Jan. 13, 2005

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(opening remarks) "I thought in the first half, we were really very inspired. We executed and moved the basketball and had good defensive intensity. In the second half, it was ugly basketball and unacceptable by our standards. Give Arkansas credit, but I was disappointed that we didn't step up and get better. It's a win."

(on Sa'de Wiley Gatewood not playing) "It was a violation of team policies. This game was a great opportunity for her to get quality minutes. She took herself out of the game."

(on second half play) "That happens if you don't have great leadership, and we didn't have it in the second half. I was disappointed. It was an opportunity for us to get better. We've had lapses enough. We should be better. We have to be focused. Knowing what we've got facing us on Sunday (at Vanderbilt), I'm concerned for them."

(on Shanna Zolman breaking out of a shooting slump) "Now we've got to deal with her free throw shooting." (Zolman missed three consecutive free throws)

(on improved post play) "We've got to get our posts more involved. Tye'sha Fluker is playing better. We have to have a post game. In the first half, I was pleased, and it's hard to please me."

(on Dominique Redding) "I don't hold grudges. We move on. I would have liked to get her a lot more minutes this game. She's a player who can help us. She didn't handle the double-teams well, but she did some good things."

(on Nicky Anosike) "Nicky instinctively thinks pass in the open floor and reads well. Watching her in high school that is what stood out the most about her to me is that she would make plays off the dribble. As long as she doesn't try to do too much-I like her aggressiveness and her ability in the open floor."



(on rebounding) "Our team has been rebounding better the last few games. Shyra Ely had 11 rebounds, and that was big. (Alexis) Hornbuckle is able to help us. She needs to get better on the offensive boards, but on defense, she gets our break going. That's a plus for us. You can't be a great team and not be a great rebounding team. That's been a trademark for us for a long time."

(on Arkansas) "They're dealing with an injury, and that's a setback. This is a tough league. Anywhere you go on the road is tough. If they bring intensity and attack, they'll have a chance to win."

(on upcoming game on Sunday at Vanderbilt) "It's a tough place to play. Melanie Balcomb does a great job. We were on the road recruiting this week, and (assistant coach) Holly (Warlick) has Vanderbilt as her scout, and we watched two games (on tape). They run a lot of sets. They execute well. Their inside players get the job done, and Dee Davis is doing a great job of running their team. (Watching the games on tape) almost ruined my evening. We have to bring our 'A' game."

Shyra Ely:

(on Shanna Zolman breaking out of a shooting slump) "It was big for our team and big for Shanna to get her confidence back. She knew that she was going to have a good game. I'm happy for her."

(on starting SEC play) "It's like another season. This conference is tough, and we wanted to get started on the right foot. Arkansas is an athletic team. We stuck to our scouting report. Our mindset was that we're starting a new season."

(on second half) "It's easy to get complacent. We have to stay up and still have that killer instinct even after getting a lead. We'll work on that for the future."

Shanna Zolman:

(on breaking out of shooting slump) "Dad just told me to forget about everything. It's between God and myself. That's a priority. Dad told me to just play and stop thinking so much."

(on second half complacency) "It's like Shyra said. We got complacent and didn't have that killer instinct for the full 20 minutes in the second half. We didn't have defensive intensity. We got off to a slow start. It's a learning experience, and we'll go back to practice and work on it tomorrow."


(on the game) "After the game, I asked our players what they did well. They said, 'we kept playing hard.' When you are down 40-17, it is easy to throw in the towel, but we kept fighting to the very end.

(on Tye'sha Fluker) "We were a little undersized. Anytime you (Fluker) are 6-5 shooting over 5-11, we know there was a shot for that (on Fluker's big game). We were hoping that when she was doubled her feet would get tied up, and she would have to kick it out."


(on the game) "They out-rebounded us by a lot. It wasn't their first shot that hurt us, but their second. We can work on boxing out at practice and hopefully we will get better."


(on the difference between the first half and the second) "We played as a team (in the second half). We tried to attack them and not have them attack us."



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