Tennessee-Georgia Postgame Quotes

Jan. 21, 2010

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"Angie [Bjorklund] and [Shekinna] Stricklen were 6-of-21 from the field and combined for 13 turnovers. That's guard play and Georgia's guard play was a lot better than ours. We only got four points off of our bench. It's hard to win when you've pretty much got two players playing by themselves and not making shots. I thought our guard play would be better. Right now, I'm very concerned about it. I don't know if they're putting too much pressure on themselves, but they are pressing sometimes. They feel a great responsibility to help this team win, but they lack composure. I like our post game a lot. I thought Alyssia Brewer gave us some quality minutes."

"Georgia kept their composure. I thought their inside game stepped up big. They shared the ball. They deserved to win. We brought some of those turnovers on ourselves, but Georgia played really strong defensively."

"When we got inside about 10 minutes (remaining in the game) I told all three of perimeter players that they each have to hit one three, and if each one of you do then we win this basketball game. I told them to not tighten up and don't worry about what you haven't done, just hit one. I was wrong because Meredith (Mitchell) didn't need to hit one, but (Ashley) Houts and (Jasmine) James both stepped up and knocked down two big three pointers. As we were coming back we hit free throws, but I just knew that the we were going to have to hit threes not to catch up but to win. Defensively, we just kept doing what we've done so well all year long, which is stop people. So the threes were huge and the free throws by Porsha (Phillips) and Meredith were very big."

"At about the two minute mark we said we would switch things from here on defensively. We didn't know what they were going to come with on the last play, but you had to believe it was going to be Bjorklund coming. In the back of my mind, I knew that Stricklen wants to make that play. Our defense was so good that we literally took about 8-10 seconds off the clock and confused them before they could throw up a bad shot."



"This win is a step in the right direction. I guess by some measures it is a big step, but it is a single game. It is something to enjoy and appreciate tonight, but we have to remember that we have an Ole Miss team coming in here that can score a lot of points. This was an opportunity for us to get better, win another game and stay in the hunt until the last weekend of the conference season because that is the time that you play for a conference championship. This game was a lot of fun, and I am really appreciative to all the people that came out and enjoyed themselves."


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