Tennessee-LSU Postgame Quotes

Feb. 22, 2010

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HEAD COACH Pat Summitt:
(opening remarks): "I thought our team came ready to play tonight. We did a lot of good things. We had a good crowd, and that motivated us. We had 20 assists. We shared the ball. In previous games, there were times that the ball got stuck in players' hands. Kelley Cain had 12 blocked shots. She passed Ashley Robinson. Ashley called the other day and asked about our post game. I told her, `Well, Kelley Cain is pretty good. So is Lyssi Brewer.' Our size inside is effective. Glory (Johnson) did some nice things. We only had seven turnovers. That's a significant stat."

(on post play): "We ran a lot if different sets. We spaced well. We were moving better without the ball. We had a lot of good inside action. Our three posts came to play. We took care of the basketball. Our guard play was solid. All in all, our inside game was good. Lyssi (Brewer) is beginning to take ownership in the paint, and that's big for us. Glory (Johnson) is so big, athletic, and quick, and she played with a lot more composure tonight."

(on overall team performance): "Alicia Manning has improved her game. She handled the ball some tonight. Bree (Bass) came in and did a nice job. We had a little better play off our bench tonight. Our players understand their roles, and they all want to contribute. This team is not selfish. They're committed to ball movement. They play better together. They've played a lot of games now, and they've gotten a lot of reps in practice. I'm very pleased for them."

(on Kelley Cain and Alyssia Brewer): "I've said before that I think we've got the most imposing post game in the country. Kelley Cain and Lyssi Brewer have size and the skill set. It's hard to shoot over 6-6 and 6-5. Lyssi says that she's 6-4, but I say that she's 6-5, or close to it. She want to be shorter. I want her to be taller. I don't care as long as she gets the job done."

(on upcoming game with Kentucky): "Kentucky is up next. Last year, we never even thought about getting through Kentucky. We were so bad. I was so mad after the game I couldn't even talk. I didn't even watch film on the way home. I said, `Let's watch a good movie.' Kentucky is really playing well. They really took it to South Carolina. This will be a big test. It should be a great game."

(on defense): "Our offense has gotten so much better. I thought we defended without fouling consistently. That's big. On defense and board play, we have to bring it every night. This was a good way for us to get to feeling good about ourselves with Kentucky coming up. We were focused on what we needed to do."

(On Kelley Cain's shot blocking ability): "She's a force. It's like their guards ran into a force field and got rejected. She's just a beast at blocking shots."

(On the key to tonight's victory): "It was our defense. I think everybody put their mind to it in the last LSU game and we were communicating very well. There were some times where we didn't communicate but we picked it back up on the next possession"

(On bouncing back from a sloppy game at Alabama last Thursday): "I think it was very important. It helped us make a statement that we're not going to let one game get to us. We knew what we did wrong (at Alabama) and we corrected it this game."

JUNIOR GUARD Angie Bjorklund
(On the team's offensive performance tonight): "I thought we did a great job of sharing the ball. Having 20 assists is huge for us. We've been working on moving without the ball and I thought the posts did a great job of stepping up tonight and attacking their defense. We just played to our strength, which is going inside."

(On clinching a share of the SEC regular season championship): "We're a whole year older. We went to work this summer and it's just paying off in every game we play."

(On the difference between this game and last Thursday's game at Alabama): "Having Kelley in there definitely made a difference. We just came a lot more ready to play. We were a lot more energetic and we were all talking. We moved on from Thursday's game and said this was a new game, and we just needed to leave it all out on the court and play a 40-minute game. We were close to doing that tonight."

(On Tennessee's ball security): "That was huge for us. We talked a lot about taking care of the ball before the game. I think it was just setting screens and moving without the ball. The posts did a great job of sealing off and getting position and that helped the guards out, too. Everyone did a great job with that tonight."

(On playing most of the game with foul trouble): "I don't think about it. We've learned to not dwell on things that have happened in the past. I just keep thinking about the next play."

(On setting a school record with 12 blocks): "It's cool but I'm looking at the next game."

(On the play of Alyssia Brewer and Glory Johnson): "Both of them have been doing that all year. We're a whole year older and we've grown a lot. When one person isn't having a great night, somebody else is going to step up, that's guaranteed."

(On the difference in Brewer's game from last year to this year): "She's a lot more confident this year. You can tell that by the way she plays. She's good at it--nobody can stop her hook shot."

(On her shot-blocking abilities): "That's my favorite part of the game."

(Opening statement): "Tennessee was real good tonight. They did a great job. Brewer was outstanding tonight. I thought our kids fought hard, we played about as hard as we could play. They're length and size caused us some problems."

(On seeing other large teams in the post): "They've always had size here. Daedra Charles wasn't a small woman, I don't mean that in a sense that's negative just a great player. Brewer and Cain are just unbelievable. I've never seen two players on the same team... they could score, they could get the ball. They were 8 for 15. Cain and Brewer were just outstanding. Then you got Johnson who's 6'3 and a guard who's 6'2 and a shooter to go with it. They got a shot. They got a legitimate shot. I think [Pat] needs to go in before she plays other teams and say `Guys, we're playing LSU'. They think they're playing Alabama but they're not. I've played her twice. I've got her on a rebound twice. They've played great against us. I'm not saying what they've done against other teams isn't great. They were pretty good defensively tonight.

(On his players' performance): "Katherine Graham was outstanding in the second half. That's the most improved player in the SEC. Katherine Graham has come so far as a freshman, I'm so proud of her. I don't think there's any doubt. She's had a great year for us. And Allison (Hightower), if our team was a little better, I think she would be player of the year."

(On adjusting at halftime): "We tried to adjust our defense. We told them to be aggressive on offense and start running out stuff. We scored 38 points. Our problem was we came out in the first four positions we had on defense and were completely, 100 thousand percent breakdowns. Not one person in the post did what I told them to do. I drew it out right before we went out there. Cain and Brewer make a lot of things you draw up not work much."

(On Cain having to miss the Alabama game so she could attend class): "I bet they just didn't need her for the Alabama game. I'll bet you if they'd been playing LSU she hadn't missed that many classes. That's all I'm going to say about that. I've got enough to deal with our team."

(On Tennessee's strong post game): "Tennessee has a very strong post game. They have a deep bench in their post game as well. They're very strong, very aggressive and they finish well."

(On practicing differently): "We did. We didn't execute very well. Sometimes game preparation leads to the game and we didn't really have a game preparation but it did cause us problems. Sometimes we weren't very patient and undisciplined and it causes a lot of problems."

(On it being tiring to guard Angie Bjorkland): "She does run a lot. She's very athletic, she's a great passer, and a great shooter so you just have to keep up with her."

(On Tennessee's strong post game): "They're big, athletic and strong. It was a problem for us, but who doesn't have a problem with a 6'6 player?"

(On how you were finding shots in the 2nd half): "Just playing off my teammates and trying to cut off the passing lanes. Coming off screens, you just have to read the defense and luckily I was open but I know they were going to give her a lot of attention so I just kind of found my shot."

(On the difference between the Vandy game and the Tennessee game): "Points in the paint. Vandy isn't a really big team so it's kind of difficult to guard a 6'6 girl."

(On Tennessee's height advantage in the post): "It's not imposing; you just have to go out and compete. We just got to get better defensively by putting more pressure on the ball and making guards make passes in the paint. Our post defense has to get better. We have to get better defensively guarding that type of team."





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