Postgame Quotes: Vanderbilt 74, Tennessee 63

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Jan. 12, 2014


HEAD COACH Holly Warlick

(On the game)
"When Izzy's on the bench, only played a minute in the first half and then fouling out, I don't have an answer. Trying to get inside and then missing layups; they had a great game plan and we just couldn't get the job done."

(On the absence of Isabelle Harrison)
It's not just that. We get up and then we can't stop penetration, you know it's not just [Isabelle] Harrison. It's about what's important on the other end. Our mentality is that we're going to outscore people, but we gotta get stops. With Harrison on the bench or not, we've gotta get stops. You go into the game knowing that Foggie and Lister are their best players and they get 21 and 22. Until defense is important to us, we know we're going to struggle.

(On the health of Bashaara Graves)
I think Bashaara was fine today. I think that she's been hurt, but I think that today she was fine.

(On Vanderbilt's Marqu'es Webb)
We followed her, you know, and she had a good game. I've seen her play, and I'm not surprised.

(On losing late second half lead)
I'm not surprised at that, when we give up layups, no lead is sacred. We got the lead and went and relaxed and they took advantage of us, got to the free-throw line, shot layups, and then it's game on. I'm not surprised. [Vanderbilt] obviously, to me, looked like they wanted it more than Tennessee.

(On putting best defensive players on the floor)
At times, we had the five best defensive players out there and we couldn't stop them. It's my job to come back and get them ready and make them better defensively. That's what we'll try to do is go back to the drawing board, and that's all we can do.

(On changing defensive strategies)
We did. We pressed, we went man-to-man, we went zone. You can do that, but at some point in the game you've gotta get a stop, you've gotta defend people going to the basket. They had 32 points in the paint, and the majority of them were off penetration.

(On execution vs. effort as issue)
I don't know what you want me to say, but they played harder than us. So probably both.

(On potential changes on defense)
You just defend and keep defending to put them in situations like we were in today. Just keep putting them in tough situations. We've put a lot of focus on our defense. We've just gotta keep going over and over [defense].





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