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Jan. 15, 2011

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TENNESSEE vs. Vanderbilt
Lady Vol Player Quotes
January 15, 2011

HEAD COACH Pat Summitt

(opening remarks):

"I thought our first half was pretty solid. Our intensity was strong. Vanderbilt shot 18 percent in the first half and 48 percent in the second half. I was pleased with the way we played in the first half, but we didn't get much better in the second half. We'll build on it. Vanderbilt played us tough. Melanie Balcomb is one of the best coaches in the game. They never quit. Our rebounding could have been better. We'll take it. It's a win, but we'll learn from it."

(on Vanderbilt playing Tennessee closer than Tennessee's other SEC opponents had this season):

"Vanderbilt did a great job. There are no secrets between our teams. I thought they were tougher going for loose balls. It was a long day today. It was a long day for Coach Summitt and I'm sure it was for our players as well. They got to more loose balls than we did, especially down the stretch."

(on the long day):

"We were here a long time today. Our players didn't have much of a chance to rest today. This time of night is not when we're typically playing. It was great having GameDay here for both programs, though."

(on Glory Johnson):

"I thought Glory did a great job. She is understanding what her role is. She is hunting for paint points. Her rebounding for us is so important. We're relying on her. Her composure was so good."

(on Vanderbilt's showing in the second half):

"Give Vanderbilt credit. They did a great job of getting back in the game. We didn't always get the loose balls like they did. We did enough to win, but it wasn't our best performance. We did a better job in the first half of taking away their open looks. They got better and more efficient in the second half."

(on going inside more):

"Why do you think I called a timeout? I told them, "No more threes.' We needed to get more paint points."

SENIOR GUARD Angie Bjorklund (On taking lots of outside shots):

"They were doing a great job of double-teaming down, but regardless, we need to play inside out. I thought we kind of fell away from that, especially early on. That's one of our strengths. We just need to continue to pound it in and find a way to get it there."

(On Vanderbilt's defense):

"Vandy is a great defensive team. They're very disciplined, and I give them a lot of credit for their defensive game plan. They were doubling down, but at the same time we just need to be more efficient on offense. We need to execute a lot better. I thought we got lazy and made some turnovers we usually don't make. Regardless, I think when we're not scoring, we need to get back and make stops."

(On tonight's game being different because of Gameday):

"Nothing was different, except that we did our shoot around in Pratt instead of Thompson-Boling. It was a little crowded, parking and traffic. We slept an extra hour. Overall, we try to keep things consistent no matter what time we play."

(On the day off tomorrow):

"We've had a tough week, but we'll be back in the gym on Monday ready to go."


(On Vanderbilt cutting into the lead late):

"I think when we face any opponent, we have to know that they always have fight in the second half. Our coach said that they were 14 percent shooting-wise in the first half and 48 percent in the second half. We always have to be ready for that no matter what. When we can do that consistently, that shows we've grown as a team. Although the lead wasn't a 40-point lead, they were hitting shots. We just have to pick up our defense a lot. We have to talk a lot more. We weren't talking as much as we normally do, and that hurt us a lot on the defensive end."

(On Vicki playing):

"It's great. Although I didn't get the chance to play with her, I love Vicki's style of play, and I always have. I know how much she wants to get out there just like the rest of us. Any time anyone has an injury, it's hard watching other people play the sport that you love and not being able to play. It got everyone pumped on the bench when she got a chance to go in and do her thing."

FRESHMAN GUARD Meighan Simmons

(On the late game tonight):

"I was kind of antsy. Watching the boys play kind of got me excited. I just think we just have to keep our composure even before a game. I admit there were so many things I did wrong tonight, and I have to learn from it."

(On shots not falling):

"It affected us a lot. There were times when we jacked up shots. There were times when I jacked up some crazy shots, but I just think we have to get in the gym more. Angie was hitting a lot tonight, and she gets in the gym. Our managers help us out a lot. They try to encourage us to get in the gym. I think that really affected us tonight especially on the perimeter."


(opening statement):

"I think like always when we come here, we don't get off to a good start. I think we spent the first half looking at the height advantage, looking at the colors of the jersey and the big crowd. Second half, we usually come to play. We settled down, I thought we executed a lot better on offense, had more patience and executed our defensive plan a lot better. We had an opportunity at the end of the game and just didn't hit the shots. We had the shots we needed to come back but didn't do it."

(on giving Tennessee trouble getting the ball inside):

"We were just trying to be physical inside. We tried to pressure the ball a little bit on the perimeter to get their timing off and we doubled in the post when it did go in."

(on the play of Jasmine Lister):

"I think what makes Jasmine good is that she is fearless and in the first half she was a little too fearless. Her trigger was a little quick. Once she calmed down and relaxed, she took her time. There are a lot of things Jas can do, offensively and defensively, and in the second half she made a change and settled down and played like the player she is."

(on both teams shooting the ball quick):

"I think we were taking uncharacteristic quick shots and I think we gave them good shots in transition as well. At halftime that was one of our three focuses was our transition defense was really poor. Our quick shots led to their transition offense and they were only scoring in transition at halftime. If we could have gotten them to play more half court, we did take things away in half court defense."

(on having a chance late in the game):

"I think we definitely had a chance and we had opportunities. We had layups, we had good shots, I thought we just didn't hit. Playing a lot of young players in an environment they've never played in before, they took shots, they were squeezing the ball and they weren't relaxed. One of our other keys was to be relaxed and once we got down 21, 22 points, all of a sudden we were relaxed and made shots that we normally make. When it got close again, within eight, we got tight and missed shots that we had. I think you saw two very different halves, but a lot depended on whether we were in the game or not and the pressure we were feeling.

(on concern game could be out of reach quickly):

"I have enough confidence in my own team. We've had some really good games that have come down to the last possession. Last year both our games were seven and nine, then in the SEC Tournament it was a third game in a row. One of them was overtime, the next was LSU by one and we were up 10-2 and just got exhausted and got out of hand. I didn't expect that to happen again tonight."


(on playing in big atmosphere):

"It was a great opportunity to be on the big stage and everything. I feel like I got a little too anxious in the beginning and I was rushing my shot. I was taking quick shots."


(on having a young team):

"I think it was a little hectic in the first half, trying to settle everyone down and run our offense. Like coach said, we were a little trigger happy in the first half which led to Tennessee transition offense, which is one of their strengths. The next time around I think we will have to focus on settling down and relaxing and running our offense that we work on every day in practice."





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