Jan. 31, 2005

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Head Coach Pat Summitt:

(opening remarks) "Obviously, I thought it was a typical Tennessee-Georgia game. There was great intensity on the part of both teams. There were a lot of hustle plays. I was pleased with how we regrouped at halftime. Our guard play was big at times, both offensively and defensively. At times, it looked like Tasha Humphrey was going to have her way, but she had to work hard for what she got. There was ball pressure on the part of both teams. Our defensive intensity and big boards enabled us to pull this game out."

(on Tennessee's depth) "Depth has been a key for us this year. I didn't think we played well off the bench on the frontline, but I thought our perimeter players did. I thought (Sidney) Spencer had some good minutes. We were able to rotate players. Shyra (Ely) can play a lot of minutes. I think she could run a marathon during a game and never miss a beat. Against a team like Georgia, you've got to keep pressure on and keep fresh players in the game. We don't take our depth for granted."

"I thought we stood in the first half. We didn't get in good rhythm. We took some quick shots. There were some players who played selfish and got us out of what we were doing as a team. We got overanxious. They (Georgia) have great quickness on the perimeter. In the second half, we shared the ball, ran our offense, and knocked down our shots."

(on the performance of Georgia freshman Tasha Humphrey) "I thought she did a great job. In their high-low scheme, if you don't deny the middle of the floor, she's going to hurt you. I was disappointed in our high-low defense. They were able to run in the middle. We had no help defense on the middle. That's a lot to look forward to the next three years. This year isn't even over. I have a feeling that we might see them down the road this season."



(on the play of Tennessee senior Loree Moore) "I thought she had great energy, intensity, and solid leadership. That looked more like the Loree Moore that we're used to seeing than any game other than the Connecticut game this season. I thought our three-guard game was very effective. Against Georgia, you need that speed and quickness."

(on losing Moore to an injury during the game) "It was motivation for them (her teammates). They knew Loree was in pain. She told them to take care of business. They were able to draw from that."

"We've got to get better off the bench. We've got to have better consistency and more numbers off the bench. We are striving to be a better half court team. We were careless and took some risks. We've got to understand the tempo of the game. There's room for improvement. We're excited because we've made strides. It's a journey, and we're a long way from finishing our journey."

Alexis Hornbuckle:

(on whether she felt extra responsibility when Loree Moore was injured) "I didn't think there was extra responsibility. I thought the whole team pulled together and stepped up. It's like taking out a family member. We're going to go after you."

"We had to be on our toes on defense in order to match their quickness. Against Georgia, you have to be prepared for anything and everything. We paid attention to our scouting report. We played everybody. We rotated in and out. We kept going strong."

Shyra Ely:

"I always get up for Georgia. The rivalry is so strong. It's always a good game."

(on defending Tasha Humphrey) "I guarded her at the end of the game due to foul trouble. It was like I was a utility player."

"I don't think about being tired. It was a good night. It was fun."

"In the first half, we played a lot of one-on-one. At halftime, the adjustments that we needed were made. We had some setbacks here and there. We were able to run on them, and that began to wear on them."

Tye'sha Fluker:

(on the play of Tasha Humphrey) "She's a great offensive player. We tried to limit her touches and keep our hands off of her."

Sidney Spencer:

"When we got in foul trouble, I knew that I needed to step up. I tried to focus on getting boards."


(on the game): "It was a very hard-fought aggressive basketball game with a lot of fouls. The bottom line was that Tennessee was more aggressive defending the passing lanes and hitting the offensive boards. That is what determined the outcome of the game."

(on being in foul trouble): "We're not the deepest team around, definitely not the deepest team on the floor tonight. We had some early fouls that hurt us, and rightfully so. It changes your ability to substitute."


"It was a tough, physical game. Coming in, I was expecting this to happen with two great teams going at it."


(on the difference in the game) "We played great defense in the first half, and in the second half we did not."



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