Postgame Quotes: #12/10 Lady Vols 67, MSU 63

Jan. 17, 2014

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HEAD COACH Holly Warlick

(Opening Statement)
"It was a great win for us. It was a tough place to play. We did some good things. We hit our layups and we hit our free throws, but we probably could have done a little better. We battled and towards the end -- we do a battle in practice, it's a persistance drill -- I said, 'If we can get a couple of stops in persistance drill, we've got it.' We did and we held onto the ball. Hey, I'm proud of them battling. It didn't go perfect. It didn't look good all the time, but we battled through it and I'm proud of it."

(On if the team played any man-to-man in the win)
"Very little -- probably about a minute. It was just to kind of throw them off to imagine us switching defenses. It was not enough for you to see that it was a man to man."

(On the matchup zone and trapping the MSU players in the corner)
"If you watch them, everything was going to the corners and they were pulling us out and we'd either go inside or go to the corners. So I just thought let's just start trapping down in the corners and it kick started our defense, got us rolling offense and it was huge. When I came in today, I told the staff, 'You're going to think I'm crazy. We're opening up with our 2-3 zone.' I just felt like I wanted a change. You know how you get a gut feeling? I had a gut feeling and we went with it."

(On shooting the ball in the second half)
"We hit some big shots and we got the ball inside when we needed to. I thought Andraya Carter, when she turned the corner on that zone and got an and-1, it was huge for us."

(On backdoor cuts)
"We talked a lot about it. The first play of the game we had a backdoor and we just missed the layup. We talked quite a bit about them overplaying it and they did go backdoor. Hey you can talk about it, but you've got to have a kid step up and do it and I thought Andraya did it. We did set Cierra to go backdoor and she had a little look. But with Andraya -- that's just basketball instinct and that's what we've got to get to. We've got to get to where we're playing basketball. We get so uptight when something isn't going our way, but we need to play the game. We've got to cut down on our turnovers. There were just so many unforced errors and walks and double dribbles. We've got to go back to the drawing board. We hadn't done a lot on our offense, so I'll take the blame for that."

(On if a win like the one tonight could loosen up the team heading into a tough game against Notre Dame)
"No question. When they'd get close, we'd get nervous. We battled and I was proud of them. I have a heart on my lapelle and I just thought that every game we're going to play with heart. I thought if they just keep seeing the heart on my jacket, it would remind them. I thought they battled."


(On if her injury set her back a little)
"Definitely. I couldn't move like I wanted to move and I was trying to push through the injuries because they weren't really injuries. They were tweeks here and tweeks there. I just tried to push through it and it just frustrated me even more." (On she felt she was going to be able to provide that energy boost early in the game)
"Yes, definitely. I thought I could come in and have that energy. Mercedes started off really good, both Mercedes and Izzy. Mercedes has been starting lately and she's been doing a great job. Me coming in off the bench -- I'm fine with that. As long as we get the W, I'm fine."

(On if she takes pride in her passes into the low post)
"Yes I do. I know Izzy's down there working, so I'm going to get the ball to her. That's my first look every time before I look for my own shot. When Izzy or Mercedes is down there, I'm probably going to get the ball to them."





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