach Holly wasn't too happy, she just expects us to play with a ton of energy and a ton of heart and just play Lady Vol basketball no matter who we're playing, no matter what level of competition we're facing. So she was just a little disappointed in our energy and effort and wanted us to bring it and just play hard and give the fans something fun to watch. That's what she wanted for the second half."

(On her shots)
"I'm definitely just trying to play with more confidence. I have been known to be a defensive stopper, but in the SEC, you have to be a threat on offense as well. I had a good talk with Ariel and our coaches and they have confidence in me, so if I have good shot, if my teammates give me a good pass or something like that, I just try and shoot it and try and have confidence, so yeah, I guess it is something new."

(On 11 turnovers tonight)
"I think that's definitely something we're going to need when we face tougher teams. We have been turning the ball over a little bit the last couple of games. Having 11, we hope to continue that, especially going to face a tough Vandy team at their gym. Turnovers are definitely going to be important when we're facing them."



(On the Baylor game)
"You know, Baylor's a little bit better of a matchup for us. Tennessee is, good gracious, you all are so big. We're in there battling. We were a little bit short. Obviously we're a lot shorter than you guys, and our kids are battling. Whereas Baylor was a very, it's all about matchups. Tennessee and Baylor both have great teams and both of them are obviously playing at a high level right now. You know, we matchup better against Baylor than we do Tennessee. Tennessee's having two big kids inside with (Mercedes) Russell and (Isabelle) Harrison, and (Bashaara) Graves is obviously coming back off the injury. That's a tough matchup and it's a tough matchup for a lot of teams. It makes them a hard team to beat."

(On Ariel Massengale's performance)
"I think Massengale's the key to Tennessee's success, I really do. I thought that when I watched tape and I think that Tennessee will go as far as Ariel takes them. I think she's obviously a great point guard. She has great court vision, she had seven rebounds tonight, that's something we talk about all the time with our guards, getting in there and getting boards. You know, she was 5-8 from the three point line. She's taken her game to another level, there's no doubt. Just knowing her from recruiting her and knowing her whole family basically her whole life, her work ethic is something that really separates her and allows her to be a great player. I really feel like, and I may be wrong, I've been wrong before, but as long as Ariel's playing at a high level Tennessee's got a chance to push on through and maybe even get to Nashville."

(On battling with Tennessee's post players)
"It hurt us too a little bit with Tia. Tia's playing through a tough injury right now and hopefully will be well in the next couple weeks, but that hurt us and her getting two fouls early on that really hurt us in the rebounding category. I think Tia played two minutes in the first half and had four points and three or four rebounds. Your best rebounder, I think she's still maybe leading the league in rebounding, not in the game only for two minutes in the first half, you're going to get killed on the boards."

(On Tia Faleru playing with two fouls early on)
"Tia's a great player. Tia's a great player, but she hasn't even tapped her potential level yet. She's a work in progress and she's getting better every single day. Tia's, she's got to learn how to play with two fouls. She's got to. We need her in the game. I went back to her early. We didn't come up here just to shake hands and look at the banners. We came up here to win and our best is Tia Faleru on the floor. I was hoping I could get at least 12 minutes out of her in there in the first half with having two fouls, but she goes right back in and picks up another hustle foul. It wasn't like she wasn't trying. She was in there trying to battle those kids. She got a foul, had three fouls, so that's part of it but putting her back in with two fouls is just the way we play. We came here to win, we went to Baylor to win, and we've got to get that mentality back in our program. Our program's been down for five or six years, but it's not going to be down much longer. We're just going to keep getting better and we're going to change our mentality and starting going to these games with a mentality that we're going to win these games."

(On Tia's injury)
"She broke her pinky finger two Thursdays ago."


(On battling with Tennessee's post players)
"It's not that difficult. You just have to really box them out and go up for the boards. You know they're longer than you, so they're going to be coming over you a lot. It wasn't as bad. We just have to box out and we missed some box outs."





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