Feb. 17, 2005

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TENNESSEE HEAD COACH Pat Summitt (remarks about Candace Parker)

"Everyday of my life, I'm asked umpteen times about Candace's future. We want to give a definitive answer about the direction we are going in. With Candace's, her mom's and dad's (Sara and Larry), Jenny Moshak's, and Dr. (William) Youmans' approval, we have decided to redshirt Candace this year. We want a healthy Candace Parker. We wanted her on the floor this year, but we need for her to be ready and 100 percent."

(on Parker's rehab) "She's one of the best we've ever had (at rehabbing). Unfortunately, we've had more injuries than we would like. Her attitude and work ethic have been incredible. She has been in the weight room. It's not fun, believe me-I've been there, done that. She has shown a lot of maturity. She wants to go at it the right way and get positive results. We couldn't speed up the healing process. She knew what she has got to do. She takes care of business."

Candace Parker:

(on redshirting) "I'm comfortable with it. I'm looking forward to feeling healthy. That's the most important thing. The knee wasn't feeling 100 percent. This was my second major knee injury in two years."

"The knee's good. I'm fortunate to be at the University of Tennessee where they recognized (the injury) early."

"I felt in my heart that I would play this year. I feel like I'm a good healer. Jenny Moshak is great. There are no doubts in my mind. There are no regrets."

"It's out of my control. All I can do is do all that I can in the weight room."

(on how she can contribute to the team this year) "I have learned a lot. I have to stay positive. I'm still going to practice and get reps and help the team as best I can."




(opening remarks about the South Carolina game) "I thought we started out of the blocks with a lot of energy. I liked our defensive intensity. I thought our inside and outside game was effective, and for the most part, our spacing was good. We didn't start the second half the way that I thought we should have. We got good minutes from several players. I thought Sybil Dosty got some good minutes, and it was good to get Dominique Redding and Sidney Spencer some minutes. That's what we wanted to do. I thought we were more effective in our half-court offense. That was valuable for us."

(on junior Shanna Zolman scoring her 1,000th career point as a Lady Vol) "Shanna had no idea. She looked startled when I went out on the court (to present her a commemorative ball), but that wasn't the only time that I had been out on the court. She was probably thinking, 'What's coach coming after me for?' She was excited. She has made a big contribution to our program. When you look at where she was as a freshman to her sophomore year to her junior year, she has worked really hard. She's got a beautiful stroke. She wasn't born with that. She has probably worked as hard as any kid that I've ever coached."

(on ball reversal) "When you have quick ball movement, that eliminates the thought process on the part of players. In the Vanderbilt game, we had 39 possessions in the half-court and never reversed the ball. Going three-on-five, we're able to break down defense with good ball reversal."

"We had nine post feeds at the half, and I'm sure we more than doubled that for the game. I thought our posts showed good composure and kicked the ball out when they needed to. They didn't always make their shots, but they made good decisions once they got the ball inside."

"I was pleased with our intensity. At South Carolina, I was disappointed in how we played. One player the last three games who has been very focused and who has had a big impact has been Loree Moore. When your point guard takes charge and sets the tempo, that's a huge force."

Shanna Zolman:

"I had no idea it was the 1,000-point mark. When they said that, I was surprised myself."

"It was extremely motivating (how close the last meeting was). We watched our own game film (from that game) for our scouting report, not only going over their sets again but what we did wrong to make it a close game. Our starts (tonight), beginning and second half, set the intensity of the game. That was very key for us."

Loree Moore:

"Coming into this game, leadership was the main focus for me, and that was been communicated across the board with those on the court and the coaching staff. That starts with the defense and carries over into the transition game."

"We wanted to do little things tonight such as transition defense and crowding the middle of the floor."


"Tennessee came out with something improved today, an impressive defensive effort especially, defense and rebounding. When you're getting 46 points of defense and rebounding, great teams do that. Tennessee played better this week than a few weeks ago. As a coach, that's what you want to see your team doing."

"I thought (Loree) Moore did a good job denying our point guard. I thought Tennessee played extremely well. We have a young basketball team, and this was an opportunity to learn that defense and rebounding win games and championships."

"Moore's defense is much improved. She single-handedly denied our fast break. She did a fantastic job."


"It's not real easy (to play here). You just have to come in and focus and not pay attention to the crowd and any negative stuff that can go against you. I just tried to keep the team together."



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