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Postgame Quotes: #8 Kentucky 61, #6 Lady Vols 60

Jan. 12, 2012

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Head Coach Pat Summitt
(On Vicki Baugh)
"She brought great energy for us. She was the only one who was stepping up and being very consistent with her play. We needed more people to do the same. You have to give Kentucky a lot of credit. We are disappointed in our play. Hopefully we can learn from this."

(On shooting struggles)
"It filtered throughout the whole team. We have to be able to go on the road and have composure and know exactly what we have to do. We have to knock down shots, we have to play great defense, we have to get on the boards. Across the board we didn't do the things we needed to do to win this game."

(On Vanderbilt game, Sunday)
"We can watch film and we can can assess what we did and did not do. It's always good to have the film session because that let's everyone know what they can able to do better for this basketball team."

Assistant Coach Mickie DeMoss

(On the game)
"That's exactly right, we put ourselves in a very difficult position. We didn't start the game, ready to play for whatever reason. We didn't knock down shots. We had open looks, we didn't knock them down. We put ourselves in a position where we were 12 down. We were even lucky to have a chance to come back and win this ball game. We just weren't goo enough to close it out tonight."

(On the gameplan to defende A'dia Mathies)
"She had a tremendous game. She had more than half of their points. We were switching different people off on her. We were giving her too easy touches. We wanted her to work to get touches. We just weren't aggressive enough on her before the catch. We were trying to defend her after the catch. That's really tough to do. We knew on the last shot she was going to take it. In the huddle, we wanted to trap her when she caught the ball at the top. But we never went for her. No one went out and trapped her. They didn't use a screen that last play. They ran a 1-4 flat, but we still had the plan for someone to come up and trap her and it didn't happen."

(On Arial Massengale)
"Arial played super. She did what we needed her to do. She took care of the basketball for the most part. She didn't really have any bad turnovers. The only we have to get Massengale doing more is: looking to score more for us. The days are over where you go 4-of-5 offensively. She has to look to score more for us and she has in some games, but it has to be consistent for her.

(On the growth of the team)
"We are still doing some things that honestly, concern me. Doing things that we did in the Stanford game, the Baylor game and the Virginia game. We have got to turn the corner as far as our mental toughness. Right now, we had some players that didn't play very tough for us tonight. That is a big concern for us. Our perimeter game is going to have to get a lot tougher right now."

Senior Vicki Baugh
(On coming off the bench and making a contribution)
"I had to come in and rebound and be a leader on the floor. I just wanted to execute quickly tonight."

On the team's sluggishness
"There is no reason for that. We have been working hard ever since we got back from Christmas break. Everyday, hard. It's very frustrating that we did not apply it to the court. We are going to pay for that.

On A'dia Mathies "It was very frustrating. We have a defensive problem. We don't have a defensive stopper. It is hurting us. We can't let the best player of every team come in and have 'a game.' That's one component we are going to have to step up. Our defense has to step it up

On the state of Tennessee Basketball
"We have yet to show a game for 40 minutes and that's the most frustrating thing about. These games we should win. If we don't play for 40 minutes, we are not going to win. A lot of us just put on the jersey and think that's what its going to take, but it takes a lot more hard work on every possession."



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